Hedge Fund Letters – UPDATED 6/3 – Top Conferences, Sohn, Shortselling, Top Emerging Managers, Cooperman, ValueAct, Pabrai, Einhorn, Loeb, Activism And A TON More

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While Q1 is just starting, Q4/2017 seemed to be a very busy and belated year. We have a LOT of hedge fund coverage even from just the past few days – furthermore, we started our Q1 2018 material and are already making progress so in a month or two should have a lot more up there. Check it out below – it can always be found at this link

NOTE: The list is mostly in category and alphabetical order. While most funds listed below are hedge funds some are mutual funds or other (i.e. Berkshire Hathaway), some letters are public Additionally, we cannot post full letters in most cases because of US copyright law and it would likely not fall under fair use (one reader had the idea that we could or did – although I don’t even know why he did, but to avoid any confusion we must state that again).

Last updated 6/1

Top Emerging Hedge Fund Managers (a lot of great names you will not see elsewhere – value fund managers producing 15 or 20% net returns yearly gross sometimes 30%), JHL, Sequia,  Berkshire Hathaway,  BillAckman, Dan Loeb, David Einhorn, GrizzlyRock, Mohnish Pabrai, Sohn Conference detailed notes/decks etc., Ivey Ben Graham Conference, Gator Financial, CooperCreek, Milken videos, Shortselling Kase Conference in-depth notes, Stan Druckenmiller, ValueAct And  Much More all there

A lot is our coverage but we also include third party stuff when its good and value added we are not there to promote our own stuff (Esp as its already paywalled) our goal is an indepth resource for readers to see. The Reddit quarterly thread is getting popular and while we are fans and also biased towards ourselves our list has a lot more and interesting items some in public domain and some only found on ValueWalkPremium

It is more than just letters at this point but also a lot of conference coverage in particular is there.

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