Galaxy S8 Infinity Display, 3D Camera And Beyond

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Set the alarm, make a note in your diary, whatever you do remember the following. Samsung will reveal its Galaxy S8 handset, today, Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 at 11 a.m. ET (8 a.m. PT). The highly anticipated event will take place in NewYork at the Lincoln Center and will be attended by the world’s press. As always we will keep you informed of the details. However, what’s known so far, about what Samsung is teasing as a New Beginning?

Galaxy S8 New Beginning Or Just an Iteration?

With just over 24-hours to go until Samsung reveals its first smartphone since 2016’s debacle that was the Galaxy Note 7. It looks to have jumped back on the wagon having listened to its customers, industry critics and the like. And is now ready to walk a new path, one that promises not only a greener Samsung but also a company again willing to set the smartphone market alight with innovation. Something, which we, handset users, and many others have agreed has been severely lacking from the last few years of mind-numbingly boring iterations.

So, much so, that there is growing apathy among smartphone users, who are fed up with a new processor here. Larger screens there, and the constant drip drab of performance upgrades. We Want To Be Excited Again, we want to be compelled to rush out and purchase Samsung’s latest and greatest. Instead, over the past few years, we’ve been pulling up spec sheets comparing processor speeds, RAM, and PPI counts.

Will the Galaxy S8 be an Iteration, we hope not, but, for the sake of opinion and sanity, we’ll let you decide. Here’s what we almost certainly will be on offer with the Galaxy S8.

Infinity Display

With the promise of a whole new form factor for smartphones seemingly still years away, there is already compromise. What is it? It’s the pursuit of the larger display; now we’re not talking bigger like the phablet. Samsung, HTC, LG, and even Apple have embraced 5.3-inch and larger screens for a few years now. What we mean by larger, is the amount of physical space a screen takes upon the face of a device.

Right now, this is the holy grail of smartphone innovation, one that is ultimately reachable. As such, Samsung has been talking about what’s called an Infinity Display, in essence (all we know) is that it increases the screen-to-body ratio. According to rumors and leaks, the Galaxy S8 will be a very different handset in appearance compared to the Galaxy S7.

As for how Samsung intends to do this, reports are suggesting the talk of no home button is accurate. Meaning the scrapping of the physical button and its placement within the infinity display could actually happen. Which would, in turn, mean, this next S Line device would have significantly smaller bezels than previously seen. To back this up (convince us further) recent leaks via the likes of Evan Blass have almost confirmed such a move.

3D Camera

Two front facing cameras? According to an unnamed UK carrier representative who mistakenly spilled some beans last week. The Galaxy S8 will feature what’s called a 3D camera; now there’s little detail on this. However, we can point to the fact, that the untimely reveal took place when a Vodafone customer called the carrier to enquire about a new handset.

During the conversation with the company’s representative, she was told to expect something very exciting on April 1st. We’re assuming he wasn’t referring to a prank; however, he went on to say in the consumer’s own words:

“He said that my new phone would have a longer screen, no button, and a 3D camera.”

As for what a 3D camera is, we expect he was referring to something similar to the dual-lens setup on the iPhone 7-Plus. However, the fact, that these lenses could be on the front of the Galaxy S8 may mean they can capture images in three-dimensions. Which is similar to how we humans view the world, how true is this? We do not know, but with little over 24-hours to wait, there’s not long to go until we find out.

Bixby AI Assistant

One feature that Samsung has confirmed will appear on the Galaxy S8 is Bixby, its AI assistant. Said to be one of the standout new features appearing on the handset, it will rival Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa. Apparently, it will offer a level of interactivity and usefulness not yet seen on a mobile device, Samsung claims that it will provide users with:

“A new way to interact with their phone,” suggesting it’s “fundamentally different from other voice agents or assistants in the market.”

These are strong words from a company that at this moment is following behind both Apple and Google in the AI stakes. The promises it makes about Bixby, now that ti has confirmed its appearance on the Galaxy S8 must come to fruition. Consumers are now expecting the AI to be able to support almost any task, in addition to understanding the context of language. Meaning that it will recognize and understand commands depending on what a user is doing at the time.

In fact, Bixby, according to rumor, can learn from a user, to not only better understand their voice depending on inflections and regional differences. But also, learn to understand behavior and tone, something which many doubt is possible with today’s level of AI technology.

Bixby will be able to support any task users ask of it. Additionally, it will understand the context of commands based on where a user is on their device, according to Samsung.

On this revolutionary AI approach Samsung said:

“We have employed artificial intelligence, reinforcing deep learning concepts to the core of our user interface designs. Bixby is the ongoing result of this effort.”

Final Thoughts

Are you now sufficiently excited about the Galaxy S8 to agree with Samsung that it is a New Begining? As for what we think, we’re greedy; we want more. Yes, an infinity display, 3D camera, and Bixby make the handset interesting. But, we would require more to consider it a game changer, would you?

Now, if you want to know more, including specs, price, and a possible release date go here. After that, keep checking back, as we keep you updated with any further leaks and what happens at the reveal.

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