Timothy Plan: Gambling Apps Require Oversight for Predatory Actions

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ORLANDO, Fla. – As gambling apps continue to grow in popularity, Sky Bet – one of the gambling industry’s most popular apps – has  adopted some of the internet’s most “invasive tracking and profiling techniques,” according to reports. Instead of using data to “identify and help problem gamblers, information is used to keep players hooked,” critics of the industry say.  More than a dozen states, including New Jersey, Nevada and Virginia, now allow app-based gambling.

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Through its unique biblical filtering process, Timothy Plan informs Christian investors whether their God-given resources are being invested in companies that have agendas contrary to the teachings of Scripture or that are actively participating in activities that may prove destructive to communities-at-large.

Gambling Apps Require More Oversight

“We are called to be wise stewards with all that God has given us—not one who gambles away his money or brings oneself to ruin,” said Art Ally, president and founder of Timothy Plan. “Our stewardship/gambling filter identifies gambling-related activities, including equipment manufacturers, casinos, riverboats, cruise lines, racetracks and gambling software. We know that gambling tears apart thousands of families, marriages and relationships, and we don’t want to see any family impacted negatively by gambling.

“Companies like Sky Bet require more oversight. What is occurring is predatory.

“In our life’s journey, we must make sure we have the right priorities. Many people begin with proper motives but eventually compromise over financial gain or lack thereof. The Bible states that money (or mammon) has the potential to compete directly with Almighty God for our loyalty. We must choose now which master we will serve before we get too far into our journey. If not, we’ll find ourselves turning money into our master.

“Whether we’re in business, a professional career or nonprofit service, we can all become victims of mammon’s temptations—especially those of us in financial services. We must make sure we pursue our purpose with the right motives and that we have the right attitude about money. The Bible warns us about those whose sole purpose is acquiring riches instead of service to others and honoring God.

When investing, you should consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other important information can be found in the fund’s prospectus. To obtain a copy, visit timothyplan.com or call 800.846.7526. Read each prospectus carefully before investing or sending money.