Google Updates YouTube’s Commenting System To Combat Spam

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As we know, Google rolled out its new commenting system on YouTube earlier this month, but many people are not happy with it. The new commenting system forces users to create a Google+ account, and worst of all, it’s apparently caused an increase in spam comments. To tackle this situation, Google has just announced a number of improvements to its new commenting system on YouTube.

YouTube’s spammy comments

Google says that they’ve worked hard to combat the increasing spammy comments. YouTube has increased its recognition techniques to better detect bad links and impersonation attempts. ASCII art, which is nowadays seen many times on comments can now be caught better. Also YouTube has changed how long comments are displayed for.

Apart from these much-needed improvements, threaded conversations and formatted comments will soon come to life. Google also promises to release tools for bulk comment moderation, and improve comment ranking and moderation of old-style comments. Well, from these improvements, it seems that Google is really listening to their users’ woes. If not more, then the reduce of spam and promotional comments on YouTube would definitely help users.

Right now it seems that Google is ignoring those users who don’t like to connect their profile with a Google+ account in order to comment on videos. If the search giant is willing to come up with a solution for such users remains to be seen.

We’ve also written a detailed guide on how to hide Google+ comments on YouTube, which you should definitely check out if you want to reduce or hide comment clutter on the video site.

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