Honda Civic Type R: Fast, Powerful And Finally Coming To The U.S.

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Honda is angling for younger car buyers with its new Honda Civic Type R, a special edition car that has long been reserved for markets other than the U.S. The automaker showed off the car on Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show, and it claims that the compact car will be the fastest and most powerful Honda to be sold in the U.S. so far.

Honda Civic Type R said to be safe

The Civic Type R will be arriving in the U.S. late spring. Honda executives told USA Today that the car’s engine is highly efficient and thus will offer drivers “a great driving experience.” They described the car as having “excellent stability and maneuverability, even when accelerating or turning.” Additionally, Honda claims the five-door hatchback is “a very safe car in all driving conditions.”

The version of the Type R that will be sold in Europe has a 2-liter four-cylinder engine offering 306 horsepower. The car has a six-speed manual transmission and an updated chassis and body. It features Brembo brakes and is expected to be priced somewhere in the $30,000 area.

Features in the Honda Civic Type R

The hatchback also features a Dual-Axis front suspension, four-wheel adaptive dampers and adaptive steering. The automaker has also made the Civic Type R’s body about 45% harder while cutting about 35 pounds off its weight, reports Business Insider. The lighter weight means it should be more fuel efficient as well. On the inside, the car comes with a touchscreen infotainment system sports seats and a stereo with 12 speakers.

The new Honda is expected to face off with the Focus RS made by Ford and the Volkswagen Golf R. Unlike competing cars from Ford and Audi though, the Type R will remain a front-wheel drive vehicle. According to Business Insider, the Type R has long been one of the special edition cars automakers make for select markets, usually excluding the U.S. Further, the car is apparently one of the hottest special edition hatchbacks in other markets.

The Honda Civic Type R was popular and fast enough to have a spot in the popular racing game Gran Turismo and be featured in auto magazines, according to Jalopnik.

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