Galaxy Note 8 Pictures Emerge Ahead Of Release Date

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With less than one week until the release of the Galaxy Note 8, some new Galaxy Note 8 pictures have emerged. It is usual for the magnitude of leaked photographs to escalate ahead of the release of such a major device, and this has been the case once more with the Galaxy Note 8. This eagerly awaited phablet will be made official at the Unpacked event in New York, which will be held on August 23 this year.

Galaxy Note 8pictures

New Galaxy Note 8 pictures

Now a number of new Galaxy Note 8 pictures have emerged, with one image seemingly depicting a dummy Galaxy Note 8 device. This is the best indication yet regarding the appearance of this device, with Samsung having already confirmed its existence earlier this year.

Naturally, the Galaxy Note 8 has a tough task on its hands to recover from the fiasco associated with the Galaxy Note 7. This earlier phablet release was notable for exploding with alarming regularity, and Samsung has instigated an eight-point safety scheme in an attempt to ensure that this mobile is significantly more durable.

The latest Galaxy Note 8 pictures will only whet appetites further ahead of the release of this device, though. Despite the negative connotations that the Galaxy Note series may have garnered from the unfortunate episode with the Galaxy Note 7, the consumer desire for a sequel is generally considered to be undiminished.

iPhone competition

Aside from the importance of recovering from the Galaxy Note 7, this is also an important release for Samsung with the tenth generation iPhone 8 on the horizon. This smart phone is expected to be a revolutionary handset from Apple in order to acknowledge the tenth anniversary of the iconic iPhone brand.

With Apple set to include a wraparound OLED display in its iPhone 8 release, Samsung will respond strongly with the Galaxy Note 8. Powered by the Snapdragon 835 in the United States, 6GB of RAM memory will be included in order to ensure that this smartphone performs admirably.

Legendary analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has also suggested that the camera in the Galaxy Note 8 will be particularly impressive. This will be a dual-camera unit, which Kuo believes will significantly outperform the iPhone 7 Plus from last year. Whether this will put Samsung ahead of Apple in the phablet battleground remains to be seen, though, as Apple is also expected to escalate the photographic capabilities of the iPhone range this year.

Meanwhile, the S Pen stylus that has come to characterize the Galaxy Note range will also receive improvements in the forthcoming generation. Aside from the usual functionality associated with this peripheral, it is believed that the S Pen could include an innovative speaker system in the Galaxy Note 8 series. Vibrational functionality has also been linked with the S Pen, as Samsung attempts to improve the usability of this unit.

Galaxy Note 8
Image source: Weibo

4K not expected

Although Samsung has been perpetually linked with delivering 4K resolution in its mobile range, it seems that the Galaxy Note 8 will once again fail to provide this increasingly prominent screen resolution. The consensus of opinion is that Samsung will stick to Quad HD resolution with the Galaxy Note 8, which will mean that the 4K quotient could debut with the Galaxy S9 next year.

Although the Galaxy Note 8 pictures leaked recently have given us a strong impression of the design of the unit, many of the particulars of the Galaxy Note 8 were already known anyway. It is essentially expected that the unit will be a slightly larger version of the Galaxy S8, at least in physical design terms. The wraparound display from the Galaxy S8 is therefore expected to migrate to the Galaxy Note 8, although it should be 6.4-inches in this device.

There has been some considerable debate regarding the pricing of the Galaxy Note 8, with some analysts suggesting that the recommended retail price of the unit could break through the psychologically important $1,000 barrier. However, other sources have indicated that the pricing could be slightly more affordable than this, and consumers can expect to pay around $900 in actuality.

Regardless of this, the Galaxy Note 8 pictures that have appeared will be keenly consumed by Android fans ahead of the release of the final device.


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