Get Accurate Weather Forecast Alerts On Your Android Device

Get Accurate Weather Forecast Alerts On Your Android Device

These days we’re connected more with our gadgets than with people. Wouldn’t it be great if these gadgets get more smarter and lets you do more? For example; at times you might like to be alerted in advance about a weather condition like storm or rain. is one such web app that provides very accurate weather information, and it also provides an API for developers so that they can use the API to build weather apps.

Play Quizzes 4 has a weather app called Dark Sky on iOS, however, there’s no such official app on Android. That’s why a developer has used the same API and built an app called Arcus: Hyper Local Weather for Android users.

The developer of the app claims that it “gives you the most precise up to the minute weather forecast available.” It can tell you when rain is going to fall within the hour, how long will it rain, and how strong the rain will be. It can also display incoming storm information, and other weather conditions. Once you install the app, you can set the location information and other information.

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The weather information reported by this app is indeed very accurate since it’s powered by Of course, if you’re not willing to install any app on your Android or iOS platform, then you can always directly visit and allow the site to detect your location so that it can give you weather forecast right on your browser. No need to install the app.

If you want more features then there’s also a pro version of Arcus which costs $1.98 which comes with no ads, and you can add upto 5 custom locations. The app notes that the weather information is available only in certain countries.

The app is a good choice for those who want to know about current and future weather conditions. Get it from below link.

Download Arcus weather app from Play Store

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