Russia Sends Nuclear War Signals To Turkey

Russia Sends Nuclear War Signals To Turkey
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With reports that a nuclear war between NATO and Russia is “likely,” Russia and Turkey have intensified their war of words after Russia’s latest revenge measures for the downing of its fighter jet.

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After striking Turkey and Egypt off the list of safe tourist destinations, Russia has decided to remove India as well, according to The Times of India. And while the reason for eliminating Turkey and Egypt is crystal clear, removing India from the list is not fully comprehended in the current geopolitics.

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Amid warming relations between New Delhi and Moscow and their joint naval exercises to be held from Dec. 7-12, many wonder why Russian President Vladimir Putin would weaken India’s economy by removing it from Russia’s list of safe destinations for tourists.

Putin cancelled all flights to Egypt after the Oct. 31 explosion of a Russian passenger plane, which killed 224 people on board. And after the Turkish military shot down a Russian fighter jet in its airspace last Tuesday, the Russian president wiped out Russia’s tourist relations with Turkey, where 4.4 million Russians vacationed last year.

“This is extremely bad news for our tour operators. The flow of Russian tourists was expected to increase following the bombing a Russian plane (resulting in the suspension of Russian flights to Egypt) and the easing of visa restrictions,” Subhash Goyal, president of the Indian Association of Tour Operators, told the Pakistan Observer.

Russia set to strengthen China’s economy with tourists

India’s Goa has always been a favorite place for Russian tourists, according to Rajji Rai, former president of the Travel Agents Association of India and chairman of Swift Travels.

“Such is the demand that last year, Air India resumed its Moscow flight after a gap of around 15 years. Around 50% of tourists visiting Goa in winters are Russians,” he added.

Russians mean good business for India’s travel industry, he said and added that “they stay here for an average 3-6 months and are an integral part of the travel industry here.”

Moscow officials stated out that the removal of India from the safe travelling list was not connected to terror attacks. In what appears to be a move to strengthen China’s economy, Russia is now going to focus on China, Cuba and Vietnam as new directions for tourist flow as they “have excellent infrastructure, friendly atmosphere and warm weather in winter,” according to First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Russian Federation Ivan Melnikov.

“Unfortunately, both India and Goa, were not discussed as a promising direction for Russian travelers,” Melnikov said, as reported by The Times of India.

Russia imposes visa regime on Turkey

On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that Russia is introducing a visa regime for Turkish citizens. The regime goes into effect Jan. 1, according to The Guardian.

Moscow has also warned all of its tour companies against selling vacation packages to Turkey and recommended that all Russian citizens leave the country that downed the Russian warplane last week. Additionally, it is expected that Putin is going to impose a number of economic sanctions and cancel joint projects in a bid to further cripple the Turkish economy.

The Turkish military said it had shot down the Russian fighter jet on Tuesday, triggering a furious response from the Kremlin and escalating the already-hot tensions in geopolitics. The Russian warplane was given ten warnings in five minutes as it approached the NATO member state’s territory. After the Russian Su-24 attack aircraft ignored the warnings, the Turkish military sent two of its F-16s to bring down the Russian jet.

With Putin warning the West of “serious consequences” for bringing down the Russian warplane, analysts believe Moscow is willing to unleash a nuclear war over the incident. Although Turkey is backed by NATO’s 5th Article, which states that an attack on one Ally shall be considered an attack on all NATO members, the chances that Russia is going start a nuclear war over the incident are very “likely,” according to Pavel Felgengauer, Russia’s most respected military analyst, as reported by ValueWalk.

Russia can easily destroy Turkey with nuclear bomb: Russian MP

A Russian MP has recently outlined how easy it would be for Russia to destroy Turkey.

“You just chuck one nuclear bomb into the straits, and there’d be a huge flood. The water would rise by 10-15 meters and the whole city would disappear,” said Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the misnamed Liberal Democratic party, according to the Daily Mail.

It was also reported by the British news source that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has refused to apologize to Moscow for the downing of the Russian warplane. He said that his country’s jets would act the exact same way if a similar situation ever occurred again. The words triggered furious rhetoric at the Kremlin.

The Turkish president also said on Friday that he had warned Putin about violations of Turkish airspace by Russian planes at the G20 summit in Antalya earlier this month. Erdogan said that Putin had told him to accept Russian warplanes “as guests,” to which the Turkish president responded that his country is not going to accept uninvited guests.

Erdogan added during a speech in Bayburt that Russia is “playing with fire to go as far as mistreating our citizens who have gone to Russia.”

“We really attach a lot of importance to our relations with Russia … We don’t want these relations to suffer harm in any way,” he said.

The Turkish president also accused Putin of backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s “terrorist state” in Syria. The comments come after Putin called the Turks, including Erdogan, “accomplices of terrorists” and claimed that Turkish officials were profiting from oil trade with ISIS, which claimed responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger plane on Oct. 31.

Erdogan has previously said that the Turkish jets which were ordered to bring down the Russian Su-24 last Tuesday did not realize the jet was a Russian jet and would have acted differently had they known.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. Possibly the Christian Armenians were supporting Russia against Turkey / Ottoman Empire, Germany and Austro-Hungary during WWI? Were the Christian Armenians innocent neutrals or were they part of the belligerents? What about Armenians and Turks did to the Kurds?

  2. “The more Russia lies about it’s strength, the greater the fall will be when it’s true weakness is revealed.”—The Moscow Times. Looks like there is at least one Russian who sees Putin for what he really is—a bag of wind.

  3. Take a look at what Russia did in 1939 when it invaded eastern Poland and western Ukraine at the same time Germany invaded western Poland. Take a look at what Russian troops did in eastern Europe TO THE CIVILIAN POPULATIONS even after the Nazi Germans had retreated. Russians murdered 22,000 Polish prisoners of war in the Katyn Massacre ordered by Stalin and carried out by special units of the KGB and NKVD in April and May of 1940. Russia later tried to blame it on Germany.

  4. Putin is a.little guy pretending to be big. The russians like any other population can defend their country, but cannot project power beyond their borders. Putin got a bloody nose, and had no direct response to Turkey because he knows of his military limitations.

    It is almost 3 months and the situation in Syria remains the same. The next step for Russia is to put boots on the groud, and that is when Russia will enter its Afghanistan 2.0

    After this conflict is over, the Russians will be left even weaker than they are right now.

  5. What made up stuff are you taling about? I seems to me that your conspiracy theories fall in that cathegory more than anything.

    I agree that Syrians should run their own country. But what do you propose? Under the rule of Assad and Putin? Or under the rule of Nato and whoever is the president? Pick your flavor, but Do Not come here and tell me that Putin is the savior of Syria.

  6. c. THOMPSON You sound like Obama,. Quit crying get your head out of the sand. ” stop attacking Russia” I can’t stand bullies. Putin a bulliy, you need to move to Russia. I’m sure they would love to have a scared little girl like you. If you don’t stand up for your self, who will, don’t let bully push you around..

  7. Do not make up stuff, Syria should run their own country. Also for the greedy NATO nothing is small. They will use Jihad Erdogan and money from Saudi Arabia to continue the carnage. Without a puppet in Syria like they have in Ukraine now or Saudi Arabia, NATO will never rest. Syria and allies will need to fight very hard , a NATO scheme is like a severe form of cancer.

  8. Its media spinning it to make headlines, and to create fear and sell more papers and articles. Yahoo had this on their front page. %98 noise and opinion taken out of context.

  9. The Syrian resources are not as great as other middle east countries, but in the geopolitical game of influence it means a lot for the countries involved.

    You dont want NATO to run Syria, but you want Russia to do that. The problen is that Russia is there only to protect its own interest just like the others. Another issue is that Turkey has interest in the Ethnic Turks near its border and will not seat iddle while Putin bombs them. It is the same exact situation in Ukriane, but with the Russians on the other side.

    The thing here is that Putin violated Turkey’s airspace repeatibly until its plane was shot down. Now Turkey has increased airpatrols and has moved submarines close to the Russia ship that is supposely giving air cover to the Russian jets. Putin is not gonna have a walk in the park on this one and it will have to decide if he wants to sink Russia even further just for Assad.

  10. Go party, the oil convoys to Jihad Erdogan from Syria and Iraq are no more. Also learn to read-those jets that were terrorizing Kurds in Syria and Iraq will be out of work for some time. It is strange that greed had let Turkey and NATO in general to be in bed with IS terrorist they claim to fight. The scheme has nothing to do with Syrians, peace or democracy. It is control of Syria, Syria resources, pipelines and what have you. That is why CIA invested $500 millions and West sent a lot of weapons paid for by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait wealthy supporters of IS. Turkey is just doing the dirty work of NATO as hit men. Turkey on her own is of no consequence , just a bunch of Jihadists running the country as NATO puppies.

  11. oh so that is the reason, that russian women want to marry non-russian alleged as men.
    but is all this worth, the russian enemies of G-D, versus the turkish enemies of G-D?

  12. any religion, that is based on lies not true to G-D is a hostile religion.
    any religion, that has been altered, in any way not true to G-D is a hostile religion. even the secular religions, are all also hostile.
    and all religions today, are all hostile to G-D in varying degrees.
    G-D does not solve, the problems of THEIR enemies. THEY are the creator of all ;problems given to THEIR enemies.

  13. How do you find it possible to keep up with all the comments? :-) I’ve been searching Disqus for a way to view all comments to me so I can respond but can find nothing. This forum is a bit overwhelming. At least Netscape made it easier to sort through all the chaff.

  14. That should say ” A lesson to the world on how NOT to deal with Russia”.

    Do you honestly, in your silly little head, believe that Russia will not respond in force to this? Do you realise they are already deporting turkish people regardless of their status whether they be PhD students, or whatever. Even Turkish people that have relatives in Russia are being turned away at the airport because of their passport.
    This is only the beginning…Putin will not just “rollover” and let that slide… For god sake he was in charge of the KGB.

    Just give it time, I guarantee there are already tonnes of Russian spies inside Turkey, gathering all kinds of precious information. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere in Russia, there are groups of Turks being tortured as we speak.

  15. Lol… Riiiiight. I forgot that’s what it is, Clearly I have been deluding myself all these years but now Evil Annie has made it clear that I am “Mentally limited”.

    I don’t need to go back, you seem to forget you missed the entire point lol.

  16. Yeah the Turkey Airforce will stay grounded inside its territory just because Russia has an imaginary technology :)

    The relic Su-24 was downed because of the reckless behavior of Putin. And since then no Russian plane has violated Turkish airspace again which is a lesson to the wold on how to deal with him.

  17. Here we go again , mousey little Putin mouthing off again and threatening Turkey with more than economic sanctions . Time is coming fast to give him a spanking. We’ll make his head spin . So will Nato . Unfortunately the little worm is intent on picking a fight .

  18. They already did and all Turkey planes are now grounded cannot get anywhere close to Syria border. Turkey jets will stay on ground for a very long time and if they get anywhere close to contested boundary they will be shot out of the sky by the Russia- S-300 or jets. Last time it was cowardly act, the jets attacked a ground targets bomber by the way, back stab as Russia was counting Turkey as a friend. Not anymore, Jihad Erdogan has show his support for IS on behalf of NATO who are trying to use these terrorists for regime change.
    Extremists like Lindsey Graham cannot be elected, just like McCain, go figure!

  19. Well, the Amish don’t have it perfect either. Many of their children are seeking life outside of their communities as well.

    Many of my views were influenced by a dad who left when I was an infant leaving my mother with 5 children to raise on her own. And as a devout Catholic she refused to remarry because the church would not annul her marriage. It was very tough on her and I learned what it was like to grow up in poverty. So I tend to swing to the socialist side and support helping those who are not in a position to help themselves. This is one of the main reasons why I educated myself on communist ideology.

    Great White North? Siberia? Alaska? Washington? Norway? Finland? Sweden? :-) As for me, I grew up in New England but now make my home in Texas. It makes it very difficult living in a conservative state for someone like me with a liberal ideology. Not to mention the heat is a killer! I’ve lived here since 1998 and have never gotten used to the heat. If it wasn’t for air conditioning I could never make it here. LOL

    And no problem on passing because I understand what you’re talking about and can fully empathize. Just these past two days I lost more time than I could afford and now I’m forced to play catch up. It was the same when I was in the Netscape Religion forum so I should have known what I was getting myself into. Hahaha!! But I really would like to share my experience with you so you’ll understand why I believe what I do, and it’s not something I’m willing to do in a public forum. Trust me, I’m not some whacked out religious nutjob hell bent on converting the world. But since I told you I had a valid reason for believing as I do and still haven’t shared it, I would like to do it outside of public scrutiny.

  20. Actually, I did watch the YouTube video about Tsar Bomba. YouTube even recommended it to me, when I was researching about neutron bombs after Israel dropped one on Yemen this summer.

    Turns out that you can absolutely make higher-yield warheads. There’s essentially no limit, you’d just need additional stages to make it effective.

