How to View, Delete And Pause ‘Watch History’ On YouTube


YouTube is nowadays in the limelight because of the integration of the new Google+ comments. However, let’s forget that for now and concentrate on how YouTube tracks and keeps a record of each video that you watch. YouTube calls it a “watch history” and it provides a convenient way to check on a video that you’ve watched in the past. Of course, this feature of YouTube is browser independent and has nothing to do with your browser’s history.

YouTube’s history resumed even if paused

If you’ve used this feature in the past and paused your watch history, then for some reason, YouTube has resumed adding videos to the history. This history is only visible to you, but someone gaining access to your computer can easily check what you’re watching. That’s why, we’re going to learn how to view, delete and pause watch history on YouTube.

How to stop/pause it for good

To view your YouTube watch history, click on the History link from the left sidebar. You’ll now be able to see your entire history. To delete this history, click on “Clear all watch history” button located at the top of the list. To selectively remove some videos from your history, tick mark on the small box on the left side and then click on “Remove” button.

To stop YouTube from adding new videos to your watch history, click on “Pause watch history.” YouTube will now refrain from adding any videos that you watch to the history.

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