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Forgot WiFi Password? Here’s How To Get It Back

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It can be quite a challenge when you have been away from your computer for awhile, then when you go to use it oops! You have forgotten your Wi-Fi password. The good news is that you really can retrieve it provided the computer you are using has been connected to that computer before or you connected via your phone.

Recovering Loss Wi-Fi Passwords

So let’s get down to solving your lost Wi-Fi password.

Using your router

Provided you didn’t change the router default password.

Most routers come with a default Wi-Fi network name and password. Look on the back of your Wi-Fi router for a sticker that has the SSID (wireless network name) and the password. If it’s not there, then dig out the documentation that came with it, you mind find this info there.  If you are still out of luck then you can try using standard username and password combinations. Check out RouterPasswords.com for some common default log ins.

If you have been successful using this method store the password in a safe place for future reference.

Password Retrieval Via Router Interface

If your router is using the default username and password and you can access the interface you might be able to do a password retrieval here.

Sign into the router and look for a Wi-Fi section. You should see the password displayed in this section with the option for changing it.

 A simple solution:

If you can find the router password and user name, you could just reset the router back to its factory settings which will then use the default username and password.

Using Windows to solve your lost Wi-Fi password problem

If you have at one time connected to your Wi-Fi with windows on your laptop or desktop then the Wi-Fi network will be stored in the memory. You can look this up.

Go to the network and sharing center in the control panel.

You will see the current Wi-Fi connection so click on this

Recovering Loss Wi-Fi Passwords

Click on the Wireless Properties option

Click on security tab

Check the box next to show characters.

Now you have your hidden password.

Previous Wi-Fi Networks You Have Connected to _ Password Retrieval

Windows is very kind to you by storing previous passwords for other Wi-Fi networks that you have connected to.

For Windows 7 and previous windows versions go to your Network and Sharing center again

Once there click on Manage wireless networks

A list appears of previously connected networks. Double click on the one you want to see.

Click on properties…then security tab….and check the box next to show characters, and you will have your password for this connection

For Windows 8 and 10 you need to use commands

Right click on start button

Choose command prompt then enter this command… netsh wlan show profiles

A pop up list will show you other Wi-Fi networks that you have accessed in the past.

Type in this command…netsh wlan show profile name=profilename key=clear

(replace the profile name with the one that you want)

You will a key content line that will give you the Wi-Fi password for that profile network

Finding Your Lost Wi-Fi Password on a Mac

Press command+space

Type in Keychain Access ( then press enter)

Click on the network in the list that you want to find the password for

Click on info button

Click show password

Note: It will ask you to enter your username and password. This is what you use for your administrator’s account.

After this you should be able to see the Wi-Fi password for the network you chose.

How to Find a Wi-Fi Network’s Password on a Rooted Android Device

This is a bit more challenging but doable.

Download ES file Explorer

Launch the app

Tap menu button

Scroll down to where you see the root explorer and switch this on

Give it superuser access

Next click on local device

Browseto data/misc/wifi

Open …wpa_supplicant.conf file  ( this will appear in the text/HTML viewer)

Search for the SSID ( this will be next to “psk”.)

Wi-Fi Network Password Recovery for  Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

This will be in iOS so you need to do a jailbreak first

For compatible iOS 6,7,8, and 9…

Open Cydia store

Do a search for Wi Fi passwords tweak

Tap the install button

Open the app

Choose the network you want to do a password retrieval for.

You’ll get a list of the Wi-Fi networks you’ve accessed before.

To find the password for one of the profiles, type in the following, replacing profilename with the name of the profile:

Find Passwords for Other Wi-Fi Networks in Windows 8 and 10

In Windows 10 and 8.1, you’ll have to use the command prompt to find a previous network’s password. Right-click the Start button and select “Command Prompt” to quickly open it.

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