Samsung Galaxy Note 6: The Ultimate Wish List

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The Samsung Galaxy Note series has become a major plus point for the Korean manufacturer in recent years. Although the Galaxy S range remains the flagship series for Samsung, the positive critical response that the Galaxy Note releases have received in recent years has ensured that the status of the two devices is now close to equal.

Samsung has particularly packed Galaxy Note releases with outstanding specifications over the last couple of years, and this has led fans of Android devices to demand a great deal from the range. So Samsung devotees will have a rich wish list ahead of the release of the Galaxy Note 6. Here are some of the features that Samsung may thus choose to include in this major phablet.


The big thing that every Samsung fan is hoping for from the Galaxy Note 6 is 4K resolution. This is becoming an increasingly mainstream technology, and it is something that Sony has already embraced in its smartphone series. With Samsung having become associated with high-quality screen technology, not merely in the mobile sphere but also televisions as well, it certainly seems natural that the corporation should make the switch to 4K resolution.

In addition to the detail of the display included in the Galaxy Note 6, there could be a greater emphasis placed on the curved screen variant of the device. And Android consumers will also be hoping that Samsung finds a way to increase the screen size of the Galaxy Note 6. It is possible that the display could exceed six-inches if Samsung listens to the desires of consumers, and nifty design parameters should enable the corporation to achieve this without increasing the overall size of the smartphone.

Galaxy Note 6 Camera

Camera technology is becoming increasingly important for smartphones, and the upcoming Galaxy Note is no exception to this rule. Forthcoming handset releases from numerous major manufacturers are linked with outstanding camera technology, but there are two particular elements of the Galaxy Note 6 snapper that would stand out for customers.

Firstly, if Samsung could deliver the 30-megapixel capabilities that have been linked with the Galaxy Note 6 then this would be pretty mind blowing. And if this could be coupled with improved low-light shooting, possibly by increasing the size of the sensor in the Galaxy Note 6, then Samsung would have a fantastic device on its hands.

Galaxy Note 6


If Samsung indeed includes such a powerful camera and detailed screen resolution in the Galaxy Note 6, there is no doubt that the device will also need an extremely powerful processor in order to handle it. With this in mind, the Galaxy Note 6 has been linked with a 3.1 GHz 16-core processor that would make the device a superbly powerful performer.

It is not clear at the time of writing whether Samsung will ultimately opt to utilize its proprietary Exynos technology, or whether it will instead give the green light for Qualcomm to resume its relationship with the company by introducing the Snapdragon to the Galaxy Note 6. Possibly there will be separate devices with each processor designated for different geographical locations. But an extremely powerful processor will be needed if the Galaxy Note 6 is to combine its specifications with slick operation.

Galaxy Note 6


A pretty staggering 8 GB of RAM memory has been linked with the Galaxy Note 6, and this coupled with the proposed 16-core processor would enable Samsung to deliver a phenomenally powerful phablet.


Similarly, fans of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will hope that the Korean corporation includes a 128 GB storage option when it releases the Galaxy Note 6. The premium on storage is becoming increasingly evident, and if users are to store 4K video in their Galaxy Note 6 devices then a significant amount of storage space will be an absolute necessity.

Laptop features

Another interesting aspect of the Galaxy Note 6 that has been emerged in recent weeks is the suggestion that it could double as a laptop. This unique dual-capability of the device would certainly be a major innovation, but a leak patent suggests that the Galaxy Note 6 will have a “phablet dock” allowing for a small keyboard to be attached.

Dual OS

In accordance with the laptop idea, it has also been suggested that the Galaxy Note 6 could feature a dual-operating system innovation. This would certainly be a major technological challenge for Samsung, as it is not something that has been successfully achieved in the smartphone marketplace previously.

Nonetheless, Samsung is being linked with introducing a Windows-based operating system for the Galaxy Note 6, which would run in parallel to the usual Android OS. This has already created quite a stir on Android-following blogs and websites, and could be the headline news about the Galaxy Note 6 when it is ultimately released.

Flexible Display

Samsung first demonstrated a flexible display some years ago at a Consumer Electronics Show, and it now seems viable from a commercial standpoint. There is no doubt that the technology is in place to introduce flexible displays to the Galaxy Note 6, but by the time that the release date of the device rolls around, it could also be financially viable for Samsung.

Color choices

In accordance with Apple’s predilection for the iPhone and Apple Watch ranges, it is suggested that Samsung could introduce several color choices when of the Galaxy Note 6 is released. Customization is becoming increasingly important for the smartphone marketplace, as consumers become ever more demanding. Samsung could satisfy this with the Galaxy Note 6 by offering numerous color choices to purchasers.

Other features

Finally, other features that consumers would love to see in the Galaxy Note 6 include fingerprint scanners, fast wireless charging, and micro SD support ranging from 32 to 128 GB. Recent media reports have also suggested that a compass, blood pressure and heart rate sensors, and a barometer and thermometer could be included in the phablet when it is finally released.

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