Google Game Console Could Compete With Sony And Microsoft

Google Game Console Could Compete With Sony And Microsoft
By Google Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Over the past few months, we have heard a lot of rumors concerning successors to Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One X. However, recent rumors and reports suggest that another tech giant is working on a console that could rival the two dominant consoles. In the future, we could see a Google game console.

According to Kotaku, the giant behind the most popular internet browser, search engine and email platform is working on a game console. Kotaku suggests that Google will work on some kind of streaming platform and hardware and try to gather talented game developers to work on them, “whether through aggressive recruiting or even major acquisitions.”

Google has been said to be exploring the video game market for a long time. According to several reports, Google was working to grab Twitch before Amazon bought it in 2014, according to WIRED. Kotaku also reports that during the Game Developers Conference in March, Google representatives met with some large video game companies that could be interested in its streaming platform, said to be code-named “Yeti.”

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Kotaku’s sources reportedly said that Google met with developers during E3 in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. According to the report, the company aims to buy development studios, although Google didn’t respond when Kotaku requested a comment on the matter. The streaming platform, however, is said to be similar to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, with the idea of rendering graphics to a level at which less expensive computers would be capable of playing high-end games. That would mean that one person wouldn’t need an expensive graphics card or a console to play games like Witcher 3 or Call of Duty.

The report even suggests that players would be rid of clunky hardware and be able to stream a demanding AAA title using only a Chrome tab.

New hardware

Rumors also suggest that there could be a Google game console in the works. It will reportedly be connected to the company’s streaming service. However, it’s still not clear if Google aims to compete with the technical specs of the PlayStation and Xbox, or if the console is going to be a lower-end device and focus on working with Google’s streaming service to enable resource-intensive games to work properly.

Nevertheless, this news should be received with a grain of salt and not be hyped up too much. Nothing is confirmed until Google publicly announces it. It’s still unknown if Google is going to build new hardware or just bring its Chromecast back to life. Moreover, if a Google game console does become reality, the question is how much it will cost.

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