How Businesses Can Use QR Codes To Grow Their Reach On Instagram

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One of the popular social media platforms that people nowadays are fond of is Instagram. And the reason why they love this platform is that they are able to easily share their amazing photos, stories, and memorable events on this platform. Instagram users also communicate and engage with others through its messaging feature and comment section.

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With over a billion active users every month, Instagram is undeniably becoming one of the best channels for influencers and marketers. The competition in this platform is also tight due to an enormous number of active users daily. As this medium evolves continuously, they should also tailor their strategies to leverage their marketing success over competitors.

Coping up with the demands of advanced and innovative means in marketing gives rise to the use of QR codes. QR code technology has evolved into a one-tap marketing tool. With the use of a QR code generator online you can easily learn how QR codes can boost your presence on Instagram.

Why Should You Integrate QR Codes On Instagram Campaigns?

Maximizing marketing campaigns on Instagram would be an excellent move for both marketers and influencers. Instagram exposes your brands, products, and services to a bigger audience that boosts your Instagram presence. And by strategically realigning your brand the Instagram way, QR codes can also elevate your profile view impressions and engagements with just a scan away.

To know why you should integrate the use of QR code on your Instagram campaigns, here are just a few of the opportunities QR codes can bring to your business or career as an influencer:

  • Allow followers to connect with you instantly.
  • Attract other users to view and engage with your social media posts and possibly grow your followers.
  • Eliminate the hassle of searching your social media account in the search menu.
  • Brings cost-efficient marketing campaigns.
  • Provide measurable data of your marketing efforts.
  • Easy to share so it could rapidly reach on a global scale.
  • Enhance brand awareness through customized QR code designs.

Boost Your Presence On Instagram With QR Codes

With the potential benefits the QR code technology can bring to small, and established businesses, you'll need to learn how to incorporate it into your product and marketing materials appropriately. And by integrating the use of these 2D barcodes, you can fully integrate them in growing your presence on Instagram.

To start maximizing your social media growth, you can check out these creative ways to use QR codes in your products and services to boost your presence on Instagram.

Product Tags

If you are in the fashion industry, it is best to incorporate QR codes on your clothing tags that redirect people instantly to your Instagram page when scanned. Even if it is printed in small sizes, QR codes are still scannable by a smartphone's camera. So instead of placing a lengthy link on product tags to your Instagram page, provide your customers with a QR code. In this way, you can eliminate the hassle of manually typing the link on the search tab to follow your shop on Instagram.

Product Label

Integrating an Instagram QR code on your products label encourages customers to follow you on Instagram. By placing them, customers who patronize your products will know your latest update about promotions or events posted on your Instagram by just scanning the code and hitting the “follow” icon in your shop’s page.

To let your QR code be easily noticed by your customers, you can incorporate the use of the design viewing patterns many packaging designers integrate.

LED Advertisements

Marketing through LED advertisements is now popular among businesses. And to take advantage of this new advertising means, you can let people conveniently follow you on Instagram by having a QR code flash on the screen as part of your ads.

Through integrating this marketing technique, you can passively impart brand awareness to more groups of people passing through the area where your LED advertising screen is placed. The use of QR codes is a smart and innovative way to boost your presence on the platform and increase the number of your followers.


If you are an influencer, use QR codes that link to your Instagram profile on your Vlogs. Your viewers can easily follow you on Instagram and react to your Instagram stories, posts, and become updated to your newest Vlogs.

You can also strategically place the QR codes in one of your introductions videos where you can also encourage your viewers to continually get hooked on your latest adventures on Instagram by simply scanning the code shown in the video.

What Tool Do You Need?

In generating QR codes for Instagram, you will need to use an efficient QR code generator that offers Instagram or Social media solutions. Through this, you can either make a QR code that redirects scanners to your Instagram page only or one that links all your social media pages. Among the two solutions, it is better to use the social media QR code to maximize your marketing efforts and reach a larger audience.

With the use of a social media QR code, you can also integrate your other social media profiles in one go as it directs the scanner to a landing page where people can easily scroll through all the social media platforms you are currently active and connect with you with these channels.


Marketing on social media platforms like Instagram requires a lot of effort. With the help of QR codes, marketers and influencers can boost their presence on Instagram. The more you highlight your social media platform, the more followers they get. As a result, they will be able to leverage their marketing campaigns.

By integrating the use of a QR code generator with logo online, you can maximize your marketing efforts and increase your online presence easily through letting people scan the Instagram QR code they see on your print materials like posters, flyers, magazines, and more.