GoPro Inc Stock Dips After Windows Phone Support Cut

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GoPro stock moved lower again today following reports on Monday that the action camera maker is ending support for Windows Phones. Although the app is still available in the Windows Store, it seems that GoPro doesn’t have plans to keep supporting the Windows Mobile platform.

GoPro was dedicated to Windows Phone

As recently as December, GoPro said on its support forums that it remained dedicated to supporting Windows Phones and that although its app might not be compatible with the newest phones in the lineup, it “will be one of the top priorities for the App team,” noted MS Power User.

However, the website also notes that at the end of January, a member of the support forum wrote that they “definitely do offer legacy support for Windows phones.” The person defined this as meaning that they will do everything they can “to help out in getting your phone and camera connected, but we will no longer adding [sic] updates and new features to the Windows platform.”

GoPro customer service says they no longer support Windows Phone

The support forum user, named Blake, said that they removed the app from their webpage, which basically means that they’re no longer advertising support for Windows Phones. However, MS Power User notes that the app is still currently available in the Windows Store.

WinBeta posted the text from a conversation between a GoPro customer service representative and a Windows Phone user who has a Hero4 Black and was calling because he couldn’t connect it to his WiFi network on his Windows 10 mobile device. The representative explained that the GoPro App isn’t comparable with Windows Phones anymore. It seems the forum post was a clarification to what the customer service representative said about support for Windows Phones.

Multiple problems plague GoPro stock

It’s questionable just how much the ending of support for Windows Phone is affecting GoPro stock as the mobile platform isn’t popular. There are other bigger problems, like the sudden increase in short interest. As of March 15, there were 23.8 million shares sold short, marking a 2.7 million increase and amounting to 29.5% of the float. As of the end of February though, short interest had plunged by 5.3 million shares.

Bidness ETC also noted a broader selloff across the hardware sector on Monday. GoPro shares fell by as much as 2% during regular trading hours today before reversing course. As of this writing, the stock is off 0.78% at $11.41 per share.

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