    The problem is that the Earth’s atmosphere can only contain so much of the detonation’s blast heat before reaching saturation. That’s the limit I was referring to, and that is why the Russians figured out that there wasn’t a point to going with higher-yield warheads.

    The math works. Thermodynamics is the issue.

  21. We had a hand in ticking off Russia a time or two. After the Soviet Union fell and Gorbachev got elected President over in Moscow, we backed the attempted coup by the bankers because he wouldn’t fall in line.

    I don’t think we’d be as forgiving, if Moscow tried that with us.

  22. Communism kind of works in certain communities, like Amish people, so I guess I was wrong – I was influenced by the “communism” experiment in eastern Europe, which failed.. but I don’t have the insight information on life among Amish, so who knows..:-)

    I’m in the Great White North.. west side.. :-)

    It’s an intriguing proposition, but to be honest, I will have to pass.. While I really like these discussions, it’s incredibly time consuming and I can’t do it.. Once I start, I can’t stop and the whole day is gone… so I’m probably even gonna block myself from Disqus for some time, because it’s getting out of my hands..:-(

  23. True, communism is a form of utopia. While I’m not too sure it could never work, the communes I refer to in America are not perfect. Although there is a long waiting list to join, many of the younger crowd are looking elsewhere. Perhaps life is just too boring for them in the communes, I really don’t know. But since some are choosing to leave, this leads me to believe everything is not so hunky dory.

    I did not know about a community in the former Soviet Union trying to implement communism but it wouldn’t surprise me. It seems like while their intentions were good, they were sharing with those outside of the community, or at least with those who did not share their ideals. Oh well, a lesson learned.

    BTW, are you in the USA or Europe? Your English is impeccable but I read many comments of yours which were in Slovak. And before you get the idea I understand Slovak, I don’t. But thanks to Google Translate…….:-)

    BTW, I barely scratched the surface with you in the thread I created. And in hindsight I wish I would have chosen a better title for it. But what’s done is done. Anyway, there is still much to discuss but it would probably work better via email. I’ve quickly discovered that it is almost impossible to keep up with the plethora of responses and it’s very easy to get sidetracked and forget very important points. And please do not believe that I am trying to convince you about the reality of my beliefs. I am simply providing food for thought so you can make an informed decision. Trust me, the evidence is empirical. And even some of the anecdotal evidence I would like to share is empirical in nature. Did that make sense? :-)

    With that being said, how would we send emails without revealing our addresses to the general public? I already receive more emails than I care to and I don’t want to unintentionally add to them. Nor would I want you to be bombarded with unsolicited emails. So I’m sure there has to be a way such as an invitation process I have yet to discover on the forum. Let me know if you’re interested. If not I’ll let the issue drop.

  24. OH YEA, LOL A Moron like you would have to have an audio signal to tell him the game is over i will tell you this my Russian Friend get out your telescope choose which way you want to look peer into it, and yes what you are seeing on the horizon of your vast wasteland is American Fighter Jets Your Country Is Surrounded ! In everybodies mind you has a use full brain that means the Game is Over! its dumbasses like you that have to be kicked in the head and shown the freakin game is over….The Days of the U.S.S.R are over it fell like a house of cards and Mr Gorbachov came to America Begging for Handouts,,He Got them and one reason your country is not in the hands of the U.S.A Right now is because we are a good natured type people, and we Rule the world, and that wont ever change,,,now go eat your Cockroaches while Mr Putin the homosexual Queer ban spend a Billion Dollars TONIGHT TRYING TO IMPRESS UPON THE WORL SOME KIND OF FEAR THEY MAY SCARE CROATIA THEY SURE DIDN’T SCARE TURKEY MUCH AND THE U.S.A JUST LAUGHES AT THEM…LOL

  25. Joe Ya Goyya Realize most of these people only know a few of the words like Nuclear Bomb shoot kill, they know nothing of the politics surrounding Nuclear proliferation and its purpouses so its like watching a heard of 1st graders writing coments, my country is Bigger than your and my country could beat up your country ,,lol just let it go man they are Dumb People

  26. Putin is not as stupid as most of the people that comment on here “LISTEN UP OK”
    Nuclear war is only meant to deter war..
    They will never ever ever will be used , only a complete Mad man would choose that rout, and he would be torn to shreds by his fellow officials and the people of his country.
    “MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION” what they call it, nobody will use a nuclear weapon on anyone in this day and time why would any 2 nations decide to destroy life on earth as we know it?

    somebody give one simple rational for somebody making that decision,,,so why dont you all go to some other page and read on how to make a good christmas turkey this is a complete waste of time…….Geeeesh People don’t be Dumb its ok… calm yourselves

  27. And I am Not Jewish You Dumbass im an All American living the American Dream we dream of being wealthy having a good career staying young health have a pretty wife good kids live life nice eat steak salad….. Russia people Dream of at least having a cave to live in a few rats wondering the house too roast on an open fire pit while your fat assed ugly wife cleans it with her teeth,as you watch your corrupt President spend Billions of dollars building weapons that fai; at every test…lol…gotta run my steak is ready hope you catch a big rat tonight

  28. Super Vlad is anti semite, you hate Israel. hah because they are Gods Chosen people lol you cant do anything about it because the U.S.A Will Crush you Asses if you …Russia , I don’t Hate Russia i like all 3rd world poor countries with starving people i hate their smartass people that live in the past, Powerful ha bring it on with your rusted junk yard full of shit for weapons, bring it!
    America is far Superior that’s why we can Impose economic sanctions on you (Russia) and you have to set their like lil children and take it.
    Try putting an economic sanction on the U.S.A They would Laugh in your face….lol

  29. Communism is utopia. It can never work with the human nature. I don’t know if it’s a true story or not, but I’ve heard that one community in former Soviet Union tried to implement the communism’s main idea of “providing means by needs” and started to give away bread to people for free, as much as they needed for themselves…. They had to stop that within a week, after finding out people were feeding their pigs with it since it was free…

  30. We’re actually in agreement on this point. But I would add that it’s not the religion that’s hostile, it’s the doctrine and dogma and those that follow and misinterpret it.

  31. I am just remind you of your little brain because you are mentally limited :)

    Now, Go back and read where I gave you the opportunity to shine and show the world of your geopolitical expertise..hihihi

  32. Haha, Well if it isn’t my favourite little troll, Evil Annie.

    Still no actual meaningful response from you yet… I think I could give you two weeks and you’d still respond with the same buzz words “Little brain” “Logical” “Ignorant”.

    I don’t need to hide in a world of monsters and witches, I have you for that my dear ;).

    It’s not surprising your picture doesn’t show your face, wouldn’t want to show that wicked witch of the west impression off would you, Lmao.

  33. I see, you do not have any understanding related to the world beyond your gaming console lol….I am sorry that you are losing control of your little brain and try to blame me for it. Your ignorant rants based on your own imagination are a thing to see with a sense of humor.

    Do not worry, your reply confirmed what I suspected about you living in a world of Monsters and Witches :)

    Your little brain prevents you from being logical, and limits you to insults and ignorant rants.

  34. I am also under the impression that Communism has been demonized to keep people believing and trusting in a Democracy that isn’t really a Democracy at all. Particularly where I am in Australia anyway, but I see it in the states too. Communism is usually poorly represented not based on its own merit but because of the few examples where other political philosophies are used in conjunction with it. They are usually the problem, not Communism itself. But it is all too easy to mislabel it and demonize it, to keep people away from something that would only benefit them. Most people do not even really know what Communism is, they jump on the bandwagon that opposes it and use it as the brunt of poor jokes and insults. You can really see the level of control there is over people. It is foolish to believe that a Democratic government is solely Democratic either. People really should take the time to learn a little about politics, I mean it’s only the system of government that dictates what you can and can’t do, pfft who wants to know about that right. Wake up people.

  35. Thanks Owl! The problem with most people is they never took the time understand what communism really means. Russia, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, etc., all decided to call themselves communists and the majority of the world became convinced they were true representatives of communism without bothering to understand its true meaning. We’re now seeing what it truly means in isolated communes in America and elsewhere. Ironically communes hold to democratic principles since everyone has a say!

  36. I still don’t think you see where you went wrong, Lol! I’m not going to guide you to an epiphany, I’m sure you can figure it out for yourself as it had nothing to do with the content of the article per say.

    God knows you’re ignorant and condescending enough to warrant any kind of help. I can’t believe for a second that a man would put up with you, your attitude is so unnecessary, and so disrespectful by and large that I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d be alone for a while, or stuck with a coward of a man that never calls you on your nonsense.

    if your idea of a chance to shine is on a small webpage that barely anyone knows, then I feel sorry for you.

    In two widely different genres you have put forth your opinion and come across as extremely ignorant in both, you clearly don’t know how to debate, only how to force your opinions on others and tell everyone else how they’re “all wrong”.

  37. Check your grammar first if you want to crticize others.

    Do you realize what this article is all about? Geopolitics…do yourself a favor and do not call anybody stupid while looking at the mirror.

    I will try to help you little brain since you cannot connect any idea in a logical manner boyond ignorant rants. Now, explain what was your point of view again? It is your chance to shine, enlight me with your robust opinion on the world stage.

  38. Are you so stupid that you thought I was referring to global politics? and not a countries individual politics? Maybe you should re-read that comment because clearly you misunderstood the structure.

    Then again, from someone who can barely construct a sentence in English, I suppose I should expect that you can’t read either.

    Who’s running? Sorry if it takes me a while to reply, work and a social life tend to keep me away from Disqus.

  39. Russell, credit where credit is due.
    I was just having this discussion the other week, it really is refreshing to know there is people out there who haven’t fallen for the general conditioning.

  40. That’s not what you said. I was simply responding, to what you said, in short sentence, above. in response to your new statement. I am certain, i know more than you about US ,UK, Russia evil atrocities historically, in WWII then, and ongoing to this day up to this very second. They fought evil only to become evil more than ever before and in plain site hiding. But i am glad to see you are a person also aware, and hope there are more like you. The evil, simply found a new home, after Hitler, and has perfected itself. The world has been overtaken by Evil in many forms corruption, geed and much more all elements of evil. Good has become so far outnumbered by evil world wide, that good has been overcome,outnumbered by far.. Just as foretold it would. A lesson mankind was meant to learn by living in his own laws trying to control evil and use it at the same time in moderation. The sad part is no one knows when the great cleansing shall be, but seems any moment now. A lesson learned, by our own hands, because we would never believe it unless we had experienced it ourselves. A lesson So that those few chosen who shall remain, freed of evil by it being purged for us, shall never forget, how even a tiny single evil, seemingly harmless , can grow into millions of great evils and abominations of all sorts, over centuries.

  41. What difference does it make, they nuked innocents and caused untold harm that persists to this day. Sad indeed, and have not changed today supporting jihad Erdogan and CIA is training IS, go figure. UK will now join US to give air cover under pretense of save heavens and fighting IS

  42. Turkey is a dumbass ! They do things thinking they have the full support and protection of NATO If your no part of NATO They never shoot that plane down they figure we will start the fight and let NATO finish it for us listen you stupid arab Bastards you get your ass Nuked thats your problem !You warned Russia in advance many times over a month ago yes i remember, they didnt take head their arrogance got their nose broken..thats their Problem.
    Think we can grab some popcorn set back and see what your gonna do to finish this fight, you knew that plane was no threat, you knew it and yet you fired anyway, perhaps barry7 from honalulu (Obama) Gave the order to shoot down that plane because his muslim bretheren are being destroyed thats his problem,,so it’s lookin like we have a tangled web a deceit here…LOL
    Think ill grab some popcorn and Enjoy the fireworks what else is a person to do…I suppose thats my problem..Gee thanks you Criminal phsycopathic Bastards!

  43. Your Point Is well taken, but have you ever heard of the North Atlantic Treaty Organiation? NATO? If Russia Try’s to as you are suggesting “Pick on a Smaller Country” NATO is bound by Contract to destroy Russia…That is why i stated their is no “Limited” Nuclear war if you drop one expect one on your door step no matter who you are, its like the Old warsaw pact Russia China Poland etc they are allies in case of war.

  44. i would say there is a big difference, in hostile diversity there.
    thought i would not say, that any of the religions of this world are anywhere near being true to G-D, here in THEIR Physical Theocracy.
    when in fact there all, not being true to TheG-D of This Physical Story we are all here in is the cause of all diverse hostilities. they all just oppose G-D, in diverse directions.

  45. well hitler and the kaiser, were better liars than the rest of the world leaders too. and we see how that worked out for them and germany.

  46. yes those who oppose your selfish choice, use the exact same vain arrogant argument. cause you, are not the only vain liar on this planet. with about seven billion, other lying terrorist enemies of G-D on this planet.

