Galaxy S6 Plus Images Leaked, Fall Release Mooted

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But some reports emerging from Korea suggest that we may not have seen the last Galaxy S6 release after all. While attention at Samsung was assumed to be squarely aimed at the forthcoming Galaxy Note 5, this flagship phablet may be joined by another in the Galaxy range in the foreseeable future.

Galaxy S6 Plus tipped

With many Android fans currently eagerly awaiting the debut of the Galaxy Note 5, it has been reported in South Korea that a phablet successor to the Galaxy S6 may even release first. The Galaxy S6 Plus is apparently another phablet that Samsung is ready to launch this year, and according to the rumours from East Asia it will actually debut much sooner than the expected Galaxy Note 5.

While this device will be a surprise to many followers of Samsung, photographs of this purported device have seemingly been leaked this week for the first time. These particular images have emanated from Russia, and reveal what sources claim to be the very first live photographs of this unreleased Samsung handset. The Galaxy S6 Plus phablet will apparently replace last year’s Galaxy Note Edge, suggesting that this niche will not be renewed when the Galaxy Note 5 is released later this year.

This would definitely be a surprise, as when the Galaxy Note Edge was released last year, it became the first curved screen mobile release from Samsung, or for that matter any other manufacturer. In general terms, the device was considered to be a success, and the concept of curved screen handsets has been particularly well received. Indeed, Samsung has perhaps become more associated with the curved display technology that any other aspect of his existing portfolio of products.

It was just assumed as a matter of course that Samsung would release an upgrade to the Galaxy Note Edge during 2015, but this now looks to be doubtful, at least in branding terms.

Set for unveiling

According to attendant reports, the Galaxy S6 Plus could be unveiled as early as the next few weeks. While there have been a few previous reports about this forthcoming phablet, it seems that Samsung personnel have been working hard on this behind the scenes, and that it may be ready for release much sooner than perhaps would be anticipated. The new images have been published by YouTuber Marcus Brownlee, and are already creating something of labels on the video-sharing site.

Sources close to Samsung suggest that this device will feature a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor along with a 5.5-inch display, which is curved on both sides. This would obviously make the device an ideal replacement for the existing Galaxy Note Edge, and it would then logically follow that there will be no sequel to this particular device.

Why this particular handset would be branded as a Galaxy S6 device is not entirely clear, but this could be related to the release schedule of the handset. If it is released sometime before the Galaxy Note series, then Samsung may have another device in mind to take the place of the Galaxy Note Edge. This will be revealed in the fullness of time, but we could find out pretty soon whether or not this Galaxy S6 Plus device is likely to come to fruition this year.

In terms of specifications, aside from the Snapdragon processor it is suggested that the Galaxy S6 Plus will benefit from a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, and will also be armed with a 16-megapixel snapper. Although this is a phablet device, it is also thought that there will not be any S-Pen functionality included with the Galaxy S6 Plus, and that this will instead be held back for the Galaxy Note range. This would seem to make sense, as the stylus can be considered a significant distinguishing aspect of the Galaxy Note series.


Aside from the size of the screen and its curved aspect, there is also a great deal of speculation about the resolution of the device. Samsung would love the Galaxy S6 Plus to be the first mass-market 4K resolution handset, but whether this will turn out to be feasible at such short notice is somewhat doubtful. A 4K resolution device would be absolutely natural for Samsung, considering that last year’s Galaxy Note series featured a quad HD resolution. But there are question marks over whether it will be technically and technologically feasible for Samsung to achieve this with the release of this phablet.

With Samsung looking to impress ahead of the release of the iPhone 7, it is likely that the corporation will push the boat out with regard to other specifications of this device. This could then mean that the Galaxy S6 Plus includes a model that features 256 GB of internal storage. A 5-megapixel front camera has also been suggested, in order to ensure that the device provides excellent selfie taking capabilities.

Samsung stated during 2014 that it acknowledged its device range had been misguided in recent months and years. This was off the back of a disappointing 2014 for the corporation, during which is profits tumbled by 60 percent. Since then, Samsung has been overtaken by Apple in terms of pure volume of mobile sales, and the once bullish Korean corporation has fallen significantly behind its great rival as 2015 unfolds.

It seems quite clear now that the Samsung hierarchy has decided to take significant action in order to steer the corporation back in the correct direction. Central to this seems to be a reordering and rebranding of the company’s flagship devices, and Samsung seems to believe that quantity is as important as quality in this department. Offering consumer choice may turn out to be a wise policy by the Korean Corporation, and the Galaxy S6 Plus seems likely to be available to consumers in the foreseeable future to test this ethos.

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