Get 3D Vision For Your GoPro Camera With This Hardware

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Now you can turn your GoPro camera into a 3D camera with a product called Vitrima. It can breathe some life into the GoPros shipping today and can be bought from the company’s website for just $145.

Small investment, huge return

Users of GoPro’s HERO3 and HERO4 get the option to add a layer of immersion to their action camera antics with the Vitrima video lens. Essentially, a pair of periscopes is added to people’s GoPro with the product.

No additional processing is required to view the video, and users can watch it on their phones using a Google Cardboard-type setup, explains TechCrunch.

Vitrima Vice President Colin Marshall said, “With the Vitrima lens, GoPro users are not only recording a video but a full experience that can be relived. We set out to create a 3D GoPro camera that not only allowed GoPro fans to share their experiences with anyone and everyone, but also is simple to use and affordable.”

Now the question is whether people will make this investment into new life for their cameras. The answer is yes, and a Vitrima Indiegogo campaign in which 737 people responded positively supports this view.

There are quite a few similarities between the Vitrima product and Kula’s 3D beam splitter lens for SLR cameras. It seems that the market is now filling up with options for fans of lens-splitting 3D photos and video footage, notes TechCrunch.

GoPro Remo: a voice-activated remote

GoPro itself released another new accessory, the GoPro Remo, last month, just in time for Black Friday weekend. It serves as a voice-activated remote to use in scenarios that make it hard to use the camera’s built-in feature.

The remote has been designed to be worn as close as possible to the user’s voice, such as on the collar. The closer proximity of the remote allows the user to use the voice control features even when the camera is mounted farther from them or when conditions are not suited for proper functioning of voice control, such as in times of high wind.

Like the camera, the remote is waterproof and understands ten different languages. Commands such as “GoPro, start recording” or “GoPro, take a photo” are needed to make the remote start recordings, tag highlights, or take burst or still photos. The remote beeps when the command actually works.

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