  47. last i heard, there is not even enough open spaces left in china for even that. and is the reasoning, for their one child per couple policy. there must be a balance maintained, between sufficient agriculture and the living space available.
    so just who is ignorant here, is just a matter of your vain ignorance of your vain small prejudiced picture here. as your, thoughts are as vainly selfishly small as you are. an the alleged as people who lose arguments, generally result to expletive insults. to suit the smallness, of their limited vain knowledge.

  48. well i would think the current caretakers, might just disagree with that point of view. and could very easily, vary in opinion from nation to nation. and there has been, disagreements in the past between the ussr, china, and other area nations over this boarder thing.

  49. Super Vlad must be really insecure with himself,he post a picture of a Homosexual Midget with little man complex as his own picture and talks real tuff what a joke you are,h ha a pathetic lil joke,,,

  50. If the Russians are so “Bad” then tell me why the United States Of America has them strategically surrounded? the game is over ! if they were so tough they have had many opportunities to make a move yet they put the tail between the legs and walk away kicking can down the road, because they better than you know and understand the morons like Super Vlad will only commit suicide if they ever get froggy enough to super vlad what a freakin Moron!

  51. Ya see Nuclear War cannot be won by anybody…does anybody remember learning this or have they just all become super stupid..?

  52. lol Somebody buy that little Russian man Vlad Pootin the closet homo ,some elevator shoes so he can go home and feed his people..instead of running his mouth like a 2 bit dictator lol…


  54. Mickael, the reason for replying to this comment again is because I previously overlooked your reference to “Communism Monster.” For the record, no matter what people of the world believe, the Soviet Union was never communist. Perhaps communism was the original intent for the Russian revolution, but it never reached it, not even at the very beginning. The revolution immediately devolved into a dictatorship once the White Army was defeated. If anyone took the time to read and understand the true ideology of communism they would immediately recognize that Russia was never a communist nation nor was the Soviet empire, they were a socialist dictatorship.

    There are isolated communes (hence the word communism) here in America that are actually living in accordance with its true ideals and they are quite successful. And ironically there is a long waiting list for people who want to join the communes!

    Anyway, I just thought I would clear that up.

  55. I’ve read many of your comments and have come to the conclusion that you’re not Russian (your English is far too good) and are looking to instill humor into this discussion. Because I find you to be quite humorous. Thanks for the laughs.

  56. Actually, Russia has been targeting Turkmen, ethnic Turks, not ISIS. They may have dropped a few bombs and lobbed a few missiles at ISIS, but that’s about it. Russia has been fighting Assad’s war for him by going after Syrian rebels. And ironically, Turkmen, although ethnic Turks are Syrian citizens! Look at what Putin did in South Ossetia (Georgian territory), Crimea (Ukraine territory) and Eastern Ukraine under the guise of protecting ethnic Russians!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. While I do view Erdogan as a problem, Putin is lucky Erdogan has not been shooting down Russian bombers over Syrian territory under the guise of protecting ethnic Turks!

  57. You go right on convincing yourself of this, Super Vlad. I, on the other hand, have been to Russia and know differently. I will admit those I spent time with were very friendly and I had an excellent time. But I could never get around the culture of corruption which is rampant in Russia. Heck, I was told at one of the many police check points not to speak so the police officer would not know I’m American! Because if he did we would have been held until I coughed up a nice hefty bribe.

    BTW, Hitler also believed his culture (and people) were vastly more superior. Look where it got him. So I would tone it down a bit if I were you.

  58. First your obsession witht he Jews is funny. Second, I am just presenting an oponion based on clear events.

    Most people are scared of confronting Putin due to his nuclear stockpile. It is clear that Putin has beaten Obama and has been pushing him around. Until his plane was shot down, and he was exposed as limited and lack of resolve. If Putin felt that he was fighting on the correct side then he should have responded to Turkey militarily. Erdogan warned Putin during the G20 over russian planrs violating Turkey’s airpace, and Putin response was “accept them as guests”. To me that is a reckless behaviour, and that has been the result of Obama’s international failed policies.

    Yet, he knows that he is not there for humanutarian reasons, but just to promote his own agenda. He will not risk a confrontation with Nato over Assad, and that is the point of my argument.

    Putin would use nukes for sure, and so would the other nuclear powers if they are cornered or close to been invaded. But the poont is that the footprint set by Erdogan is the eay to follow if you want to stop Putin on his tracks. Confront him in Syria and let him come to the table to negotiate with a different attitude.

  59. Your first paragraph gave yoi away as the one without the knowledge. You know, you should stop playing Ps4 games and read more.

    Do you understand that political goals are set under domestic affairs. In the international stage we are talking about geopolitics, but you do not understand it wich leads me to believe that you acquired your Bachelor in Finances online :)

    Read more and educate yourself first, and do not run away like you previously did….lol

  60. We’re in complete agreement on this point. Perhaps we have more in common than either of us know? With one exception. I don’t trust Putin, he’s a Soviet Premier wannabe. But neither did I trust George Dubya! It appears my convictions about both have been proven.

  61. Really, please explain how your numbers add up, and under what basis?

    See? It is easy to just throw numbers based on nothing, and that is what ignorants do.

  62. I also forgot to mention that you’re an anti-Semitic fascist. I’m willing to bet you adore Hitler and have a copy of Mein Kampf. In truth, the world would be a much better place without the likes of you and your hatred.

  63. You are a religious bigot and ignoramus. You’re a perfect example of what happens to people when they allow their faith to cloud their judgment. Unless you can prove your nonsense?

  64. Prove it. And exactly what are true Christians and true Muslims? Are you sure the Bible is the word of God? Did you know that there were many other so-called Gospels long before the Bible was ever assembled. Did you know that some of the first Christians never believed Jesus was divine, as in “God in the flesh” or the literal “Son of God?” Did you know that some of the first Christians believed in Universal Salvation, a concept which one of the early church fathers, Origen, supported?

    Educate yourself regarding the true history of your faith before telling others their faith is wrong.

  65. While I support your right to the faith of your choosing, I need to play the devils advocate here.
    Answer the following questions:

    1) What is God’s will and who gets to decide?

    2) What is God’s will and who gets to decide?

    3) What do you mean by first humans? Adam and Eve allegedly lived approximately 6000 years ago yet we have fossil evidence for humans much earlier than this.

    4a) How do you know there is only one God?
    4b) By who’s decision?
    4c) No question, just an agreement on this one. But I would up the tax rate a bit as 2.5% doesn’t even cover the total number of poor in the world.
    4d) Why?
    4e) Why?

    5a) How do you know there is only one God?
    5b) What is a true prophet of God and who decides?
    5c) What are the original scriptures?
    5d) “The angels” what? Or are you saying the original scriptures reveal them? See 5c.
    5e) While I personally believe in an afterlife, exactly what is this judgment day and who decided it?
    5f) No question, just an observation. If destiny exists then you have no free will. If you have no free will then you are only going through the motions for a god who planned your life. Look at what is going in the world today and ask yourself why any god would choose such a destiny for humanity. With all due respect such a god would have to be the most sadistic deity of all time.

    6) According to whom?

    7) So? What does this prove?

    8) So? What does this prove?

    9) So? It’s a simple matter of linguistics. How do you know there is only one god? Can you prove a god exists?

    10) See 5f above. The concept of an “all knowing,” loving and compassionate god does not jive with a wrathful one. It is a contradiction and sadism of the highest order.

    11) Why 99 names? Did you note that “all merciful” is one of them? See 5f and 10 above.

    12) So? Are you claiming Christians do not have the right to their faith and beliefs? While I personally believe we are all responsible for our own actions, Christians are just entitled to their beliefs so long as their path does not adversely cross the path of another. Ironically, being responsible for ones actions means destiny (free will) does not exist (are you beginning to see a contradiction here?). Unless God is a sadist? In what way will the person resurrect, bodily or spiritually?

    13) What is a true prophet and who gets to decide?

    14) So? Many people, many different ways to pray.

    15) How do you know they were revealed and unaltered? History shows otherwise.

    16) Which means it was subject to alteration. See 15.

    17) So? See 15 and 16.

    18) So? See 15 and 16.

    19) No question, just an observation. This means it is subject to alteration. See 15 and 16.

    20) While honorable, what does this prove? Many Muslims today believe they are justified to kill the “infidel” if they refuse to convert and you are in no position to claim they are not Muslim.

    21) While I wholly agree with this statement, if the fanatic claims to be killing in the name of whatever religion they profess to follow, are you in a position to claim they are not adherents? Besides the Qur’an, there is also Hadith, and these Hadiths support violence against non-Muslims. Also, while it is true Muslim terrorist groups also attack Muslims, it is primarily because they are not following the true Islam in accordance with their beliefs. This is no different than what Catholics and Protestants did.

    22) I’m actually in complete agreement with this. However, fanatical Muslims believe otherwise and are hell bent on converting the entire world through violence. Are you qualified to say they are not Muslim?

    23) I agree. Again, there are those of different faiths who believe differently, including Muslims. Are you in a position to tell them they are wrong? My sister, a devout Christian once told me she is supposed to be subservient to her husband. Even though I knew it to be BS I was not qualified to tell her she is wrong because her belief was based in her faith.

    24) We are in agreement again. See 23.

    25) What about Muslim women who choose not to wear the hijab but still dress modestly? Why is revealing hair considered un-modest?

    26) No questions, just an agreement.

    27) No questions, just an agreement and an observation. Those within the “Nation of Islam” believe differently.

    28) No questions, just an agreement and an observation. The same is true for all religions. One cannot be “born” Muslim, Christian, Hindu or whatever. Religion is an active choice, so this statement goes without saying.

    29) What does it matter which direction one faces when praying? How do you know the stone structure was built by Abraham? How do you know Adam built a sanctuary to God on this spot? How do you know that Abraham and Adam even existed? The basis for the Biblical Adam stems from much earlier mythology. As for not worshiping the Kaaba, while this may be true, the same cannot be said for the black stone embedded into it. While it is likely a meteorite, it is so revered that scientists are refused access for a sample or to determine its origins.

    30) Why is such a pilgrimage required? What function does it serve?

    Again, while I support your right to practice whatever faith you choose, Islam is religion, no different than any other religion, and no one is in a position to tell any other that they are wrong or going to a fictional hell for not believing as they do. While I actually knew most of what you posted and applaud what you refer to as “true Islam,” it is religion nonetheless that cannot be proven and must be taken on faith. I too have my faith, a non-religious one, which is in agreement with all of the peaceful aspects of Islam that you outline. But it contains no doctrines or dogmas which in my opinion are the real dangers in religion. My point being, while it is refreshing to read a Muslim present Islam as it was originally intended, it is still religion with doctrine and dogma, and it is this that opens the door to many of the evils we see being perpetrated in the world religious fanatics, regardless the religion. So keep your faith while knowing and understanding that we all follow the path of our own choosing (free will, not destiny) and no one is in a position to tell any other they are on the wrong path.

    Before closing I have a few more questions. Why were non-Muslims taxed for refusing to convert? Also, if the majority of Muslims in the world believe the tenets as you’ve presented them, what are they doing to restrain the fanatics? Why are they not taking it upon themselves to eliminate radicalism? Why do they allow radicalism to exist knowing it is drawing in even more radicals. Why do Muslims allow radicals to come into their communities to recruit more radicals? Why is the war on terrorism being forced on to Western nations when there should be more than enough “true Muslims” in the world to combat this problem on their own?

    BTW, the contradiction I referred to earlier regarding free will and destiny is hinted at in Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics. And it claims destiny does not exist. Do you see what I mean regarding doctrine and dogma?


  66. Times have changed…..its not the same anymore. The US doesn’t operate like that, that’s why I said lets speak on current facts regarding current events.

  67. Hagel mein Führer putin, bitte nuke und jene türkische Narren zu zerstören für das Spielen mit dem Imperium!
    Thats more like it above…

  68. NATO and Russia have always made agreements so it prevents war!! What on earth do you think is going on now with Turkey?? NATO is backing Turkey against who??? RUSSIA!!! Its not pretty but some NATO countries agree with Russia but in reality NATO opposes Russia… I see the breakdown of NATO soon cause of Russia playing a wonderful game of chess against obummer..

  69. You probably cant even tell me the differences in fat boy and little man, and a thermo nuclear device…. But that’s physics and you are the ace there! Im ready for my lesson!!

