How To Delete Your Snapchat Account Permanently

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You must be aware that Snapchat recently had a security breach where a file containing the usernames and phone numbers was leaked. The leak includes a whopping 4.6 million account details. It is worth noting that the photo sharing service has 8 million users in the US alone.

Now that so much has happened, we expect that the security exploit to be fixed first, and then an apology from the company. But it seems that the company is in no mood for an apology. On Thursday, the company revealed what happened and what it will do to prevent it, but there was nothing close to an apology. Users like you and me want some reassurance that the company values privacy, but that has not happened. The only thing that the company clearly stated was that the upcoming app update will allow users to opt-out of the Find Friends feature which is responsible for the leak.

How to remove yourself from Snapchat

So if you value your personal details, then you might be considering removing yourself from Snapchat. Thankfully, the process is really easy and will take only a few minutes. Note that once your Snapchat account is deleted, there’s no way to go back and recover any data.

To delete your Snapchat account, head over to and then login to your account. You’ll be prompted to enter password once more, and then click on the green “Delete My Account” button. Click on it and your Snapchat account will be deleted forever.

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