Google Launches New Display Business Trends Reports For Publishers

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Google Launches New Display Business Trends Reports For Publishers

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) just launched a new report that’s designed for web publishers. This is called Display Business Trends: Publisher Edition. It was designed to show website owners and online magazine publishers which ads work and which don’t. They launched it through their advertising service DoubleClick.

In a recent post on their Google’s official blog for DoubleClick, they said that they wanted to zoom in their focus on the publishing industry and supply them with a list of tools they need to enhance their business.

The report posted today was the first of their series. They said “We’re doing this to generate metrics that will answer a few of of the most common questions we hear from our partners, and put some data behind long-held industry assumption.”

A few of their most notable findings reports a huge growth in mobile ad impressions, an increase by 250%, and a huge decrease in large banner in banner ads.  Another notable finding is a good increase in impressions for Arts & Entertainment, Shopping, and Sports. On June 5th, they will host a DoubleClick “Insights” livestream to share more of the details. In the meantime, you can check out their full report here.

When it comes to creating a blog or website that’s both successful and lucrative, it’s important for publishers to obtain the latest web publishing trends. With such minimal information out there on such specifics, it can be kind of hard to figure out how to find something that is proven to work. Google has taken that initiative to lead the way and show publishers and potential publishers how to make it work.  Knowledge is the key to success and it’s a wonderful thing that Google is offering their findings for free. Many publishers should take this opportunity as a chance to reevaluate their business plans.

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