Galaxy S8 Will Cost More Than iPhone 7 [REPORT]

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The Galaxy S8 will come in three colors and be priced higher than the iPhone 7, according to one well-known leaker. Evan Blass tweeted images of what he said are the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in “black sky,” “orchid grey” and “arctic silver.”

Galaxy S8 in three colors

The well-known and credible tipster tweeted the images over the weekend.

But more than just the colors, The Next Web notes that the leaked images confirm the rumor that the S8 will feature dock functionality enabling users to plug it directly into a monitor, turning the phone into a sort of “improvised PC.” The tech blog compares it to the Windows 10 Mobile Continuum feature.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S8 on March 29 and begin shipping the phone in April.

Galaxy S8 to be priced higher than the iPhone 7 in Europe?

Also over the weekend, Blass tweeted pricing details for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in Europe. He said the S8 will sell at €799, while the S8 Plus will be priced at €899. The Galaxy S8’s starting price is a bit higher than the iPhone 7’s starting price in Europe, which is in the neighborhood of €760 to €800 (depending on the country) for the base model with 32GB of storage. The iPhone 7 Plus starts out at €900 to 940, so the S8 seems to be priced in line with that.

Blass also said that the DeX will be sold for €150, the GearVR will be priced at €129, and the Gear360 will go on sale for €229.

If these prices are correct, then it means that for once, Apple won’t be the most expensive mainstream brand (those bought by the average user) of smartphone. However, if the rumors about the iPhone 8 being priced at or above $1,000 are true, then it won’t be long before Apple again has the most expensive smartphone on sale (not counting special edition models or phones bought by a relative select few, such as the $17,000 Solarin made by Sirin Labs).

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