How To Do A Group FaceTime Video Call In iOS 12

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While most were expecting to see some major upgrades with iOS 12, we weren’t really anticipating the extent of changes we’re seeing to features like FaceTime. Here’s a short guide on how to do a group FaceTime video call in iOS 12 – a new feature coming soon to update iPhones and iPads.

As a main operating system update, it’s reasonable to expect that the operating system will feature some major upgrades. Apple has refocused their design philosophy, however, focusing on quality over quantity and moving their design schedule to a little bit more of a relaxed pace. For that reason, many were expecting that iOS 12 would be a little less robust, but we were pleasantly surprised by a number of new features.

One of the biggest changes is an upgrade to FaceTime, and many are wondering how to take advantage of the ability to hold a Group FaceTime video call in iOS 12. With the capability to talk to up to 32 people at a time on a FaceTime call, the capabilities of the features are endless. Whether you’re getting a bunch of friends together or working on a business conference call, the Group FaceTime video call in iOS 12 should be one of the most convenient features yet.

In what may be the biggest FaceTime development since its initial release on the iPhone 4, each caller gets their own individual box which shrinks as more users are added. When there are too many users to fit on the screen, the users in the Group FaceTime video call in iOS 12 are moved to a carousel along the bottom called a “roster,” which can be adjusted and prioritized at will. There’s also a feature that organizes boxes as users are talking, which allows you to keep track of the conversation at will.

When you receive a Group FaceTime video Call in iOS 12, you’ll be presented with a few options in order to ensure you accept the call as you intend – allowing you to swap the camera, mute your mic, or add effects.

As far as effects go, there are a number of new effects included with the update Including support for Animoji which was first introduced with the iPhone X. You’ll also enjoy four new additions: ghost,koala, T-Rex, and tiger. Memoji, which is an animated avatar of yourself with a huge amount of customization, also makes an appearance in the Group FaceTime video call in iOS 12. Other effects include text, shapes, filters, and stickers from iMessage.

Group FaceTime video calls in iOS 12 will be available on both iPhones and iPads, but the first beta only features support for iPhones. You can also answer FaceTime calls on Apple Watch before transferring it to another device with a camera.

While you can launch a Group FaceTime video call in iOS 12 through the FaceTime app as you would before, you can also do so directly through a group message in iMessage as well.

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