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Google Visual Snapshot Can Improve Your Planning Even More

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Google Visual Snapshot
Image source: Google Blog

Google Assistant is getting a backup, as the tech giant announced launching of its Google Visual Snapshot yesterday. The feature is going to make planning your days even more personalized with reminders for paying bills, picking up a package, lunch time and much more. It’s no secret that we all lead busy lives, and Google Visual Snapshot will try to make it easier for us.

The new Google Assistant feature is coming out this week and it represents a new “visual overview of your day when you open the Google Assistant app on your phone,” Google wrote in a blog post. When the feature gets launched, all Android and iOS users who support Google Assistant will be able to receive accurate and valuable information about their surroundings throughout the day, based on the time of day and the user’s recent uses of Google Assistant. Moreover, the feature will be available in all languages that Google Assistant supports.

For example, if you’re getting ready for work in the morning, Google Visual Snapshot will inform you about traffic jams on the road and when would be the best time to hit the road. Also, it will provide information about the restaurants that you visit, as well as movie reservations, upcoming bills, packages in transit and suggestions about new Actions you could try.

Visual Snapshot can be accessed by tapping the icon located at the top right corner of the screen once you activate your Google Assistant. Those who use iOS running devices, Visual Snapshot can be activated as soon as Google Assistant is launched.

Image Source: Google

Although Google said that it’s planning to add many more features in the future, including notes and lists from Google Keep, Any.do, Bring!, Todoist and others. Google will also send proactive notifications about everything that happens in the user’s life. That way, if you’re busy, you will always have Google Assistant to back you up and remember important events and changes for you.

Google is certainly bringing a lot of new features to its Google Assistant. Just recently it addressed the problems with male and female roles in Google Assistant voice by adding colored circles and a variety of new voices as well.

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