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Galaxy Note 7 Specs, Packaging And Color Options

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With only minutes to go before Samsung announces the highly-anticipated Galaxy Note 7 at its Unpacked event in New York, the excitement and tension surrounding the event can be felt all over the world. However, even though we’re this close to learning everything possible about this new Phablet, the rumor mill is still churning out new leaks for fans to gauk at, and this time around it is the retail box and specs that are getting all the attention.

Retail box and specs

Just hours before the announcement of the handset, this leak appeared and showed the packaging for the Galaxy Note 7. On one side of the box, you can see a short summary of its specifications. The specs revealed on the packaging are quite limited but do corroborate what some of the recent rumors had been suggesting.

The screen size is 5.7 inches in size. Concerning the chipset, there is not much information to go on, but I believe the handset will have either an Exynos 8893 or a Snapdragon 821. As far as on-board memory is concerned, the box says 4GB, along with storage capacity of 64GB for this variant.

Other information on the box also mentions the camera, which is being referred to as “Dual-Pixel” with a 12MP rear sensor and a 5MP front sensor. Personally, I don’t think this technology is new; in fact, I believe that it has been lifted straight from the Galaxy S7.

As for the last piece of information I can gather from the packaging, it seems as though Samsung is about to stand by its word and make the Galaxy Note 7 the first of the Note range to offer IP68 protection!

As you can see from the box, nothing is being mentioned about an Edge display or a curved one, so could it be that those rumors were wide of the truth.

Galaxy Note 7 Specs, Packaging And Color Options
Source: Pixabay

Three different colors

Thanks to the BBS forum boards, I can tell you that there will be three different color variations on offer for the Galaxy Note 7. If you take a look at the image above, you can see that there is a little bit of shine coming from the devices. However, that is likely to be the glossy surface protectors that adorn a device while in its packaging.

From the images available, it looks as though I can confidently announce that the handset will be available in Gold, Blue, and Silver, but I would still like to air on the side of caution as images like the one above have been leaked and proven to be inaccurate before.

Final thoughts

To me, the phone looks a lot like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and from further examination of the images, it seems to be sporting a “Dual Edge” display, although its sides are as curved as those found on the Galaxy S7 Edge. As for a physical Home button, it is as always placed below the screen and doubles-up as a fingerprint scanner.


Source: Steve Hemmerstoffer – @stagueve

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