These Galaxy S9 Renderings May Show The Final Design

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the next handset many tech-watchers will be shifting their focus to now that Apple’s new line-up is out, and the number of rumors that are circulating is building. There’s now a set of Galaxy S renderings that could be very close to the final product.

New Galaxy S9 renderings revealed

BGR says it was able to confirm the Galaxy S9 design via its unnamed sources. Ghostek, which makes accessories for smartphones, created some Galaxy S9 renderings and shared them with the tech blog. The accessory maker said it created the Galaxy S9 renderings based on details that are being leaked from the factory tasked with building Samsung phones.

BGR added that “multiple sources” confirmed that the Galaxy S9 renderings created by Ghostek are “mostly accurate.” One of the blog’s sources said that the back of the phone as shown in the Galaxy S9 renderings is “spot-on.” However, the source also said that the top bezel on the display will be a little slimmer than what the renderings show and that the top speaker will end up looking a little different.

The tech blog says it confirmed with a different source that the Galaxy S9 will have a vertically-aligned dual-lens camera on the back and a fingerprint sensor underneath the lenses. The camera lenses and the fingerprint sensor are expected to be located toward the center of the phone.

Other parts of Galaxy S9 design also said to be confirmed

The tech blog also said that it was able to confirm some of the recent Galaxy S9 rumors. The smartphone is expected to run on Samsung’s Exynos 9810 processor in some markets and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 in others, including the U.S. Other rumors suggest that the Galaxy S9 will have 4GB or 6GB of RAM, which of course is plausible.

The Galaxy S9 isn’t expected to have a new facial recognition scanning system that’s on par with the iPhone X’s Face ID, although Samsung has been rumored to be working on one. The Note 8 does include basic facial scanning tech, but it’s not as secure as Apple’s system because it uses 3D instead of 2D scanning. We heard this week, however, that Samsung’s technology—if it exists—won’t make it into the Galaxy S9.

We’ll have to wait until next year to find out just how accurate the Galaxy S9 renderings and these other details are. Samsung is expected to reveal the phone in February and launch it in March.

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