  70. DO you realize the Tsar Bomba is not the limit haha it was a 50 when its plan was to be a 100 megaton nuke. Its the biggest created but its hardly the limit.. it just came a point when you can get so massive its almost pointless… Did you know they were speaking of making colbalt bombs too?? Not that they were bigger but they were more deadly.. not only was it a nuke, but it showered the area with colbalt radiation that would basically kill for a few years very easily, to bring its death rate to nearly 100%…. The Tsar you speak of the pilots barely escaped as the shock wave interfered with their bomber…. true story look it up, in fact watch the videos on youtube… Its not they were not happy, they were scared of what the limits might be… Bad guy or not unless ur plan is to destroy everything known including yourself you will say ok we had better stop…
    Russia built bigger nukes than us cause they had no real precision to their aiming, so their thoughts was to build bigger so if they missed they still destroy their target..
    the US was to build smaller but strong enough to destroy what it hits, more less they aimed more at precision rather than force.
    so Im happy you think its a limit but its hardly a limit. more less someone said enough… That’s not physics that’s common sense.. if you want physics explain to me why they needed a fission reaction to create a fusion reaction for a hydrogen bomb in the 60’s? You realize today we are able to produce fusion just unable to control it for sustained amounts of time.. you don’t think if we really wanted too we could exceed the Tsar Bomba?? That’s just physics as you like to say… You have zero idea about science or how this stuff even works.. go back to watching Back to the future and figure out how to get 1.21 jiggawatts to travel in time Mr Fusion….

  71. Ive been there too, wow we could be brothers haha!! anyways US never threatened Nukes? so the cold war is BS I suppose.. that aside, Good ole Douglas Mac wanted to nuke the Chinese and publically announced it to stop their interference in the Korean war. Truman later fired him over it, but at the time it was a valid threat. if you want to toss NATO’s plans in with the US which NATO basically was the US then Operation Unthinkable had plenty of nukes in its plans against mother Russia… Rethink your statements. the US has threatened its Nuclear arsenall before. I am not sure why you think we used a nuke once and then never thought about it again… it wasn’t till years later the soviets and us came to an agreement to stop producing nukes. But, that never meant we wouldn’t stop developing weapons? Do you think Nukes are the end all weapon anymore? I sure don’t its 1940’s technology, we are 80 years beyond it nearly…

  72. If the U.S. had a president like Erdogan or Linsey Graham we’d have 40,000 dead soldiers from all the wars we’d be in. Seriously, could you be any fukin dumber?

  73. It worked on Obama? So what you wanted to go to war with Russia, the 2nd most powerful nuclear nation in the world, because of their incursion into the Ukraine? A country that is number 3 on the who gives a fuk list. Brilliant plan stupid. You must be a real rocket scientist.

  74. It may take a bit more than getting their ego hurt to start a nuclear war Einstein. People with brains (you wouldn’t understand that part) realize that no one wins in a nuclear war. It’s like playing Russian roulette with a gun full of bullets.

  75. Yeah circumstances a just a little bit different. They had just invented the machine gun for WWI and you’re wrong stupid it would take a whole lot of s before nukes would start flying because one nuke kills anywhere from 130,000 to 250,000 people. About the only thing nukes are good for is a deterrent to invasion and even North Korea and Pakistan knows that. It’s not like the video games you are constantly playing.

  76. Your lack of knowledge on the world’s military as well as their political goals, is almost embarrassing.

    Do yourself a favour and stop commenting.

  77. I’ve been to Russia… wife and family are Russian. But I’m speaking on current issues and actions. The US has never first threatened a nuke attack (if so, prove it), we always fight like real men do.

  78. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The US is the one of the only countries trying to free the world from all those dictators, holding they’re countries hostage from freedom. Russia will only fail under little Putin… you can see.

  79. Spoken much like your colleague, Bill Ayers. But you are in luck if what you say is true, “”and individuals like Richard will be the ones operating the system.”” Because you have obviously failed at taking advantage of liberties and freedoms 101 to become successful (state of mind) in America and need to rely on excuses to validate your failure.

    When you speak of drugs and vaccines. Let me ask you a question. What was the average age of death in America in 1900? vs. What it is now?

  80. There is no Turkish/American version. Putin ADMITS that his planes entered Turkish/NATO airspace. He told Erdogan that he would have to accept Russian warplanes in its’ airspace as “guests.” Ergodan said that was unacceptable. I have no love for Turkey and they shouldn’t be part of NATO. They wouldn’t even allow us, a NATO ally, to enter their airspace for bombing runs and we respected their denial. But in this case, regardless of what goings on are happening between IS and Turkey/Erdogan, it has no bearing on shooting down a Russian plane. Turkey was right to do such a thing since Russia had been told to stay out. But it’s not only Turkey’s airspace Putin and his fellow lunatics have violated. They have violated the airspace of nearly every NATO country. Putin had been warned DOZENS of times not to violate NATO airspace but instead of standing down he continued his provocations. His fighters have even locked their fire control radar onto Turkish fighters–a blatant act of hostile provocation. They finally had enough of Putins schidt and downed one of his planes. And it WILL happen again if he continues his wild aggression regardless of his threats. If Putin thinks he can take on the US then someone needs to have a serious sit down with him and explain to him that it ain’t happening. The Soviet Union was called a midget with a mighty right arm for a reason. And Russia is just a midget with no arm. And if you think Putin is a level headed statesman then you are seeing a different clone of the one we see. A statesman doesn’t threaten every nation that defies him with nuclear annihilation when he doesn’t get his way. We’ll watch and see how this plays out. It’s all up to Putin. If he wants dialog he will get it. If he wants war, he will get that too.

  81. Putin would be proud to know that you are repeating his message exactly the way he intended it.

    Let’s see how many more times Russia violates Turkey’s airspace lol

    Erdogan is a true leader that unlike Obama he will not play games with Putin. If the US had a president like Erdogan or Linsey Graham then Putin would not be messing around.



  84. That is turkey’s motives, grab more land they already setteling in northern Syria. If u listen middle eastern news. Don’t only believe American propaganda.


  86. Russia did not kill anyone it was turkey and Germany in kahoots (alliance) togeater, you can even watch it the documentary on history channel, called the apocalypse turkey and Germany were always in alliance ww1 and ww2 don’t blame Russia. Russia may have been an ally with hitler but they realized hitler was even attacing them, Russia is the only country who stood up to protect Armenians and I’m forever greatful for that. No other nation had the guts to say anything including so called ritchous Americans. Hell they haven’t even recognized the genocide until today because turkey is an ally? Talk about siding with murderers and rapists called Turkey. hypocracy to the fullest


  88. So, Polina Tikhonova
    get back to your St, Petersburg University and learn from beginning what is a journalism about ant stop lie.!

  89. give us your opinion on the base of the facts from both sides!
    and not from Turkeys authorities that claimed that they shot the Russian Plane after 10 warning’s,
    Do you know why they shot the plane?
    Do you know that from intelligence info- those Russian Jets was shooting down the oil convoys that ISIS sent to Turkey and get a
    money back from Turkey to use for terrorist activities????????????

  90. no matter what they pay for you -as an journalist you must bring the true of the any event regardless who pay for you for what you wrote!

  91. Russians going to China? OK! Be sure to take an oxygen mask and tank with you. From what I’ve read, the smog is causing peoples eyes to burn in China. Hard to see anything with their eyes closed.

  92. I’m sorry friend but you don’t know to hear a different attitude. I am Serb and I live 2000 miles from Russia. So the KGB I know only from books. You seem to know more about the CIA. After all, what’s the difference between those two organizations. Just please do not let me bring up democracy. When anybody mention “democracy”, immediately feel smells of war. That really is used exclusively as a cudgel against political opponents all over the world. So, your arguments are outdated for decades. You have to realize that world is not siglecolour but multicoloured. Literally.

  93. I agree with you however with Russia’s over 9,000 nuclear war heads and America’s 9,000 of their own in the event that a psycho American or Russian leader would feel that their ego is been treat 18,000 nuclear warheads would turn the face of planet earth into a parking lot with nothing to park on it.

  94. true that Russia won’t ever respond back to criminal minded leaders like the ones in Turkey of even the United States, France, England, and Germany, with nuclear weapons like otherwise those already mention nations would do against Russia, given the right circumstances.
    After all we all have already been witness of all wars that have been created by those nations through out history even recent history, just within the last 15 years alone the U.S.A has already destroyed more nations than any other nation on the face of planet earth with the HELP of the same criminal minded nations already mention above
    and they are still pushing their criminal philosophy that they are doing it because, according to them the muslim world need their understanding of DEMOCRACY, but in reality the only thing they are EXPORTING TO THOSE NATIONS IS CHAOS, MIXED WITH FASCISM WHILE THEY STEAL THEIR NATURAL RESORCES

  95. Sad to see how low the American education system has taken our society, and their brain cells have been toasted with vaccines, and drugs that future leaders, of tomorrow won’t be able to distinguish good from evil.
    and individuals like Richard will be the ones operating the system

  96. Quote: On April 20, 1978, Soviet air defense shot down Korean Air Lines Flight 902 (KAL 902) near Murmansk, Soviet Union, after the civilian aircraft violated Soviet airspace and failed to respond to Soviet ground control and interceptors.

    The narrative is about “shooting” and “being shot” Russia is not new to the either narrative.

  97. Erdogan is a jihadist. There is no bluff, no single Turkey plane cannot violate Syria airspace as of now and you are naive enough to call it a bluff? All the oil convoys IS was sending to Erdogans son and cronies were bombed the other day and Turkey was looking on. The bomber they took down was stab in the back, but from now on Russia is defending bombers, jihad Erdogan is out of work for now. Could be his master in US may help him again. Last time looks USA sent him details of the plane to shoot down to provoke Russia into a direct fight with NATO, but the Bear was aware of the ploy

  98. It is for the brain washed audience to believe that kind of crap. West/NATO support IS terrorists so they will do anything to demonise Russia

  99. Alright, settle down there Gordon Ramsey. Last I checked you sometimes forget football stats in an important debate one which team’s better, too.

  100. Please. I’m half-bald with grey siding, and Trump’s pissed that I still have better hair than he ever will.

    Just because we were the only ones who had the bombs, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a nuclear war. Technically it was an atomic war because of the fission process used (as opposed to the fusion process of later nuclear and thermonuclear warheads), but it still qualified as a nuclear war because it was not a conventional explosive.

  101. A bomb is a bomb. There is no “kinda” — it either happened or it didn’t. Up until Hiroshima, wars had been strictly conventional. On that day in 1945, we opened the door to a much greater fear than the Nazis, the Soviets, or the Japanese.

    There were opportunities outside of testing, but nobody was ever crazy enough to cross that line after that. All that everyone’s managed to do is try to one-up their respective “toughness” with the nuclear deterrent, at least until Tsar Bomba proved that there was a limit.

    Essentially, even with the highest-yield thermo warhead possible, you’re really nothing more powerful than those Greeks of the ages. That ain’t politics — that’s physics.

  102. Well, if we’re going on the basis of “retards with guns”, almost any state in the South by themselves has Turkey beat by a country mile.

    However, NATO and Russia were starting to make agreements for at least a few years now. So that might be where my confusion was coming from. Thanks for double-checking that. :)

  103. Your an idiot, there is a difference, Ya lets Nuke another country for a downed plane, Thats Putin and Russia Idiology, and then Russia is nuked and everyone else gets nuked. Thats how it is these days..

  104. Not as much as the GOP pays you to spread theirs.

    Besides, I’m from Miami and my Spanish sucks. Communicating in Russian would be a really bad idea.

  105. Does it really matter which side I happen to be on, when I hold both sides to the same standards I hold myself to?

    And your statement of “no one wins with MAD” is exactly why the world didn’t end up a radioactive chunk of charcoal during the Cold War. It’s the tenet that makes Article V so effective — nobody wants to be the asshat that causes the button to be pressed.

  106. Russia will not use a nuclear weapon on Turkey unless attacked.
    A military response maybe because of the downing of the jet, but no nukes.
    They don’t have to use nukes against Turkey anyway.
    So Russia will never risk any global response no matter how big or small just to get back at Turkey.

    George Vreeland Hill

  107. i understand that’s the narrative you’ve been fed in your history books. but let’s think for a second. you say the Russians developed nukes and intended to use them. the question is how did they intend to use them? to defend themselves or for a first strike? if it’s for a first strike, the question is on whom and for what reason?

  108. russian want to destroy turkey so they can invade and claim as Russian territory and gain advantage access to the Mediterranean sea and middle east countries. russian tourist are most welcome in china to breath in the super fine air that chinese been breathing in. soon the chinese and russian will be a super lung human.

  109. who writes this stuff? no understanding at all. russia would never use nuclear weapons on turkey because turkey does not have nuclear weapons itself. if you understood the world super power pact organization you would know, that any nuclear power who uses nuclear weapons can only do so against another nuclear power, or they will automatically be declared a threat to the world by all nuclear powers and attacked by them. there is. long standing super power agreement with all nuclear nations, that should any one of them ever use a nuclear weapon on. non nuclear nation they will automatically be in a state of war with all other nuclear nations. even though turkey is protected by the usa, they are not a super power , and would be considered a violation by russia to use nuclear weapons against them. russia would have to confine any war with turkey to conventional weapons, or face the consequences of nuclear retaliation by other super powers for breaking one of the prime directives in the super power pact.

  110. jerry, dis, Nothing, & Putin never threatened Turkey with nuclear attack, the statement you refer to was supposedly a quote from an unknown member of Russian parliament, not even remotely connected to Putin, or anyone else in power. If you read & under stood the article you would know this, but perhaps you don’t have that capability.

