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Google releases its first I/O event teaser for 2020

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Google has shared its first I/O event teaser for this year via a tweet. The Google I/O event teaser tweet came from the Google Developers account and simply states that Google I/O is coming and includes a link to click and a GIF.

Google I/O event teaser game

In typical Google fashion, the link takes you to a game called “A Collaboration of the Cosmos.”

“The intergalactic satellite network powering this signal board is down,” the description of the game states. “Only by working collectively will we restore the signal to reveal a special message for all the galaxy to see. Can we count on you?”

The company has published alternate reality games in the past, but this one is a bit unusual because it is more collaborative than the others have been. Google is requiring people to work together before the details about the date and location for this year’s I/O conference will be revealed.

Details about the game

When you click “Accept mission,” the site loads a dashboard called the “Mission.Log,” which explains the six puzzles that must be solved. To solve the puzzles, you must determine the name of each of the satellite clusters and their frequencies. Part of the Universal Grid will light up if you are successful. After all the clusters are lit up, the entire grid will shine.

The site also includes a “signal strength,” which is at 18% and rising steadily as of the time of this writing. The dates and location of the Google I/O event will be revealed when the signal strength reaches 100%.

For those who want to help raise the signal strength to 100% faster, we have the names of the clusters here, courtesy 9to5Google:

  • cluster -name HEXAGON
  • cluster -name OLYMPICENE
  • cluster -name OPHIUCHUS
  • cluster -name BYZANTINE GENERALS
  • cluster -name SIERPINSKY TRIANGLE
  • cluster -name ICOSAHEDRON


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