How Much Does It Cost To Get A Haircut Around The World?

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During lockdown the value of a proper haircut became apparent to all of us who risked having a go at doing it ourselves rather than waiting for barbers and salons to open again. But we all know that the monetary value of a haircut can vary very widely even within a town or city and certainly between the genders. But have you ever wondered how different haircut prices are around the world?

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NetCredit certainly did, so inspired by the realisation during lockdown of just how much we all need professionals to cut our hair, they started investigating the different prices of a proper haircut in every country around the world. Here’s what they found.

Getting The Chop In Denmark Is The Most Expensive

Denmark was amongst the most cautious countries in the world when it came to lockdown restrictions, which helped it to keep its tally of Covid-19 deaths low compared to many of its neighbors. So when hairdressers finally reopened, they’d have been kept busy repairing some of the more unfortunate home haircuts.

However, these definitely came at a high price, with Denmark found to have the most expensive haircuts in the world according to this study. The average price across the genders was $75.20 with women’s cuts coming in on average at an incredible $102.20.

By contrast, Argentineans coming out of lockdown with scruffy haircuts to get fixed needed a much smaller budget, with their average cuts across genders costing just $5.24, making them the cheapest in the world.

Men Vs Women: The Battle Of Haircut Prices

It’s common sense that women generally pay more than men to have their hair cut. After all, they generally have more of it and usually have more complicated things done to it. However, the study found that this isn’t the case everywhere, with 11 countries in the world having men’s haircuts come in as more expensive than women’s cuts.

However, mostly it was the other way around and sometimes the differences were huge. In England for example, the average women’s haircut was $58.97 higher than the average man’s haircut, the biggest gap in dollars in the world.

It wasn’t the biggest difference in percentage terms though, not even making it into the top ten in that regard. Women may only pay $13.43 for their haircut in Nigeria, but that’s still 634% higher than a man would pay, while Mozambique and Fiji also have gender price gaps of over 500%.

The Cheapest Men’s Haircuts In The World

Men do generally pay less than women for their haircuts, though make up for it slightly by also going more frequently. So it’s still important to find a barber that offers a good cut for an affordable price and the study found that these prices vary very widely across the world.

Norway has the most expensive men’s haircuts at an average of $64.50, a lot more than Denmark’s $48.21. Not many other countries even come close to the Norwegian price, with Japan’s average price coming in at $56 while Australia at $46 and the USA at $44 are also relatively high.

At the other end of the scale, Zambian men’s haircuts are a bargain at an average of just $1.65, while the price in Nigeria is only slightly higher at $1.83. Argentina and Mozambique are amongst the nine other countries where men can get their haircut for less than $5.

The Cheapest Women’s Haircuts In The World

There are no countries in the world with an average women’s haircut of less than $5, but Bosnia and Herzegovina comes close with the lowest price of just $6.20. That’s even less than the average price for a man’s haircut, though only by 47 cents.

Few other countries can offer a women’s cut for less than $10, like Moldova, Uzbekistan and Zambia, though many come in at less than $20. That’s certainly not the case in Denmark, of course, where the $102.20 makes it the most expensive place for a woman to get her hair done, thanks to the Danish legal system.

Other countries with a very high price for women’s haircuts include England, where the average is $94.71, compared to just $57.92 north of the border in Scotland. There’s also a big divide in North America, because in the USA it’s even higher at $95, while Canadian women pay just $34.79 on average and Mexicans only $27.85.

So, while hairdressers may be open again in your country - depending on current Covid restrictions of course - you may want to have a look at the findings of this study to see if it you might be better off grabbing some scissors and having another go at a ‘lockdown cut’ to save yourself some money.

On second thought, perhaps not.