  111. what is a khokhol, katsap? it is a known fact that russia funds and sponsors ISIS-an age old kgb trick. your country is a paper tiger and your hero is pygmy mongol.

  112. jerry, dis, I don’t know when or where you visited in China, but it must have been a long time ago & very far north. I lived in China for 3 years (2003-2006), traveled all over, & found their infrastructure,(airports, hotels, restaurants, & other facilities for tourists), I found them to be equal to cities in the U.S., & much less expensive. Yes, much of central & northern China is cold in winter, as are such cities in the U.S., & definitely in Russia. But in Southern China, winters are much warmer than most of Russia.

  113. jerry, Extreme, Russia’s only true spokesman, Putin never made any Nuclear threats against Turkey, in fact his statements only referred to measures to protect his planes & pilots from Turkish attacks on them.

  114. jerry, Ayden, Sorry, but Jesus was the only true Son of God, sits at God’s right hand today, & will return soon to rule the world according to his teachings, not the supposed teachings of Muhammad. Why accept the teachings of an imitation when the genuine original is available. But, that is no excuse for true Christians to go to war against true Muslims, if there are any, according to your description.

  115. See, I ignored your last comment and never addressed Bruce. You are busted. Your other screen name is Bruce. I smoked you out. Why would you bring this up again 4 posts later without me mentioning it TROLL? You are dumb you do not even know. Suicide in Russia is a significant national social-issue with one of the highest suicide rates in the world. As of October 2011 nearly one million Russians have committed suicide since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Researchers have observed a close association between heavy alcohol consumption in Russia and suicide. Russia’s depression rate is almost double of the US and other western countries. The reason it is even that close is because many Russians do not seek diagnosis nor treatment. Most Russians treat their depression with alcohol. Move a long fat as (S) gross low wage troll. DO NOT REPLY MAGGOT I AM SICK OF YOU AND YOUR DRIVEL.

  116. well i can’t say obama, is a big plus in that department. at least he, may be above that leader of north korea.

  117. jerry, Del, Your comments have already proven you don’t know the truth, and don’t recognize it when told to you, so I will leave you to your ignorance, which borders on insanity.

  118. well so what if it, is not your kind of propaganda. all nations, have their own kind of vain propaganda to indoctrinate their citizens with. russian propaganda, french propaganda, chinese propaganda, turkish propaganda, american propaganda, jewish propaganda, christian propaganda, muslim propaganda, buddhist propaganda, atheist propaganda, it is all based on the vanity of liar in charge.

    they are all perfuming their own skunks and de-perfuming their enemies skunks.

  119. islam is a diverse occult religion, of the various writers of the quran. muhammed never even saw the quran you have today. and it was the caliph in the ninth or tenth century, that assembled and edited the quran. that caused the initial rift, between shiite, sunni and other islamic cult factions. and G-D never spoke to muhammed, a fact which is verified in the quran. muhammed never even spoke to, the alleged as angel that supposedly visited him.

    and hijra is a core preliminary part of jihad going back to the alleged prophet muhammed that involves islamic conquest through migration. the objective is to overwhelm non-muslim territories with muslim populations until they achieve domination through sheer numbers. no weapons necessary; until they gain enough control.

  120. Turkey’s Kurdish Achilles’ Heel
    Ankara’s biggest challenge is not from Damascus or
    Israel—those who will end Erdogan are much closer to home.
    Russia can take care of Turkey with other means.
    Russia has declared many times that can’t win a total conventional confrontation with NATO.
    Russia has declared that if attacked, and cornered by NATO would go in a suicidal Nuclear War.
    If this would happen, logically Russian nuclear warheads would travel farther then Turkey, landing where 300 Warheads are, where 250 warheads are and where 7200 warheads are.
    Speculating that Russia will go nuclear in Turkey, it isn’t propaganda, but just bul

  121. you would make a fine russian citizen, that still holds the record for the most of their own citizens murdered. hell hitler only killed about 9 million russians, and stalin, killed over seventy million of their own. and russia, was on germany’s side to begin with in wwii.

  122. yeah i guess, russia has not made enough enemies yet. i guess this, is why they are pissing off india too now.

    maybe one of these days, china with all those people will wake up and notice all that unoccupied land in russia right next door.

  123. Cold War – Russia developed nukes and intended to use them. US warns them if they launch one they will be fired upon. Russian and US leaders ultimately agreed it would be mutual destruction but the US stood up and made sure Russia kept its finger off the button.

  124. you know russia is almost like islam, they can’t get along with any other culture but their own vain culture either. and there is, very little worse than anti-social socialism not being very social.

    we already know that islam cannot get along with their own culture, let alone hospitable to any other culture. and now russia wants to be, likened unto islam again.

  125. True but the Rubles mean very little in the rest of the world. Thats why Russia is trying to create new world wide economy that isn’t working.

  126. If you look at Putin’s track record with applying sanctions and counter sanctions the majority of the damage has been against everyday Russians as opposed to the country he is trying to affect.

  127. Russia helped Hitler’s Nazi army originally, Jerry. Russia was guilty of supporting that tyrant and should have been assaulted by all the allied forces.

  128. The truth is hard to swallow, Jerry. Eventually you and these Russian fools will learn the truth and right now they refuse to accept Putin wants world war 3.

  129. Oh yes. Got to love blaming the CIA right? Don’t even realize the KGB is back in Russia controlling your sad little life.

  130. “Civilization” will be all right. There have been many different civilizations in the past. They have always risen after a global cataclysm. It will rise again. Nuclear war will not destroy the planet many times over as you idiot have been saying to scare the masses.

  131. the only difference between american and russian terrorists, is their opposing propaganda viewpoint. we are both, still terrorizing other terrorist nations.

    russia supports, ass/ad’s terrorism against the terrorist population of syria and usa supports the terrorism against ass/ad, Ukraine, and now turkey. so do not tell me, that russians are not terrorist threatening a turkey roast.

    and please give to us the times names, dates, and administrations, that the american government has threatened russia or the ussr with nukes in the past fifty years? boasting and wrongful pride does not insure safety, for anyone.

  132. Yea there is and this is not the time for war and not a time to be exploding nuclear bombs… if you were really Putin it would be a different story, being on here but just being a picture of the man does not make you him… LOL… get real dude…

  133. Serge, do you think you can formulate your thoughts into a coherent conversation? Your addled brain is all over the place. It’s really quite simple, start with a topic and follow through on it. When you’re done you can begin another topic. As it is it’s next to impossible to understand what you’re saying!

    And I believe you have it wrong. What Russia really needs is a more sensible president who knows how to communicate with the rest of the world. Not one that calls the collapse of the Soviet Union the greatest geo-political disaster of the 20th century. Heck, I figured you would love Putin as he’s a Soviet Premier wannabe! Perhaps you would like another Stalin?

    BTW, when you insult others like you have you really need to be looking in a mirror to see who the stupid one is. Aha! I believe I discovered another of your issues! Besides lamenting the collapse of the Soviet Union and losing your pension you hate yourself! So rather than admit it you project it on others just to make yourself feel better. I sure hope you’re not married or have close friends by you because you must be hell to live with. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, you’re a case book example of self hatred. Try cracking open a good psychology book to gain an better understanding of your self loathing. Who knows, it just may put you on to the path of recovery and then you’ll know how to answer the first question your maker will ask of you when it’s time for you to cross over.

    Oh, and for the record, had the USA not supplied weapons and other military supplies to the Soviet Union during WWII you would probably speaking German right now, providing Hitler didn’t kill you outright. So chew on that while you stew in your self hatred you sorry excuse for a person.

    Hmmm… looks like I lost a bit of my conscience! Bwahahaha!!!!

    1) “Islam” means “surrender” or “submission”. “Salam” (which means “peace”) is the root word of “Islam”. In a religious context the word “Islam” means “the surrendering of one’s will (without compulsion) to the true will of God in an effort to achieve peace”.

    2) “Muslim” means “anyone or anything that surrenders itself to the true will of God”. By this definition, everything in nature (trees, animals, planets, etc.) are “Muslims” because they are in a state of surrender to God’s will. In other words, they are fulfilling the purpose for which God created them.

    3) Islam is not a new religion or cult. It is a universal way of life and civilization. Studies show that between 1.5 and 1.8 billion people in the world identify their religion as Islam. Along with Judaism and Christianity it traces its roots through Prophet Abraham and back to the first humans Adam and Eve.

    4) There are five pillars of practice in Islam. These practices must be undertaken with the best of effort in order to be considered a true Muslim: A) Declaration of faith in One God and that Muhammad is a prophet of God. B) Formal prayer five times a day. C) Poor-due “tax” – 2.5% of one’s excess wealth given to the needy once a year. D) Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once, if physically and financially able. E) Fasting during the daylight hours in the month of Ramadan.

    5) There are six articles of faith in Islam. These are the basic beliefs that one must have in order to be considered a true Muslim. They are belief in: A) the One God. B) all of the true prophets of God. C) the original scriptures revealed to Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad. D) the angels. E) the Day of Judgment and the Hereafter. F) destiny.

    6) Islam is a complete way of life that governs all facets of life: moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, economical, etc.

    7) Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. To become Muslim, a person of any race or culture must say a simple statement, the shahadah, that bears witness to the belief in the One God and that Muhammad is a prophet of God.

    8) “Allah” is an Arabic word that means “God”. Muslims also believe that “Allah” is the personal name of God.

    9) Allah is not the God of Muslims only. He is the God of all people and all creation. Just because people refer to God using different terms does not mean there are different gods. Many Hispanics refer to God as “Dios” and many French refer to God as “Dieu” yet they mean the same God. Many Arab Jews and Arab Christians call God “Allah” and the word “Allah” (in Arabic script) appears on the walls of many Arab churches and on the pages of Arabic Bibles. Although the understanding of God may differ between the various faith groups, it does not change the fact that the One Lord and Creator of the Universe is the God of all people.

    10) The Islamic concept of God is that He is loving, merciful and compassionate. Islam also teaches that He is all-knowing and the perfect judge of affairs, and will punish (or forgive) accordingly. However, Allah once said to Muhammad, “My mercy prevails over my wrath”. So Islam teaches a balance between fear and hope, protecting one from both complacency and despair.

    11) Muslims believe that God has revealed 99 of His names, or attributes, in the Qur’an. It is through these names that one can come to know the Creator. A few of these names are the All-Merciful, the All-Knower, the Protector, the Provider, the Near, the First, the Last, the Hidden and the Source of All Peace.

    12) The Christian concept of “vicarious atonement” (the idea that Jesus died for the sins of humanity) is alien to the Islamic concept of personal responsibility. Islam teaches that on the Day of Judgment every person will be resurrected and will be accountable to God for their every word and deed. Consequently, a practicing Muslim is always striving to be righteous while hoping and praying for God’s acceptance and grace.

    13) Muslims believe in all of the true prophets that preceded Muhammad, from Adam to Jesus. Muslims believe they brought the same message of voluntarily surrendering to God’s will (Islam, in a generic sense) to different peoples at different times. Muslims also believe they were “Muslims” (again, in a generic sense) since they followed God’s true guidance and surrendered their will to Him.

    14) Muslims neither worship Muhammad nor pray through him. Muslims solely worship the Unseen and Omniscient Creator, Allah.

    15) Muslims accept the original unaltered Torah (as revealed to Moses) and the original unaltered Bible (as revealed to Jesus) since they were revealed by God. But none of these scriptures exist today in their original form or in their entirety. Therefore, Muslims follow the subsequent, final and preserved revelation of God, the Qur’an.

    16) The Qur’an was not authored by Muhammad. It was authored by God, revealed to Muhammad (through angel Gabriel) and written into physical form by his companions.

    17) The original Arabic text of the Qur’an contains no flaws or contradictions, and has not been altered since its revelation.

    18) Actual 7th century Qur’ans, complete and intact, are on display in museums in Turkey and other places around the world.

    19) If all Qur’ans in the world today were destroyed, the original Arabic would still remain. This is because millions of Muslims, called “hafiz” (or “guardians”) have memorized the text letter for letter from beginning to end, every word and every syllable. Also, chapters from the Qur’an are precisely recited from memory in each of the five formal prayers performed daily by hundreds of millions of Muslims throughout the world.

    20) Some attribute the early and rapid spread of Islam to forced conversions by the sword. While it is accurate that the Muslim empire initially spread, for the most part, through battles and conquests (a common phenomenon for that time) the religion of Islam itself was never forced on anyone who found themselves living under Muslim rule. In fact, non-Muslims were afforded the right to worship as they pleased as long as a tax, called “jizyah”, was paid. During the Dark Ages, Jews, Christians and others were given protection by the Muslims from religious persecutions happening in Europe. Islam teaches no compulsion in religion (Qur’an 2:256 and 10:99). For more, read “The Spread of Islam in the World” by Thomas Arnold.

