Google For Android To Prompt App Installs In Search Results


Google Search for Android is about to get a nice update. The search feature will now prompt users to install apps that are relevant to search content. This handy feature will give app developers a chance to install apps via Google search. The new update will soon roll out to Android users.

A look at the new Google search feature

According to a recent report from Ubergizmo, the new feature is an extension of Google’s App Indexing feature. The feature was first introduced back in 2013 and enabled developers to list content from the apps installed on their search engines. It was not very helpful as most users didn’t have it installed.

This improved feature allows Google users to install apps that offer content users seek. Searchers will find relevant links that take them directly to the Google Play Store. The change also allows app indexing to improve search results, even without the installed app.

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Google’s primary goal for the Android feature

Rajan Patel (principal engineer for Google) told Tech Crunch the ultimate goal for developers is to create great content in apps. The search site also wants to create deep links within the content for users to have direct access to content. He added the team wanted to grow the project beyond Android.

Google also has a new feature to help users locate a missing Android phone or tablet computer. The search giant unveiled the new service earlier this week. In order to make this feature work, Android users have to activate the service. First, the user must check to see if they are logged into the same Google account on their PC browser. Next, type in the phrase “find my phone” into the Google search engine. The website then displays a search engine that attempts to locate the device. It is recommended to give the search engine a few seconds to determine the map location. Note the location on the map is only accurate within a certain distance.

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