Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Everything You Want To Know

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Everything You Want To Know
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Of all the recent mobile releases, it could certainly be argued that the Galaxy Note Edge is the most interesting. Certainly in design terms it is the most original, with Samsung having embraced a concept which is reminiscent of its curved televisions to a certain extent. The corporation maintains that eventually we will see a Samsung smartphone which truly imitates its coveted range of curved TVs, but for the time being the nearest we’ve got to this is the Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung evidently does not see the Galaxy Note Edge as a mass-market device, as the corporation has recently described the forthcoming mobile as a “limited-edition concept device,” according to SamMobile. Although Samsung hasn’t really confirmed any concrete details regarding the Galaxy Note Edge, this certainly implies that the handset will ultimately be produced and shipped in relatively limited supply.

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The latest news about the device is that it will be MirrorLink-enabled. The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization driving global technologies for smartphone-centric car connectivity solutions, announced this news this week. What this means is that the Galaxy Note Edge will offer a raft of car connectivity features, making it a more attractive proposition to motorists. MirrorLink is considered an industry standard for car-smartphone connectivity, and this is a further indication that Samsung is squarely aiming the Galaxy Note Edge at the top end of the retail market.

Bearing this in mind, it is obvious then that the Note Edge will need to deliver a high quality spec list along with an impressive feature set aside from its MirrorLink capabilities. It also needs to be an attractive device in terms of appearance, given that Samsung has perhaps, If not neglected, at least somewhat failed to deliver in this department with previous mobile releases. Almost without exception, Apple products are considered to be superior in design, build quality and looks.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


The first thing that is striking about the Galaxy Note Edge in terms of appearance is its sheer size. Given that the display is 5.6-inches, this will be a relatively bulky phablet, and the flexible display included in the device may take users a little while to become accustomed to. However, the metallic design of the Galaxy would seem to be a significant improvement on previous releases from Samsung.


Samsung is continuing its focus on delivering outstanding screen quality with the Galaxy Note Edge. The handset utilizes a wraparound Super AMOLED display which should deliver superb image quality given the fact that Samsung has armed the device with a Quad HD screen display and a screen resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels. The S Pen stylus that is included in the Galaxy Note Edge package is also a useful feature which has received a lot of praise from Galaxy users in the past.

Operating System

The Galaxy Note Edge will run off Android 4.4 KitKat, which is the latest version of the hugely popular operating system. Whether Android offers quite the slick package included in the iPhone is debatable, but it certainly delivers a great deal of flexibility, freedom and functionality.

Processor and memory

Samsung has ensured that the Galaxy has a powerful processor, with the device being powered by a quad-core CPU which has been apparently clocked at 2.7 GHz. In common with recent Samsung devices, the Galaxy will be fitted with 3 GB of RAM, and also come in either 32 GB or 64 GB storage versions. Additionally, the storage capacity of the device can be doubled via micro-SD should you consider 64 GB to be a little on the light side.


The Galaxy Note Edge is fitted with an identical standard camera to the Galaxy Note 4, which means that it will comprise a 16-megapixel unit. One nifty feature here is that if users hold the phone flat while taking photographs then the snapping button will appear on top of the device, a unique advantage of the flexible screen included in the phone. Optical image stabilization will also reportedly be included, meaning that the Galaxy Note Edge should be relatively easy to take photographs with.


Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note Edge is destined for every major marketplace in the world, but to some extent this can be seen as an Asia-centric device. Samsung is the market leader in Korea, and it is here where the company will hope to sell a significant number of this premium smartphone.

Undoubtedly the main selling point of this handset is its unique flexible screen, but enough thought and effort has gone into its other features to ensure that this will not be a one-trick pony.

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