How To Add Bookmarks Directly To Your Android Homescreen

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Websites are the gateway to the world of the Internet. Most people have a list of their favorite websites so they can easily get to the websites they visit frequently. To do this, you would normally launch Chrome or Firefox, go to Bookmarks and then tap on the name of the website. This is a kind of a long process, so you might be glad to know that you can speed things up. How about creating a bookmark shortcut on the homescreen of your Android device which will directly take you to the website of your choice? Read on to learn how to set up a bookmark shortcut on your Android homescreen.

Adding bookmarks to your Android Homescreen

The first step is to make sure you have already bookmarked the website you want to create a shortcut for on the homescreen.

Tap and hold on the homescreen where you want to place the bookmark. Then select Widgets from the options, or if you don’t find this option here, then you will need to go to the Apps Drawer and then tap on Widgets. The exact process may vary depending on the Android device you are using, but you will generally find “Widgets” in one of these two places.

Press and hold the “Bookmarks” widget, and then drag and drop it to where you want to place it on the homescreen. You can only place this widget on a free space on the homescreen.

Next, choose a website that you want to set up as a shortcut. Once you choose the website, you will notice that the icon’s name will change to the name of the website. Simply tap on the name to directly open the website in Chrome.

You can create as many website shortcuts as you want using the same method. The good news is that from now on, opening your favorite websites is just a matter of a single tap.

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