Toss Your GoPro Camera In The Air With This Birdie Accessory

Toss Your GoPro Camera In The Air With This Birdie Accessory
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GoPro’s cameras are very small, which is one of their unique selling points as it allows buyers to carry it along wherever they go, and they can easily slip them inside their pockets when not in use. Also the cameras can be easily attached to all kinds of things, and people seeking more creativity when shooting photos or videos can attach the Birdie accessory, which flips them up into the air, notes Ubergizmo.

Also protects your GoPro

Earlier this year, the Birdie was launched on Indiegogo, and it soon raised funds to turn it into a reality. The accessory makes it possible for users to toss a GoPro camera into the air and capture some interesting photos that aren’t possible otherwise. This is possible because of Birdie’s peculiar shuttlecock-like shape and safety cone.

The Birdie is aerodynamic and can easily float in water. These features relieve buyers of the fear of dropping the camera into a lake/pool and then diving in to search it out. The accessory is interesting and kind of niche as well because everyone wants to capture photos in this manner, says Ubergizmo.

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