Fortnite Season 9 Begins, Season 10 Release Date Hinted

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Fortnite Season 9 has only just started, but speculations about the Fortnite Season 10 release date are already circulating. Although players anxiously wait for each new Fortnite season, the tenth season is expected to be much more exciting than any previous season.

Fortnite Season 10 release date

Fortnite Season 9 started Thursday. Although we officially know the start date, its end date is a secret. However, it is easier to guess the end date as most seasons are about 10 weeks long. A few seasons have extended by a week to complete battle pass challenges.

Season 8 ended in 10 weeks, but Season 9 could be an exception if the latest PS4 store event listing is to be believed. The Fortnite page on the PS4 lists the ending date for Season 9 as Aug. 1. It means that the current season will be 12 weeks long.

This Season 9 end date also hints at the Fortnite Season 10 release date. Usually a new season in Fortnite starts the day after the preceding season’s final day. This would mean if Season 9 ends on Aug. 1, then the Fortnite Season 10 release date would be Aug. 2.

As of now, there are no further details about Season 10, but rumors suggest Epic could a launch a new map in Season 10. Fortnite’s FAQ page has long talked about a new battle royale map in development. This FAQ page has been online for most of 2018 and all of 2019 so far. It is possible that the developer team will present it as a gift to players in the tenth season.

Why Season 9 may be 12 weeks long

There is a good chance Season 9 will be extended to 12 weeks, unlike the usual 10-week season. Epic Games previously confirmed that Season 9 include the World Cup finals. Thus, the season’s two-week extension is probably meant to accommodate the World Cup finals.

Initially the Fortnite World Cup Finals was planned for Season 10. Epic later decided to hold the finals during Season 9. The Fortnite World Cup Finals are scheduled for July 26-28 in New York.

The qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup already started last month and will run for 10 weeks. One can watch an overview of the event on Fortnite’s YouTube and Twitch channels each week. You can also view your favorite competitors’ in game by heading to the Competitive tab and clicking on the leaderboards for the current week.

About $10 million in prize money is up for grabs in the open qualifiers. The top 50 duos and 100 solo players reaching the finals will compete for a $30 million pool. Moreover, each Finals competitor will win at least $50,000, while the grand prize is $3 million.

What you need to know about Fortnite Season 9

Fortnite Season 9 brings the game into a new sci-fi future. The biggest update to the game includes changes to the two main locations. The destroyed Tilted Towers has been converted into a futuristic cityscape called Neo Tilted, while Retail Row has been reinvented into a Mega Mall.

Other changes to the locations include a power plant built around the volcano, drone-like hovering platforms and a banana stand. The new season also brings a new transportation mode called the “slipstream.” It is basically a wind tunnel that quickly transports a player from one location to another.

A new weapon called a “combat shotgun” has been added as well. Epic has also removed many items, including balloons, a few weapons, a treasure map and more. The weapons which have been removed or vaulted include the poison dart trap, scoped revolver, thermal assault rifle, pump shotgun, suppressed assault rifle and clingers.

The Fortnite Season 9 battle pass continues the sci-fi trend. The unlockable items include a robot cat and a Gundam-style suit. Moreover, players will have to collect 100 fortbytes (a type of computer chip) to complete certain challenges and unlock the secrets of season 9, Epic said.

With Season 9, Epic has also added support for Arabic.

“We’re still a few months from having services come online and hope to provide a more meaningful update on server support before then,” the developer said.

Fortnite is enjoyed by more than 250 million players. The game has become a big money maker for Epic due to its seasonal battle passes, virtual items and skins.

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