After Turkey shot down a Russian plane that it says violated its airspace, Finland is the latest country to report incursions from Russian aircraft.

According to Finnish officials an unidentified helicopter flew over the Russian border and entered Finnish airspace for 6 minutes. After flying 6 miles into Finnish territory the aircraft finally returned to Russia following two warnings from the Finnish air force.

Finland points to regular Russian incursions in its airspace

Privately owned Russian news site Pravda.Ru reported that Finnish officials were not immediately sure which country the helicopter belonged to, but it came over the border with Russia near the island of Haapsaari in eastern Finland. The incursion is the latest in a series of incidents that have occurred on the Finland-Russia border.

In 2014 Finland accused Russia of illegally entering its airspace five times. Reuters reports that three of those incidents took place in just 7 days, sparking the scrambling of Finnish fighter jets.