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Google Maps Now Has WiFi Mode, SD Card Storage

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For many people Google Maps is the go to mapping solution for mobile devices thanks to its accuracy and wealth of features.

These already impressive features have got another boost thanks to an upcoming update. The app is set to become more flexible in areas where network coverage may be patchy thanks to a new WiFi-only mode and the ability to store maps on your SD card.

New features give more flexibility to Google Maps

Users of Google Maps have been able to save maps for offline use for a while, but now they will be able to choose whether to load maps using mobile data, WiFi or previously saved information.

This means that in areas where mobile signal is weak you can choose to prioritize an available WiFi signal in Google Maps. This means that you don’t have to make a system-wide change to WiFi. Google Maps will rely on previously downloaded data when running in this mode.

If you want to save a map to your device, select “Offline areas” in the menu and tap the plus button to choose a new area. You can turn on WiFi-only mode from the Settings menu.

Google aims to reduce storage worries

The next new feature is the choice to save maps to an external SD card. This means that the map will not eat into the internal storage of your device.

To switch this on hit settings in the “Offline areas” submenu, and select “Storage preferences.” By using these options you should be able to navigate your way around town far more easily, whether or not you have good cellular service.

The app will also now show a number of different transporation options when you search for a route. It will also include third-party services such as Uber, providing a wider range of options for users.

With the introduction of these two features it looks as though Google is working to lift some of the limitations of use. Google Maps will now work better when there is bad network signal or low storage capacity.

The tech giant appears to be paying great attention to the question of storage space. Google Photos recently introduced a feature which allows users to delete local versions of photos from their phone of photos that have been sent to the cloud for back up.

While mobile devices are generally blessed with larger amounts of internal storage than before, these kinds of features mean that users are less likely to fill their devices. It also means that owners of older and lower cost devices do not have to struggle to keep some free space.

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