    21) Terrorism, unjustified violence and the killing of non-combatant civilians (or even intimidating, threatening or injuring them) are all absolutely forbidden in Islam. Islam is a way of life that is meant to bring peace to a society whether its people are Muslim or not. The extreme actions of those who claim to be Muslim may be a result of their ignorance, frustration, uncontrolled anger or political (not religious) ambitions. Anyone who condones or commits an act of terrorism in the name of Islam is simply not following Islam and is, in fact, violating its very tenets. These people are individuals with their own personal views and agendas. Fanatical Muslims are no more representative of the true teachings of Islam than fanatical Christians are of the true teachings of Christianity or fanatical Jews are of the true teachings of Judaism. The most prominent examples of such “religious” fanatics are Anders Behring Breivik, the 2011 Norwegian terrorist who claimed in his manifesto to be “100 percent Christian” and Baruch Goldstein, perpetrator of the 1994 Hebron massacre who is considered by some Jews to be a “hero” and a “saint”. Extremism and fanaticism are problems not exclusive to Muslims. Anyone who thinks that all Muslims are terrorists should note that terror groups like ISIS (or ISIL), Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram kill Muslims as well. Also, the former boxer Muhammad Ali, perhaps the most celebrated person of our era, is a practicing Muslim.

    22) The word “jihad” does not mean “holy war”. It actually means “to struggle” or “to strive”. In a religious context it means the struggle to successfully surrender one’s will to the will of God. Some Muslims may say they are going for “jihad” when fighting in a war to defend themselves or others, but they say this because they are conceding that it will be a tremendous struggle. But there are many other forms of jihad which are much more relevant to the everyday life of a Muslim such as the struggles against laziness, arrogance, stinginess, one’s own ego, or the struggle against a tyrant ruler or against the temptations of Satan, etc. Regarding the so-called verses of “holy war” in the Qur’an, two points: A) The term “holy war” neither appears in the Arabic text of the Qur’an nor in any classical teachings of Islam. B) The vast majority of verses in the Qur’an pertaining to violence refer to wartime situations in which Muslims were permitted to defend themselves against violent aggression. Any rational, intellectual analysis of the context and historical circumstances surrounding such verses, often ignored by pundits or violent extremists, proves this to be true. Other verses of violence deal with stopping oppression, capital punishment and the like.

    23) Women are not oppressed in Islam. Any Muslim man that oppresses a woman is not following Islam. Among the many teachings of Muhammad that protected the rights and dignity of women is his saying, “…the best among you are those who treat their wives well.”

    24) Islam grants women many rights in the home and in society. Among them are the right to earn money, to financial support, to own property, to an education, to an inheritance, to being treated kindly, to vote, to a bridal gift, to keep their maiden name, to worship in a mosque, to a divorce, and so on.

    25) Muslim women wear the head-covering (hijab) in fulfillment of God’s decree to dress modestly. This type of modest dress has been worn by religious women throughout time such as traditional Catholic nuns, Mother Teresa and the Virgin Mary.

    26) Forced marriages, honor killings, female genital mutilation and the confinement of women to their homes are all forbidden in Islam. These practices stem from deeply entrenched cultural traditions and/or ignorance of the true Islamic teachings or how to apply them in society. Arranged marriages are allowed in Islam but are not required. In fact, one of the conditions for a valid Islamic marriage contract is the mutual consent of both parties to the marriage. And divorce is permissible provided the Islamic guidelines are followed which protect the rights of all affected parties, especially women and unborn children.

    27) Islam and the Nation “of Islam” are two different religions. Islam is a religion for all races and enjoins the worship of the One Unseen God who never took human form. On the other hand “the Nation” is a movement geared towards non-whites that teaches God appeared as a man named Fard Muhammad and that Elijah Muhammad was a prophet. According to orthodox Islam these are blasphemous beliefs that contradict the basic theology defined throughout the Qur’an and other authentic texts. The followers of “the Nation” adhere to some Islamic principles that are mixed with other practices and beliefs completely alien to authentic Islamic teachings. To better understand the differences read about Malcolm X, his pilgrimage to Mecca and his subsequent comments to the media. Islam teaches equality amongst the races (Qur’an 49:13).

    28) All Muslims are not Arab, Middle-Eastern or of African descent. Islam is a universal religion and way of life that includes followers from all races. There are Muslims in and from virtually every country in the world. Arabs only constitute about 20% of Muslims worldwide. The countries with the largest Muslim populations are not located in the Middle East. They are Indonesia (over 200 million Muslims) and Pakistan and India (over 350 million Muslims combined).

    29) In the five daily prayers Muslims face the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is a cube-shaped stone structure that was built by Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael on the same foundations where Prophet Adam is believed to have built a sanctuary for the worship of the One God. Muslims do not worship the Kaaba. It serves as a focal point for Muslims around the world, unifying them in worship and symbolizing their common belief, spiritual focus and direction. Interestingly the inside of the Kaaba is empty.

    30) The hajj is an annual pilgrimage to the Kaaba made by about 3 million Muslims from all corners of the Earth. It is performed to fulfill one of the pillars of Islam. The rituals of hajj commemorate the struggles of Abraham, his wife Hagar and their son Ishmael in surrendering their wills to God.

    Written by Ayden Zayn.

  135. Vlad, is that really you? I might be a little on the mentally deranged side of life but I never threatened a nuclear bullet for anyone… come on, get real… we need serious talk of peaceful overtures, instead of more bullets and nuclear bombs..

  136. I wasn’t looking for an apology from you nor was I expecting one. Your mindset is too entrenched on hatred to expect anything less. Nor did I say I was your friend. I was simply apologizing for stooping to your level and explained my position. Unlike yourself, I have a conscience.

    As to your crazy and extremely delusional assertion, I have no idea what you’re talking about. You and I have never had a discussion before today. It’s obvious you’re speaking in very general terms. With the exception of the stinger missiles being provided to the Afghans fighting the Soviet Union, support the rest of your nonsense because your hatred has addled your brain and senses.

    Again you open Pandora’s Box. If you believe Afghanistan is the only war the USA and Soviet Union fought by proxy, do not forget what happened in Vietnam. The Soviet Union provided vast amounts of weaponry that killed thousands of Americans, many just out of high school. Does this mean I should hate you and all Russians for the actions of your government? Absolutely not! Unlike yourself I recognize the Russian people are not responsible for your government’s actions. But you, on the other hand, are so blinded by hatred that it’s a wonder you can see the hand in front of your face.

    I believe I know what your problem is. You’re just pissed that the Soviet Union collapsed and you lost your pension. Now you’re forced to sell fruits and vegetables by the roadside just to make ends meet. Or you’re selling bootleg audio CD’s out of some street side kiosk. I’ve been to Russia and know all too well how hard it is for the Russian people and the extremes they’re forced to go though in order to survive. Heck, if y’all didn’t have a little plot of land to grow food you would starve during the winter months! So save your bitterness and hatred for someone who actually cares about you because this American doesn’t. The rest of the Russian people? Absolutely! But you? Not a chance.

    As for me being dead, we all meet our maker one day. It’s just matter of how and when. I’m prepared and completely at peace with myself (although I may have to answer for my dislike for you). What about you? What will you tell your maker when he asks you “how much have you loved in the world?” I would love to be a fly on the wall just to see the blank look come over your face when you don’t know how to answer such a simple question. Then again, as one who was obviously born and raised in the Soviet Union, you probably have no belief in an afterlife! There’s another reason I would love to be there when you cross over. But that’s not how works over there so never mind.

  137. not to worry putin and poor little russia takes the Academy Award for whining and it never stops. poor little russia

  138. Russia tries to.make a lot of noise to see if it can scare others, it worked on Obama, so Putin thought he could do it on anybody else.

    Erdogan called Putins bluff and exposed how limited Russia is militarily. The sophistication of the jamming and s400 are just propaganda by the Russians.

  139. Russia nails a hand, China the other and US nails the feet…
    A triple nuclear war crucifies the whole world… Old fashion way to say….
    But I delivered, far above the sky few wonderful images…
    With them we can beat the potential nuclear war and terrorism…
    Visit my page.

    If these images publish by US before too late…
    Help, for that way, re tweet, recommend maybe a professional discovers…

  140. Russia has the s600 anti missile system protecting its homeland and shelters for its entire population. Russia has nothing to fear at all, they are a super power. Turkey supports terrorism and should be part of NATO.

    America has also made nuclear threats against Russia and China. Don’t look too much into it, but remember when shit hits the fan our governments will let us die and burn while Russia has a contingency plan for their entire population.

  141. This article has really cheapened Russia, does that mean Russia cannot fight a real fight with its so called powerful and sophiscated Airforce and other landed amunitions unless the use of nuclear in an issue like this

  142. How irresponsible for Russia to make such inflammatory statements as threatening of nuclear war. Their bluster could actually start a war, and Russia would also be completely destroyed. But perhaps that is what they want. Blow the motherland completely to rubble, since Russia has so little going for it.

  143. Nuclear war headline takes about ten words to shift to an article about tourism. As for “Russia is now going to focus on China, Cuba and Vietnam as new directions for tourist flow as they ‘have excellent infrastructure, friendly atmosphere and warm weather in winter’ “, what hogwash! No way China’s infrastructure excels above that of India and Turkey. Ever seen the restrooms in China? Bring your own tissue even to a restaurant. No way China has a friendlier atmosphere (cough cough) than do India and Turkey. Shjops in China forbid photos. Want a selfie of your family in a Chinese supermarket? “PLEASE, NO PHOTOS!” No way China’s winters are warmer than those of India and Turkey. I wore four layers, a Swedish army overcoat, and two pairs of gloves in Winter in China. All political maneuvering to get support from the communist lapdogs as war with the U.S. looms.

  144. Now if what this supposed article states is true, that Pukin said he wants to use Nukes on Turkey to “Teach them a lesson”, Wow!!!

    This proves that Pukin is beyond a bit Loony!! Why? Here are several points to ponder:
    1) If the Russians use any type of Nukes, then Not only will NATO, but the USA and the rest of the Western World respond with Nukes against Russia!!

    2) By Pukin telling his citizens not to go on a vacation or not to travel to certain countries, Yes, that can have an adverse affect on those countries Economies, but it can also have an adverse affect on the Russian Economy as well.

    3) With Putin enacting Economic Sanctions against certain countries, this has a limited to adverse economic impact in those countries, but will also have an adverse impact on the Russian economy.

    4) Pukin has been threatening the “west” with military action and Nuclear war for years, but he knows DAMN WELL that if he does any of that he will get his country DESTROYED/WIPED of The FACE of the EARTH!!!!! Well at least he did until he invaded the Crimea/Ukraine and the “West” DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Which has given him all the “BALLS” to do whatever he wants!!!

  145. Then we should also nuke Germany for the millions of Jewish lives and the Japanese for thousands of Chinese rapes and murders and the British for promoting slavery in the 18th and 19th century and Babylon (Iran) and Egypt for enslaving the Jews. Let us never forgive and forget, right?

  146. Oh, half the Web “news” is a shame. As soon as you see the word “tourism”, you know you have been roped in by a fantastic, impossible scenario headline.

  147. Putin and his team of whiners need to take this casualty like men
    because they whine like old women. When USA was deployed to Iraq we were
    losing 1 American soldier every day and that was considered light

    Russians have enjoyed too much peacetime since World War II and become whiners. They whine like old women.

  148. Hear, hear. Putin and his team of whiners need to take this casualty like men because they whine like old women. When USA was deployed to Iraq we were losing 1 American soldier every day and that was considered light losses.

    Russians have enjoyed too much peacetime since World War II and become whiners. They whine like old women.

  149. You must be new to Internet “news”. This is a tried and true technique. The idea is rope the browsing netizens in with some fantastic headline, and then spout a dozen facts that have little to do with the headline. Once you see the word “tourist”, you know you have been sidetracked.

  150. What are you doing commenting here ? Shouldn’t you be licking Putins Jackboots ? Hope you are staring glassy eyed at the Russian sky when the whip comes down ! US could buy You communists at flea market prices .

  151. please set my facts straight real fast again. I am sorry you are blind to not know common sense. I bleed Red White and Blue, and have served for nearly 8 years. I have traveled the globe even to those countries you speak of above. I would hardly call the ruskies pussies or weak…. Are they an all out brute no, but can they do some damage without nukes?? yup.. can turkey win a 1 on 1 fight with Russia without nukes? I doubt it, and im sure it wouldn’t be that long of a war either. Turkey ran to NATO only a few mins after downing the Russian jet, who is the weak one there? And their tech they used to shoot down the plane was American.. Turkey talks a game but are not all that… Russia is a much stronger country than Turkey, and they have the resources to back it up. The chances of even the USA occupying Russia is slim, then again the reverse is also true.. Russia however has no logistical issue with a ground operation and invasion of turkey. Turkey however I doubt could do the same to Russia… Then you can talk nukes… I think you should do some historical background on countries, and then look at their current technologies.. Last time turkey was strong was their Ottoman Empire which maybe was on Par with a Poor Poor Russia, and the Germans was the backbone there.. But im sure you will educate me all about that Mr. Lawrence of Arabia!!

