Google Pixel letter stuck issue reported by a few users

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The Google Pixel 4 has been plagued by issues since it was released, like the controversy over face unlock, lagging apps and many other problems. Now a new one has appeared. Apparently, some Pixel users are reporting that a random letter has gotten stuck on the screen. The Google Pixel letter stuck issue could be a problem with Android 10 because it has been reported in a Pixel 2 as well.

Pixel letter stuck issue reported

The problem involving the Pixel 4 was actually more than a single letter. YouTuber Linus of Linus Tech Tips said during his review of the handset that a string of letters got burned into the screen inexplicably when he was researching condos. He said the letters remained on the screen as he scrolled through the condos and even after he switched apps. He had to reboot the device to get the letters to go away.

The good news is that this issue doesn’t appear to be especially widespread. This may be an isolated case of it. However, a Reddit user complained about a single letter getting stuck on the Pixel 2 XL after updating it to Android 10. The Pixel letter stuck issue continues after switching apps, going to the Home screen and even turning the screen on and off.

Rebooting fixes the problem temporarily

The Redditor said restarting it does fix the Pixel letter stuck issue, but only temporarily. They said the problem returns after a week or two, and they haven’t been able to figure out a pattern as far as anything they are doing to trigger it.

Another Redditor responded to the thread to say they experienced the letter stuck issue with their Pixel 3 XL. The problem occurred after they cut and pasted a word within an app, and rebooting the device fixed it. The person did not say whether they were running Android 10 at the time.

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