“This site security cannot be trusted” – The Year of Encryption Everywhere [Infographic]

“This site security cannot be trusted” – The Year of Encryption Everywhere [Infographic]

How to get a free Free SSL Certificate and why you need one asap.

We live in an increasingly connected world. Today we rely on our phones and computers to communicate, pay bills, buy goods, book tickets, plan holidays.

We are not connected to the Internet – We are the Internet.

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There are already more phones than people in the world, and the world is going to connect all sorts of devices to the internet.

All the devices connected to the Internet have one thing in common – they depend on the protocol called SSL to protect information in transit.

How Secure is your data

Today user across the world want to know how secure is the data that you transmit on the Internet?

How vulnerable is your personal data to hackers?

Literally everybody finds it hard to answer this question. Nobody can guarantee. You probably have to know that standard encryption algorithms are used to protect data. Everybody knows about the lock icon in their browser indicates that the session is protected by ‘https’, that is what SSL certificate is all about.

Anybody with a web browser ever presented with this ominous warning message that

“This site security cannot be trusted,


the certificate is issued by a party that you have chosen not to trust,


Certificate is expired”.

Everyday we come across some zero-day exploit that requires a series of patching.

The whole point of SSL design is to protect against the dangers of message exposure when messages are subjected to go through multiple platforms.

Free SSL Certificate

How SSL Certificate works

A browser tries to connect with a website secured with SSL certificate and request the server identify itself.
The server sends a copy of SSL Certificate to the browser which check SSL validity. If the browser trust SSL certificate, it sends message to the server.
The server sends back digitally signed acknowledgement to start an encrypted session. The browser and the server then share encrypted data

Encryption protects data during its transmission

The SSL handshake between the browser and the web server, and that starts a secured session, where message privacy and integrity are secured. Valid SSL protected site shows green HTTPS padlock icon in the browser

Types of SSL Certificates

DV or Domain Validation
Organization Validated (OV)

Why Use SSL Certificate?

If your website deals with sensitive information like transmitting credit card details or personal information, you need to secure it with SSL encryption

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for your Website?

Getting a Free SSL Certificate from Comodo can be done in two ways – using the 3-step process or the free certificate management utility. The free certificate management utility is available for Apache and IIS Users, and this simplifies the complete process of getting the certificate.

The 3-step process

Creating your CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
Enrolling for your Certificate
Installing your Certificate

Author Bio: Jayan is a Technical Blog Writer from Comodo. He writes about information security, focusing on web security, operating system and endpoint security.

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