  152. Russia was never fighting ISIS and still doesn’t. TerroRussia bombs residential quarters, markets full of civilians, refugee camps and hospitals, trying to kill off mass-murering dictator Assad’s opposition.

  153. 1) No country should even apologize for defending its borders. Shooting down russian invader plane was a necessary duty, and it was done well. Putin now has to apologize for creating such an incident.

    2) Russia is not targeting ISIS and never was. Have you ever looked at the map, seen where russian bomber was hit?

  154. Who authorized posting this piece of propaganda as news? Even if the allegations in the text are true, they do not support the headline at all.

  155. is that right? well china, Russia have been threated by the US with Nukes in the past, Russia threatened US NATO China, and now Turkey with nukes in the past, Israel if you believe they have them has threatened Egypt and Syria and iran with nukes if attacked prob others too.. NK threatens well everyone hahaha.India has threatened china,pakistan has threatened india and china both. Seriously do you not watch the news since well ever? Nearly every country with a nuke has done so with a threat of some sort coming at some point in time. Iran is the only one whom has threatened and not shown a nuke yet. and as for conventional weapons, Russia has like a 5-1 ratio of tanks etc.. don’t quote me on numbers of ground forces. and being they are next door to Turkey they don’t have a logistics problem there.. I guess I should ask, have you ever been to Turkey or Russia? I assume you have not..

  156. Russia is very quickly running out of friends. Hopefully, Russians will soon awake to the damage their paranoid master is causing their nation.

  157. Mel, are you really that dumb? The same chance in the world as Ukraine (latest example), Syria, Lybia, Egypt, Iraq and any other country, that was part of the “Arab Spring” operation? Russia is the only power that holds this planet from US’s forced democracy …

  158. Just be a little careful on how “Christian” you think Russia is. Remember that the Russian Tsars and Commissars were all “doing their things”, while Russia was nominally a Russian Orthodox country. Lenin and Stalin did not eliminate the Russian Orthodox Church, but rather coopted it, just like the Tsars were the “nominal heads” of the Russian Orthodox Church.

  159. What a stupid article. What a stupid writer. Russia will never nuke Turkey over a plane. This kind of articles are trash to instill people with fear. You should be ashamed!!!

  160. Putin’s winter is encroaching, his economy is a pile a dung, oil is at an all time low, he’s invaded airspaces globally without concern, has bullied, threatened nuclear war or “consequences” repeatedly (just this year alone!) and refuses to understand that there are consequences. The Turks are by far innocent, but I commend them for shooting down the plane. They were warned, they did not heed the warnings, and as such, lost an aircraft. Putin, is this world’s biggest problem. Lil mentally ill megalomaniac thinks the rules do not apply to him or Russia. I’d like to see a new report: MERRY CHRISTMAS PLANET, PUTIN is dead!

  161. Let me help you get your facts straight real fast…….That was NATO’s response to Russia saying they will use nukes on a NATO member. Not one country has been the first to threaten nukes. Russia and NK are the only pu$$ies using this threat. Why? Because they are weak fighters and know they will lose a real mans fight these days.

  162. Oh you are right, lets talk about current NATO who’s plan is to use tactical nukes against Russia if it decides to roll over western Europe. Gotcha.. That’s not 60 years ago, that’s 60 years ago to current. Maybe NATO is just as weak as Russia in your view now?

  163. Your speaking as if someone is threatening to invade Russia. All Russia says is they will use Nukes when faced with a country that can actually defend themselves. That’s weak to me. Why don’t they fight without nukes? Also….lets stick to the current situations, not over 60 years ago. Things aren’t the same as then.

  164. Putin is such a Bitch A* * Bully, they shot their Jet Down retaliate with Jet Fire Power, why use Nukes from one of their down Jet’s. Russia your making or even thinking of a Big Mistake that would back fire on your own country.

  165. NOPE ! Not after what the did to Pearl Harbor, and at the time they were doing that (Japan) we were (USA) trying to come up with a talk solution to the whole problem that really started it…OIL.

  166. *Blueboyo* your
    an idiot. You do not break the rules otherwise what good is a treaty. What Turkey did is an coward act of war, you wouldn’t understand. why don’t you just go ahead and say you support the terrorist. Blueboyo go cry to someone else I do not support Turkey action not the action of the helicopter shooter..

  167. yah turka, that was my history and I don’t want you in it , just because it happen I don’t like you not a bit , let me as a free men see who is my president Putin or some body else , he so far is good enough to me and not you or america or some body else tell me who I should be voting for. And frankly you should be dead by now turka?

  168. However is it the time to allow Russia to expand into the Eastern Med? Naval facilities in Syria and Cyprus get the Russian Black Sea fleet into the Med and out side of a Bosporus blockade. Remember the Suez Canal is not far away and there is opportunities for mischief there.

  169. WHY? First you let Russian jets “visit” your airspace and then you have Russian soldiers “on vacation” on your territory. Ask Ukraine about Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk. Russia was “probing” to see if it would “get a reaction” and it got one. Russia and the Turks fought wars in the 1700’s and 1800’s, so Turkey is not “fond” of being “tested” by Russia.

  170. What Turkey did is wrong ,I would say its a Terrorist act by bring down the plane and killing a pilot,Turkey should apologize.. Whole world knows russia is targeting iss and not Turkey.Russians didn’t kill anybody from Turkish side…

  171. you not going to here apology from me . I’m not your friend, you was naming football teams Chechen’s when we were fighting terror in there and our sons was loosing life’s there and our kids in Beslan was killed with your money and do I may bring to this afgan when our boys was shot down by your stingers ? now you think I have filling for you ? yah as soon you be dead is better.

  172. not really, just the truth and thanks to state control of the media …you russians cant see anything past a repeat of a new wonderful era of combined Putinism/ stalinism. I mean really, to say the molotov treaty was good thing and then to have the kremlin begin revising history to make it seem that gulags were simply a form of prison, and not , of torturous death houses ?

  173. Turkey is the biggest terrorist country, U.S. Is wrong supporting Isis supporter turkey, Remember Isis beheaded our brothers Kassig and Foley among others? U.S is supporting people who kill Americans. That is a definition of SUPER HYPOCRISY.

  174. So who is it that is saying nuclear war is likely? I mean if you want to make the claim Polina maybe cite sources? having said that you’re f hot. wanna be my mail order bride? Or

  175. That’s not a realistic assessment. Talk is cheap. Russia has never used any of it’s ordinance, nor is it practical to assume Putin wants his name tied in with the end of human civilization, because that is the reality of the situation. Russia isn’t even fully prepared to repair it’s own economy, much less maintain a conventional standoff with the rest of the free world.

  176. This writer Polina spreads this disinformation about russia and she writes with such an anti west view and inaccurate view. actually america and england can vaporize moscow and russia just as easily as russia can do it, But ,in a conventional war, russia get’s their ASSES whipped by NATO. Not even close.

  177. Now do you think it’s worth for us to destroy the world for bunch of murderers called turkey. Turkey deserves this. I would be extatic if turkey is distorted. After all who the f*** is turkey for us, we don’t owe them anything to support them over Christian Russia.

  178. Looser can never do anything positive, they can only spoil something good and hinder someone else s success.
    Hope Russia will choke with its nuclear weapon.
    Monkey with pistol……….

  179. Serge, I owe you an apology. Since I’m one advocating peace I never should have stooped to your level with the insults. This is a perfect way to ensure a lack of communication between the two of us and only serves to inflame passions even further. So let cooler heads prevail. BTW, my question still stands, do you not fear a nuclear bomb dropping on you?

    I’m sorry to hear that your son is a pilot in the Middle East right now but do you honestly believe dropping a nuclear bomb on Turkey would guarantee his safety? If anything it would guarantee that he would not survive. And along with his death you can add all of the other millions that would die all over the world, and in all likelihood, you and the rest of your loved ones. So the only way to guarantee his return is to seek peace with Turkey and to tone down the war rhetoric. Unless you truly do not care about your son, your loved ones and all of the innocent people that would die?

    Just so you know, my wife is Russian and I have nothing against the Russian people. I just don’t care for Putin or his policies because they’re dragging Russia down. And if he keeps up with the war rhetoric, quite possibly the rest of the world. Now is not the time to fall back on national pride, now is the time to see what he’s really doing to Russia and its people. If you choose not to see it that’s your business. But it will not change the facts for what they are. And just so you understand my position, I advocate Russia and the West cooperating on the terrorist issue rather than being adversaries. So it would behoove you not to automatically resort to insults when you have no idea who you’re speaking with. Unless you’re really not who you claim to be and are just looking to stoke tension?

    I look forward to your reply.

  180. You are saying they are weak. Im saying they are not. You keep saying nukes is all they have, I am saying no to that. I am saying even before they had nukes in 1949. Even the allies did not want to go into the USSR due to the problems they would face, and that is when the US was the sole owner of Nuke’s…. Don’t you know history, or just trying to act like you know it all?

  181. I totally agree. Puting lives in the past. Even Communist Russia during the Soviet era realized that wars were not really for them. They broke the rule only in Afghanistan and paid for it dearly.

  182. while Obama is an ass hat it doesn’t in the least excuse Putler from his Orthodox church backed national socialist xenophobic experiment that is helping to prop up his kleptototalitarian regime. he wants to be Tzar.

  183. It would be ok to nuke turkey because they are not humans. Calling them animals would be disgrace to animals. Remember what they did to Christian Armenians?

  184. Turkey should have been assisting Russia in killing ISIS, not worrying about their “airspace”….IF that’s what Russia was doing. Turkey should not be in NATO and is definitely not an ally to the West.

  185. Erdogan is behind sponsoring the ISIS terriost and the NATO idiots are still backing this crazy guy. Putin is right in letting this scallion know that he is in DEEP S . Let him run to the hills as he gets his ass kicked.

  186. CRAP TITLE AND JOURNALISM…… This is why in many country’s the government monitors what is written and released to the public. To keep them from seeing article after article of this type of crap.

  187. If the Russians were foolish enough to dispatch any nuclear weapon in any direction at any NATO member, Moscow would be a smoking hole in the ground less than an hour later. They would only have themselves to blame for ending civilization on this planet. Its called Mutually Assured Destruction or MAD.

  188. I don’t think Russia has plans to conquer NATO, but I do believe that Russia is fully prepared for any armed confrontation with NATO. If Russia sees itself going down in a military showdown with NATO, it would not hesitate to bring everybody down by throwing a few of its nuclear missile at anyone that pisses it off.

  189. to poles stupid like your self I will explane , try why not ? do you fill lucky ? punk…. you not !!! exactly my point, but to shot down RUSSIAN PLAIN !!! are you fak out of your mind ? there is my boy my son !!! you fakers , I still waiting from my president to kill turka I need some turka asc , or he my get out of the office, Russia maybe need some one with bigger balls, sanction and all this cry Russia is that bad ? really? there is no christians left in mideast thanks to americans , and who is going to put america on list of state sponsor terrorism ?

  190. It’s obvious you are a Sunni most likely from Syria but if Assad had not used chemical weapons then he would not have been named for using WMD. What I do know is that the Christians in Western Syria are protected by the Alawite and the Alawite are a sect of the Shia. I doubt any Sunni would protect the rights of a Christian or a Jew or a Shia or an Agnostic or a Atheist or a Hindu or a Buddhist…get my message?

  191. Fair enough. But I believe it’s the Islamists that are in the minority. While Turkey does have a majority Muslim population, they have secular ideals. So it’s really the Islamists that are the backward Muslim population, and I believe are in the minority. I also believe Erdogan’s days are numbered. However, national pride is a very real thing and so long as this incident with Russia continues they will support him even though they disagree with him. So it needs to end, and quickly, without either side losing face.

  192. India is the largest importer of Russian weapons in the world. I don’t think the Ruskies would sacrifice India for the Pakis. It’s a friendship dating back to about 50 years or so. There is simply too much at stake. But the ban on tourist travel to India remains intriguing to me. All this to support the Chinese economy ? There are plenty of other ways to do it without jeopardizing ties with India. I am really confused.

  193. India is the largest importer of Russian weapons in the world. I don’t think the Ruskies would sacrifice India for the Pakis. It’s a friendship dating back to about 50 years or so. There is simply too much at stake. But the ban on tourist travel to India remains intriguing to me. All this to support the Chinese economy ? There are plenty of other ways to do it without jeopardizing ties with India.

  194. Turkey in general and Erdogan in particular must be punished for its extraordinary stupidity and its shocking miscalculation.

  195. I meant that the progressive secular Turks are the minority, which I believe to be true, and is why they can’t get rid of Erdogan in their elections.

