Top Upcoming Token Releases To Put On Your Radar

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Everyday, the need to raise funds and bootstrap projects is on the rise. Token Generation Events (TGE) are dominating the cryptosphere with their innovative & inclusive fundraisings. TGEs enable the projects to raise funds from the community to help build & scale their products, while also giving the community the ability to both invest in & help govern the direction of the project.

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In this article, we will cover the top upcoming TGEs -

  1. Alkemi Network

Alkemi Network is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at bringing institutions and professional asset managers access to compliant DeFi liquidity. The network is home to a team of former CeFi execs and DeFi OGs who together use their combined expertise to bridge the CeFi to DeFi gap. The original launch stakeholders will help grow and support Alkemi Earn, the project's debut product that provides permissioned DeFi pools that adhere to KYC/AML regulations.

The Alkemi platform has already onboarded big institutions like Kronos Asset Management/Woo Trade, LedgerPrime, MW Partners, Fractal Wealth, JST Capital, Radar Relay, Teller Finance, Quantstamp, and others, renowned funds with a collective AUM of $2 billion.

Alkemi Network aims to release their token sometime during August 2021.

  1. Splinterlands

Splinterlands, an NFT-based trading card game, uses non-fungible tokens as in-game assets and has witnessed a turning point in terms of adoption; its consumer base topped 150,000 gamers for the very first time.

While in traditional games players do not care about their accrued progress, on Splinterlands they are motivated to keep track of their existing cards due to the possibility of them becoming more desirable and increasing in real value. Players who are looking for a more passive experience can rent out cards to other players, which helps facilitate the play to earn model. Splinterlands has hosted over 18M transactions, valued at over $800K, with a total market cap for its cards worth more than $42M.

In July, Splinterlands, being one of the first of its kind, declared a $3.5 million private auction for the future Splintershards (SPS) token. Splinterlands' SPS Token was released on the 26th of July. It was launched on Binance Smart Chain and made accessible through a SPS-BUSD pool on PancakeSwap. The SPS foundation along with a few private sale partners and investors supplied liquidity for the launch. On July 27th, 2021, a year-long airdrop to Splinterland asset holders will be initiated.

  1. Dexlab

Anyone can mint, issue and manage their tokens on the Dexlab minting platform. Dexlab consists of a plethora of useful defi tools as well as a user-friendly interface for minting SPL tokens, with no coding know-how required. By utilizing Minting Lab, you have full control of all the token issuance details as well as the deployment of plug-and-play smart contracts.

In June, Dexlabs secured private funding to build a gateway to the Solana ecosystem. With grants received from Solana and Eco Serum, as well as contributions from major blockchain VCs, $1.44 million has been allocated to Dexlab, the creator of the Minting Lab. It is a comprehensive system for token issuance, smart contract management, and deployment.

The Minting Lab users do not require programming skills; neither do they need to have any technical knowledge or understanding to utilize the Dexlab product. The lab is strictly designed to make the process of token minting easier and helps promote the growth of the Solana ecosystem.

  1. Impossible Finance

Impossible Finance was founded by former Binance execs, developers, and hackathon attendees. Impossible discerned that providing regular users with institutional-quality deal flow is the greatest approach to promote the availability of DeFi to a larger audience. Their goal entails sourcing projects from all chains and operating in a multichain ecosystem to provide similar user comforts. Impossible plans to achieve the results through exclusive crypto products and to develop a decentralized launchpad and incubator to enable top-tier project teams.

Impossible Finance's launchpad was inspired by Vitalik Buterin's DAICO design, which was tailored to curb pump and dumps during the ICO obsession. Presently, in 2021, with a variety of decentralized IDO platforms, it is ideal to have a launchpad to assist project teams with targeting keen audiences, who are already engaged in the problem spheres they're trying to elucidate.

Impossible Finance will be launching their IDO launchpad and IDIA token on August 10th.

Final Thoughts

By enabling projects to fundraise from their communities as well as giving communities the power to govern their favorite projects in return, TGEs present a new model for the future of capital raising and community engagement.