Google Glass App Allows Users To Be Paid To Broadcast Their Lives

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A new Google Glass application will allow virtually anyone become an instant star. The new application called Livelens allows users to live stream their lives and charge others to view it.

The new Livelens application

This app is available for Google Glass, iOS and Android. The Google Glass version works for the head-mounted display on the wearable device. The application comes with social features that allow users to comment or “like” videos. Unfortunately, the battery power of Google Glass is not very good, so it would be impossible to do an all-day video. Google will very likely improve that over time.

In other Glass news, there is a new report that the gadget will be a hit with business executives. Yesterday, the search giant announced the first five members to join the Glass at Work program, which includes partners APX Labs, AugMedix, CrowdOptic, GuidiGo and Wearable Intelligence.

Google Glass at Work’s partners

APX Labs has a product named Skylight that uses an enterprise secure application for employees to share video streams via Glass. Then there is Augmedix that allows doctors and medical professionals enter patient information into electronic medical records during health exams with Glass. GuidiGo is a fun application that creates tour guide software for museums as well as cultural institutions. Wearable Intelligence offers applications for various industries including healthcare and manufacturing.

CrowdOptic is another company that creates software for crowdsourcing videos at events. It also allows users to view videos from multiple perspectives. It is no wonder big sports teams such as the NBA’s Sacramento Kings and the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles are testing out this app.

These applications show how Google Glass may be a bigger hit with businesses rather than the general public, at least at first. Many companies are already experimenting with Glass technology, including Australia’s Westpac Bank, Beth Israel Deaconess medical center and Virgin Airlines.

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