Galaxy S7 To Feature Unique Foldable Design [RUMOR]

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As the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 draws nearer, information continues to emerge about the next major smartphone from the corporation, the Galaxy S7. Rumors spread extremely quickly in the technology community, and there are already a wide range of expectations related to this forthcoming smartphone, even though it won’t be available for another nine months in all probability. Based on the history of Samsung device releases, we should expect to see the phone at the Mobile World Congress 2016, which is to be held between February 22 and 25.

The Galaxy S6 has undoubtedly raised expectations for future smartphone releases from Samsung. The Galaxy S6 range was a very strong response to the previous Galaxy S5 release in 2014. The Galaxy S5 was not particularly well received when it hits the stores, owing to its plasticky feel. Samsung has wisely moved away from manufacturing the majority of the Galaxy S units from plastic, and a more metallic approach to the Galaxy S6 received a strong critical and commercial reception earlier this year.

Galaxy S7 to feature foldable screen

Thus, the Galaxy S7 is very much expected to continue this ethos when it is released during 2016. But there have already been suggestions that this may be a revolutionary smartphone release in more ways than one. Earlier this year, the Galaxy S7 was linked with an intriguing design which was based around a foldable screen display, and rumors from close to the Samsung supply chain now suggest that this particular gossip was pretty close to the mark in terms of how the Galaxy S7 may turn out.

One of the more original smartphone releases of the last few years came from LG, with the LG G Flx series. The LG G Flex 2 features a very admirable flexible display, and Samsung has reportedly been eyeing this aspect of the smartphone. Thus, recent suggestions indicate that Samsung will adopt this aspect of the LG series when it releases the Galaxy S7. Consequently, the Galaxy S7 display will be flexible, bendable and particularly resistant to damage.

Linked with sapphire glass

In accordance with these rumors, sapphire glass is now being linked with this forthcoming smartphone. This extremely durable material has been a subject of iPhone-related rumors for quite some time, and recently appeared in the embryonic Apple smartwatch, the Apple Watch. Apple has been wrestling with problems related to sapphire glass shattering as it works with the iPhone series, but Samsung has nine months to overcome this issue should it wish to include it in the makeup of the Galaxy S7.

Another aspect of the Apple Watch which Samsung has apparently been keeping close tabs on with regard to the Galaxy S7 is the haptic feedback which was recently included in the Apple smartwatch. This is also a feature of the popular MacBook line of Apple laptops, and is apparently an aspect of the devices’ functionality that Samsung would particularly like to include in the Galaxy S7.

Samsung has become increasingly associated with curved screen displays ever since it released its range of high-end televisions, which has since become extremely popular. And in line with this, it is expected that Samsung will greatly increased the number of curved screen variants of the Galaxy S7 when it releases in 2016.

Curved screen emphasis

With consumers enthusiastic about this trademark of Samsung device releases, it has been reported that the Korean corporation will hugely increase the amount of curved models of the device that it produces when the Galaxy S7 is released. This is apparently intended to meet consumer demand, and will lead to the Galaxy S7 Edge being a much more mainstream device than the Galaxy S6 Edge has been. Samsung is expected to begin this process with the release of a phablet-sized version of the Galaxy S6 before the year is out, which will be produced much larger quantities than the curved versions of the device have been previously.

Thus, an edge-to-edge, curved, flexible and durable display is being predicted for the Galaxy S7, following on from similar designs released previously by LG. Samsung has also shown flexible displays and batteries in the past at trade shows, with the first such appearance being back in 2008. And it now seems that this technology will be affordable enough for Samsung to implement it by the time that the Galaxy S7 is released.

Aside from that, design alterations to the Galaxy S7 will be pretty minimal, as Samsung looks to continue the formula which was generally considered a success with the Galaxy S6. Any improvements with this forthcoming smartphone will be focused on the flexible display, and several specification increases which are also expected.

4K resolution mooted

As well as the unique shape of Samsung displays, the company has also become associated with producing particularly high-quality screens. There are suggestions already circulating that the Galaxy S7 may embrace 4K resolution technology, and if this is the case it could be the first mass-market device to do so.

However, with a raft of mobile releases still to come before then, this cannot be guaranteed, although if another 4K mobile does emerge before the release of the Galaxy S7 then it will greatly increase the chances of this handset including this exciting display technology.

TouchWiz updates also seem likely, but a dalliance with Tizen seems out of the question. But it has been suggested that Samsung will include a whopping 6 GB of memory with the device in an attempt to ensure that the Galaxy S7 is an extremely powerful and slick operator. Considering the specifications and new design parameters which are being linked with this Samsung smartphone, it should be a release which captures the imagination of Android fans when it is unveiled next year.

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