Galaxy Watch 2 Release Date May Be Announced At Note 10 Invite Event

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The Galaxy Watch 2 release date is not yet public knowledge. However, the Galaxy Watch is almost to its 1 year mark on the market. It is expected that Samsung will be announcing the launch date for the second generation of its popular device sometime soon. TechRadar believes that the announcement could come during the Note 10 invite only launch event.

Galaxy Watch 2 Release Date Hinted At In Note 10 Invite

The report reveals that in the Note 10 invite for the product launch Samsung stated that they “will unveil new devices designed to take the Galaxy ecosystem’s connectivity to the next level.” This statement seems to indicate that the launch event will not just be focused on the Note 10, and this is where the idea that the Galaxy Watch 2 release date may be announced comes from. It is a good possibility that this theory is true, as the launch event would be the perfect springboard for announcing the new device.

Why This Makes Sense

Samsung released its first version of the Galaxy Watch alongside the Note 9 in August of last year. Just a year prior the Gear Sport, Samsung’s previous wearable smart device, was launched with the Note 8. The company has developed a pattern that seems to be ready to repeat itself this year. Other wearable devices, such as the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit, and Galaxy Fit E were also launched alongside the Galaxy S10 phone. This indicates that Samsung most likely will stick to its pattern and launch the next gen device along with another flagship. While the Galaxy Watch 2 release date has not yet been announced, it makes sense that the announcement will come during the Note 10 invite only launch.

Market Share

Samsung is a top dog in the terms of market share. The company’s devices are very popular among Android fans, and it’s no surprise, as they are top shelf devices. The recent ban placed on Huawei by Google, which effective blocks their devices from using Android will definitely boost Samsung’s market share on the OS. The US vs China trade war has not had as profound an effect on the Korean company as it has on Apple and Huawei. The tech giant will be taking advantage of that in coming weeks as the Galaxy Watch 2 release date and the Note 10 invite only launch take place. These two devices could be a huge boost for the company’s sales. Wearable smart devices are gaining popularity, and the ability to leave your phone charging while still being able to access apps and make calls from a smart watch is a definite plus for busy users. It will be interesting to see how Samsung uses the trade war to boost its viability in the market.

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