Hedge Fund UK Shorts: YA Global Covers Regency, Odey Cuts Home Retail

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In the most recent activity in short selling disclosures for hedge funds regarding UK positions, YA Global Master covered their entire position in Regency Mines Plc (LON:RGM). In the period of one month (Nov 5th position disclosed- Dec 5th cancelled) Regency Mines Plc (LON:RGM) gained 10 percent in trading. YA Global Master reduced and increased the position multiple times during the month.

YA Global Master disclosed a 0.55 percent short position in Sareum Holdings Plc (LON:SAR) on Dec 3, which was increased to 0.67 percent on the next day and then the entire short was covered on Dec 5th. We do not know of any other hedge fund that was shorting Sareum Holdings Plc (LON:SAR).

Odey Asset Management cut its stakes in Home Retail Group Plc (LON:HOME) to half of the previous position. Odey previously had a bet on 0.62 percent of Home Retail Group Plc (LON:HOME), which has now been reduced to 0.34 percent. As we have mentioned before, Home Retail is a very frequent short in the UK, a total of ten hedge funds are shorting it. The list includes names like Lone Pine Capital and Maverick Capital, and the aggregate position is equal to 16 percent of the company’s shares outstanding. Home Retail Group Plc (LON:HOME) has gained 14.5 percent in trading in the last two days.

A unique bet of Highbridge Capital Management is Bwin.party Digital Entertainment Plc (LON:BPTY), the position is worth 0.48 percent of the company’s shares. The poker and casinos gaming company, Bwin.party Digital Entertainment Plc (LON:BPTY), is in a deal with Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) to launch real money poker in the UK, by the middle of 2013.

Nomura International increased the position in Lonmin Plc (LON:LMI) from 0.54 percent to 0.84 percent. Magnetar Financial (UK) LLP also took the position up from 0.63 to 0.94 percent. Lonmin Plc (LON:LMI) is also frequently shorted by hedge funds.

Sothic Capital Management LLP has progressively increased its short position in Aquarius Platinum Limited (ASX:AQP) (LON:AQP), the stake is now worth 2.90 percent of Aquarius Platinum Limited (ASX:AQP)(LON:AQP)’s shares outstanding. Basso Holdings Ltd. covered more than half of its position in Sportingbet PLC (LON:SBT), down from 1.18 percent to 0.57 percent.

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