George Soros, Stan Druckenmiller on Reflexivity, Investing and Black Wednesday

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George Soros on Reflexivity, Investing and Black Wednesday

Published on May 8, 2016

A look at George Soros (Net worth 24.9 Billion 2016) and his investment strategy of reflexivity. The clip also includes a brief history of Soros and how his view were formed and his and Stan Druckenmiller thoughts on Black Wednesday.

Video Segments:

0:04 Introduction
1:51 Black Wednesday
2:38 Stan Druckenmiller views on Black Wednesday
3:21 Soros views on the risk of Black Wednesday
4:20 Druckenmiller on Soros
4:53 Brief overview of Soros early years
7:57 Alchemy of Finance (Investment Strategy)
11:05 Soros Big mistake

Interview Date: May 1, 1994


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