Google May Bring Android Wear Support To iOS

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Word of Google’s plan to bring Android Wear support to iOS-based products first surfaced on Tuesday. 01net reported that the search giant may announce plans to support rivals’ operating systems at the upcoming I/O conference in two months. The tech company may ramp up production if Apple’s upcoming smartwatch sells well.

Google may have a huge advantage

iOS support could give Google a large advantage in the currently crowded wearables market, especially since the Apple Watch remains limited to iOS. Some people may prefer the features of the Apple Watch but would rather have Android’s phone platform because they don’t want to switch phone platforms.

Another benefit involving Android’s software is affordability. The Apple Watch starts at $349, but that price is for the cheapest model. Earlier this week, one analyst an Piper Jaffray speculated that the mid-tier Apple Watch could range from $499 to $549. The most expensive gold Apple Watch Edition could retail for as much as $7,500.  Android’s products range from $199 to $399, making the devices significantly cheaper.

Google brings Android to Apple users

Google previously brought Android technologies to the Apple platform via development. There is support for Glass, Chromecast, Google Maps and Google Now. The only Android-based app created by Apple was the Beats Music title. Beats Music makes high-quality headphones and earbuds designed for listening to music on the go. The company also offers a paid on-demand music service similar to Spotify and Rhapsody. The iPhone maker purchased the company from hip-hop legend Dr. Dre and music chairman Jimmy Iovine.

On March 9th, Apple is set to hold an event that may involve the upcoming release of the Apple Watch. Topics discussed during the event may include prices and the official launch date. Anticipation for the forthcoming Apple Watch is near its peak as everyone patiently waits for the device to reach retail.


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