Galaxy S8 Rumors: Dual-Lens Camera, Iris Scanner, 4K Display And More

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Samsung is in a tight spot at the moment, thanks mostly to the Note 7 and its explosive nature. However, talk has now moved on from that handset and to the Galaxy S8 and how Samsung is rumored to be considering using features from the ill-fated Note 7 in its next ever-so-important flagship.

A futuristic Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is caught in a web of rumors right now. The handset had been under consideration even before Samsung’s last flagship was decommissioned. However, now it has taken on much more importance in the eyes of Samsung’s handset fans and shareholders, with many wondering what the Korean manufacturer’s next move will be. Will it draw back and play it safe? Or will it make the Galaxy S8 a world-beating device in terms of technology and safety?

Right now the overwhelming consensus is that Samsung will focus on safety, although it will not withdraw from its fight with Apple due to one huge mishap. In fact, the rumors are suggesting that Apple will now have an even bigger fight on its hands in 2017.

Dual-lens camera

With handsets like the iPhone 7 Plus and the LG G5 both having dual-lens cameras, it’s not surprising that rumors suggest the Galaxy S8 will too. However, unlike many rumors for non-officially announced devices, there seems to be some weight to this rumor.

According to the Korean Herald, a dual-lens camera is more than likely for two reasons. For one thing, Samsung changes its flagship camera each year, and adding a dual-lens setup to the S8 would make it more competitive against rival devices. Additionally, the manufacturer’s parts suppliers have been hit hard by the loss of the Note 7. So giving them more work in the form of a second lens would make up for lost earnings.

Galaxy S8 Rumors: Dual-Lens Camera, Iris Scanner, 4K Display And More
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Iris scanner

One new feature of the Note 7 which didn’t get a chance to shine was the iris scanner. This little piece of technology was revolutionary in a smartphone and had competitors like Apple concerned about its impact. So it would make complete sense for Samsung to give it another try in the Galaxy S8.

Rumors suggest that as part of its compensation package for parts suppliers, the tech giant will use both Patron and MCNEX for the required parts. These companies both made the iris scanner for the Note 7; now they will reportedly make it for the Galaxy S8.

4K high resolution display

At Google’s I/O developers’ conference earlier this year, it announced that Android Nougat would have VR support built in. Naming this feature Daydream, the search giant went on to suggest that compatible devices would have to meet certain specifications. Right now no one knows what those specs will be. However, Samsung is going to make the Galaxy S8 Daydream-ready, if you believe the rumors, which means that the handset will be future-proof and come with a 4K display.

Additionally, and maybe coincidentally, the Galaxy S8 project goes by the name of Dream at Samsung. Perhaps this points towards the handset having a VR focus; it certainly doesn’t seem unlikely.

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Double the trouble

Could Samsung be about to repeat what it did with the S7 and produce two variants of the Galaxy S8? It’s being talked about by bloggers and industry insiders as if it’s been put into action already.

Apparently one of the devices will come with a 5.5-inch 4K display, and the other with a 5.1-inch 2.5K display. Also a report on the Chinese site Wiebo suggests they could both come with curved edges and that flat slate-shaped handsets like the Galaxy S7 will no longer be produced by Samsung.

No headphone jack

Again, this is only a rumor, so please take it with a grain of salt. Taking the lead from Apple with its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Samsung could ditch the headphone jack. The loss of a 3.5mm headphone jack caused a huge stir in the rumor mill before the launch of the new iPhones, with many wishing that it had been a rumor only and accusing Apple of putting profits before customer needs.

As for whether Samsung will do this, no one really knows. But if it does, it will likely replace the headphone jack with a USB-C port. This would be for charging and wired headphones, with the likelihood of an adaptor for 3.5mm headphones included in the box just like Apple has done.

Galaxy S8 Rumors: Dual-Lens Camera, Iris Scanner, 4K Display And More
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Edge-to-edge display and no home button

In a move that, if true, could be seen as a move to beat Apple to the punch, Samsung could remove the Home Button from the Galaxy S8 and replace it with a digital onscreen home button. In effect, this would give the Galaxy S8 an edge-to-edge display, which is what handset owners have been requesting. As for where this would leave the fingerprint sensor, Samsung probably won’t move it to the rear of the handset as LG has done. Instead, it too could be incorporated into the display, which is also on the wish list for would-be iPhone 8 owners.

With Samsung’s now enhanced launch schedule, it’s thought the Galaxy S8 will launch much sooner than previously considered. If Samsung could manage this before the iPhone 8 launch, it could seriously scuttle Apple’s plans to dominate next year.

Launch date and price

As previously mentioned, now that the Note 7 is defunct, Samsung is in need of a new flagship and fast. Rumors right now suggest the handset could be revealed as early as February 26 in Barcelona, Spain. We’ll let you know more details about its announcement and launch as soon as we have those details.

As for price, there’s no hard information. However, with the Galaxy S7 starting out at around $700, it’s thought that 2017’s device could breach the $800 mark if all of the rumored technologies are incorporated.

What are you wanting from a Galaxy S8? How about an S-Pen? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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