Is Google’s Photo App Better Than Apple’s?

Is Google’s Photo App Better Than Apple’s?

Google Photos is the most convenient and simplest photo app today when compared to those by other service providers such as Amazon, Dropbox, Flickr and even the iPhone photo messaging app. It can be rightly described as the Gmail for photos, says a report from Business Insider.

More features, unlimited storage

When a user first downloads the Google photo app for the iPhone or Android, it will start creating a back-up for the entire camera role on Google’s servers. On the top of that, the app offers unlimited storage for free with one limitation, which is that it compresses images larger than 16MP to conserve cost. Those fond of taking pictures through their smartphones will not find this as a limitation. Those users who want to back up their DSLR images can opt for 15GB of full resolution storage and upgrade to a paid plan, says the report.

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When compared to Apple, Google has better paid plans with 100GB of storage space for $4 per month, which is sufficient for the majority of people using the app. Google also offers a lavish 30TB for $300 per month, which is enough even for professional photographers.

Also the Google app offers refreshing features once photos are backed up. There are features such as animated GIFs or the ability to combine videos and photos into a movie. Photos can be selected or unchecked just by moving fingers over them, which makes batch editing and deleting even faster than in Apple’s photos app, says the report.

Further, to users’ delight, the Google Photos “Assistant” readily suggests albums and collages based on the photos uploaded. A user can dismiss the suggestion or allow the app to form a collage or album.Also as a big relief for privacy advocates, Google told Business Insider that it is not going to monetize Google Photos now.

What the Google Photo app lacks

Despite the positives, there are areas in which Google needs to consider a bit of changes, such as the automatic tagging of faces, unlike Apple’s photos app that allows people to tag their photos with names. Another issue with the app is its viewing experience, which could have been better on desktops, suggests the report. Even though the app can back up photo folders on desktops, it lacks a built-in viewer and editor like Apple’s photo app.

Also recently the photo app was slammed for tagging African Americans as gorillas.

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