A Foldable Samsung Laptop Is In The Works

A Foldable Samsung Laptop Is In The Works
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We’ve been hearing a lot about efforts to develop foldable smartphones, but gadget companies’ flexible display ambitions don’t stop there. Now we’re hearing that a foldable Samsung laptop with a flexible display in the works.

Foldable Samsung laptop confirmed

The tech world is always rife with rumors about various gadgets, but surprisingly, a key Samsung executive actually confirmed the company is working on a laptop with a flexible display.

At an event on Monday, Samsung PC Marketing VP Lee Min-Cheol revealed that the company is working with display manufacturers on a laptop that doesn’t just fold in half like traditional laptops do. According to the Korea Herald, he said they want to develop laptops with foldable displays which can “create new value and user experience, amid the changing market trends for laptops.” He also said the company is working large AMOLED displays to be used on laptops.

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He didn’t offer any details about the foldable Samsung laptop, but the company wouldn’t be the first to try its hand at creating one with a flexible display. It seems natural to mention Microsoft’s rumored Andromeda, which is supposedly a foldable, pocket-size Surface device. However, there have been some questions about whether the device will ever actually become a real product.

There’s no way to even guess when a foldable Samsung laptop might see the light of day, as rumors about the release date for the foldable Samsung phone continue to push it later and later. The latest suggestion is for a March reveal of the foldable phone, rumored to be called the Galaxy F, possibly following a teaser about it at the company’s developer conference this year.

Samsung unveils Flash laptop

Lee made his comments about the foldable Samsung laptop at the launch event for the company’s new Flash laptop. It’s the second device the Korean electronics giant has unveiled within the last week, following the Galaxy Book 2.

Samsung’s Flash laptop features high-speed Wi-Fi, a retro-style keyboard similar to typewriter keyboards and a fingerprint scanner. The laptop has a 13.3-inch Full HD display and is priced at 820,000 South Korean won. It runs on Windows 10 and includes all of the popular security features found in the OS. The Samsung Flash will be available in Linen White, Soft Coral and Twill Charcoal.

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