  196. Turkey has 110 NUKES at the time of cold war, if Turks need can borrow from Pakistan,, Russians can go to hell with all you good looking

  197. Thank you for this great comment, which tells the truth of the matter. Erdogan is ISIS’s ally and Erdogan is supported by the U.S. So the Obama’s U.S. is an ally of ISIS.

  198. at hundreds of miles an hour? No.
    They assumed they couldn’t have been Russian because they were in the air actually flying!

  199. No one really gives two s about Russia. And after visiting Russia myself about 7 years ago, I can honestly say, no one has missed a thing by being scratched from Russia’s tourist list.

  200. Erdogan offers to resign if Russia’s claim of him profiting by selling ISIS fuel is true.
    I DARE Soviet Pootin to make the same offer if his propaganda is false!

  201. I know and understand that there is no such thing as a limited nuclear war….
    Russia on the other hand, might just be convinced they could if they picked on a weak enough nation..

  202. Nuclear war will not happen over pumpkin-head Erdogan’s blunder. Russia does not have anything to fear from Turkey, and NATO will not be the aggressor in a war with Russia. Worst case: Russia shoots down a couple of Turkey’s jets that are going after Assad’s fighters in Syrian airspace. I’d be ok with that, because I happen to agree with Putin that now is not the time to remove Assad.

  203. First: Russia,i.e. USSR, was responsible for tieing up 260 German divisions in WW2 especially during the 1944 push from Normandy Beachhead – without which the allied invasion would not have succeeded. Second: Russia, USSR, had many agreements in place with multiple US Presidents regarding “Containment of NATO forces and equipment from pre-October 1973 Borders from which many resulting non aggression agreements formed the Foundation of Peaceful Co-existence. Third: Russia, USSR, agrred and implemented shared Intelligence operations revolving about Terrorism and Anti-State activities with all Western Nations esp., USA, France, UK and Germany. Fourth: The Abject failure of Pres Obama’s Admin and his covert actions to develop ISIS groups and other “Free-Rebel Groups’ from No. Africa to Middle East and his Failure to understand the Middle East and Side with Sunni-Saudi Arabia and not to take down ISIS Oil ops and Not to take down 3 miles of ISIS lined up on the road driving freely to their next encampment indicates clearly that the Illogical wild card of East West relations is Pres Obama and what appears to be his irrational actions for 7 years now. And finally, by agreement the Su 24 Bomber was not escorted nor did it have air to air armaments due to agreements with NATO and USA. So tell me, who is at fault for the insulting irrational aggression against a Friendly Nation that Russia was when It alone was destroying the friggen terrorists ??? And doing it in about 60 days since the USA politicans had hog-tied our own military from dropping its ordiance on ISIS ?

  204. “Nuclear power” hmm, the North Korea also has so what should we do? Wait until this North pole bear reacts like Kim Jun Un….

    One sentence “RUSSIA COUNTRY OF THE PAST” no need to fear of these clumsy mass.

  205. I agree with what you’re saying, and I don’t understand what you disagree with. My point is that the backwards muslim majority are the problem.

  206. Russia wants a limited response to a limited, maybe tactical nuclear strike.

    Russia will win this.

    As the US has no stomach for MAD.

  207. Why do you find it necessary to insult? It was a valid question. I truly feel sorry for Russia with the likes of you existing. Willing to destroy the world over the death of a pilot.

    Okay, since you opened Pandora’s box, what do you have to say about South Ossetia and Crimea? Putin invaded under the guise of protecting ethnic Russians yet Russia has been bombing ethnic Turkmen in Syria. Putin ought to be glad Turkey’s not shooting down Russian bombers over Syrian territory.

    Live by a double standard much?

    BTW, you have no idea where I live nor my religion, if any. It’s people like you that give Russians a bad name……you ignoramus! For the record, I’m not Muslim but I recognize their right to their religion. It’s the radical Islamists that I don’t recognize.

    Deal with it.

  208. ha ha … I was thinking along the same lines when I posted. Just a bit different ideology but both are pretty radical with their rhetoric

  209. Nuclear war is a terrible idea. Ir the Russians used ANY nuclear weapon it seems obvious we would respond with a hard-target counter strike immediately. The point would be to catch as many of their weapons on the ground as possible before they could be used on us. Maybe it wouldn’t happen that way but maybe it would. Would Putin really take that chance?

  210. “…did not realize the jet was a Russian jet and would have acted differently had they known.”

    So we are to believe that Turkish Pilots don’t know what a Russian jet looks like?? Duhhh

  211. Why is it that every article that this Polina Tikhonova writes has to do with Nuclear war? It is beyond irresponsible to continually talk of the death and destruction of millions of lives, human and otherwise, simply because it generates attention. This type of attention by so many can only lead to negative outcomes, as the same thoughts by so many can actually have an effect. The use of nuclear weapons by anyone for any reason is a game point that NOBODY wins, and for so many people to truly be willing to consider these weapons as an option tells just how widespread that lack of a developed consciousness truly is in this world.

  212. I disagree. If anything the moderate and secular Turks are probably fearful of the Islamists because they have shown what they are capable of. If this were not the case then Turkey never would have been a secular nation for as long as they have been before Edrogan appeared on the scene.

  213. Hey moron, I’m more scare my son to be shot down by roue state like yours and you not going to pay with your life for that , this is keep me wake at knight, do you hetre me ? you muslin sheete

  214. Fear-mongering to the fearful…….
    Who writes this stuff?

    There is not going to be nuclear war over this mess.
    The Russians have many problems, but they are smarter than that.

  215. Oops…my bad, I didn’t realize you were talking about the actual GOP debates. I thought you were referring to debates on boards such as this. No biggie because my position still stands. They’re no different than any other politician and will say what they need to get elected. But in the long run the American people do not hate the Russian people, just the politicians. And who doesn’t dislike politicians? LOL

    Anyone who claims they hate the Russian people without a valid reason are ignoramuses. And even if they had a valid reason they would still be ignoramuses for hating an entire population!

  216. Which shows their weakness. Their switch to a first strike doctrine and the constant threat of nuclear war shows they are not even much of a regional power.

  217. The problem is that the intelligent progressive Turks are the minority. Erdogan gets his power from the backwards mostly uneducated muslim population. So yes, a good many of the Turkish people are the problem.

  218. Quite true, but not all of them. Heck, even the author of this article is hot, and she’s full of crap!

    BTW, my wife is not as young as she used to be so her hotness has faded somewhat. But she’s still treated with respect and has never been subjected to what Alex is saying, or those he’s quoting.

  219. Larry, regarding Russia’s economy – this may be the case. But the fact is, they still have what is know as a NUCLEAR DEVISE. They don’t just happen to have one they happen to have a whole sht load of em, Larry. Watcha think about that?

  220. So this writer is calling the Russian pilot a liar because he said they received no contact from the Turks but this writer has completely ignored what the pilot said is publishing parrot fashion what she has been told by one can only assume the usual suspects. I won’t be taking Yahoo news very seriously that’s for sure not with this calibre of writing!

  221. Russia wants a limited nuclear war with the west. Such a war would destroy wealth by crashing the stock markets. The move towards liquidation would be disastrous. As long as generals keep thinking along the lines of a “winnable” nuclear war the outcome will spell disaster.

    This would not redistribute wealth but simply devalue wealth and that would bankrupt debt holding Governments such as the United States.

    Furthermore, a limited nuclear strike would also allow other debtor states to simply default further eroding the western banking system. And the result would be the end of banking and the end of the economy.

    The only defense for the West is a limited strike needs to be answered with an ALL-OUT strike.

    Mutually Assured Destruction is the ONLY defense against any use of nuclear weapons. The is no such thing as a measured response using nuclear weapons.

  222. ICAN, FAS, ACA(and no this is not the Affordable Care Act, rather the Arms Control Association), Ploushshares, START treaty. I could go on but why?

    In other words unlike the other gentleman, I did not just pull that absurd assumption out of my backside.

  223. Few weeks ago Russia planes approached US aircraft carrier. I have seen news on which US jets escort Russia bombers which invade the US airspace(coastline, not the territory). I did read that Turkey often flies over Iraq and Syria unauthorized. Yes it remains. It really seems overreaction.

  224. For Assad to give the Kurds full autonomy that would be a Machiavellian move, of which I am dead sure Bashir al Assad is incapable.

  225. True, theres Incirlik Air Base which has a U.S. Air Force which has about five thousand airmen stationed there. Also, this base is one of six NATO sited in Europe which hold tactical nuclear weapons. I truly doubt Russia wants to mess with Turkey and especially with this base.

  226. Russell, I am not saying that this is USA position. Just like I am not saying that this crazy nut head Zhirinovsky represents anything Russia is doing.
    P.S republican party is a minority? lol.. that’s half of the country.. What about McCain? Or this crazy moron Ghram? Come on.. Minority? Really?

  227. “…removing India from the list is not fully comprehended in the current geopolitics.”

    That’s easy…. Russia is allied with Pakistan. The Paki’s are no friend of the US after the Osama bin Laden Raid, they supplied Iran with centrifuges to enrich uranium and they are Russia’s proxy to deliver nuclear materials to Iran.

  228. Of what? 1980’s Soviet technology? Without nuclear weapons, Russia would have no choice but to behave itself. With nuclear weapons and a conquest-thirsty tyrant at the helm, all you could possibly accomplish is the end of the human race. That’s it. If Russia attacked any NATO member with a nuke, Russia would no longer exist. It wouldn’t be too long before the rest of us perished to the fallout of mutual destruction.

  229. I was thinking the same thing. This article is outrageous. The 2 sources are an amature Russian analyst and a low level Russian politician known for his outrageous statements. From there she makes the leap to ‘Nuclear War Signals’. Its unfortunate that a few will take her seriously without bothering to think.

  230. Where did you get your information from? I don’t know how you can be so authoritative on your numbers. These are super military secrets and as such you are playing a numbers guessing game.

  231. Please explain how a nation with a crippled economy and outdated military is going to conquer NATO? Furthermore, while I understand you despise The US for personal/political/nationalistic reasons, what did they have to do with Turkey shooting down an aircraft that violated their sovereignty? There is the world in the eyes of stan mahan, then there is the world in reality. The two are not synonymous.

  232. Yes, just as America does when Russia comes to close to our territory in Alaska. They infringe on other countries territory all the time. We’ve launched 58 interceptions in the past 2 years of Russian jets near Alaska.

  233. Despite what apocalyptic movies would have you believe, Fallout doesn’t travel that far. You’d have to drop thousands of bombs in the right places to cover the entire earth with fallout.

  234. Actually the majority of the US will be safe. Russian missiles are slow and outdated compared to ours. We’ll be able to shoot down the vast majority. Very likely DC, NY and parts of California will be hit simply from the number that will come at them, but the rest will be fine.

  235. Actually it does justify shooting a plane down. Do you really think Russia could fly a bomber over occupied United States soil for 17 seconds without being shot down?

  236. Russia will go home with it’s tail between it’s legs. They are trying to act like a super power and that’s just not the case. Their total Economy is much smaller then the State of California their are 3 Country’s in South America that have better Economy’s then Russia not to mention France England Germany and a few others in Europe. Oil prices are down so Russia gets poorer by the moment. Spend what little you have on Wars makes no sense.

  237. Just a note. The United States could launch an ICBM from any of 4 different bases In and around Alaska, that could land in Moscow from orbit in less than 3 minutes. Virtually impossible to detect and intercept. You’re not the only ones who can play god.

  238. she should return her masters degree and go back to school to learn how not to write tripe. And what about the KAL and Ukraine shootdowns – nobody started a nuke war over them.

  239. gh79, I looked at the Google map of the region. Where, exactly, is Russia’s route to the Mediterranean? The Danube is a long and winding river and the canal goes to the Rhine and the North Sea not the Mediterranean Sea. I couldn’t find any canals from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea then through Iran into the Persian Gulf.

  240. Didn’t you know? The US has complete and total control over every country. Why Russia dares to challenge the masterminds of the entire world i’ll never understand.

  241. The key words here are, “one of those idiots.” Do not confuse the USA with these idiots because they haven’t a clue. They would probably be the first ones to puke at the sight of a dead body. So cool your jets and recognize that they are a minority, with no clue, while the majority recognize the equal rights of all.

    BTW, my wife is Russian and she has never been threatened. If anything her experience is the exact opposite.

  242. 100’s of millions you mean. NATO can’t ignore a nuclear assault from Russia. Moscow would follow Turkey very quickly.

  243. Almost everything that I have read which was written by Polina Tikhonova, wreaks of biased Russian opinion and seems to instigate conventional or nuclear warfare between western and eastern aligned nations. She slants her biased opinions in a manner that almost always portrays Russia as a “victim” of treacherous American/pro-West policy. Truth is not a virtue that this woman believes in nor reports. Most of her “stories” appear in ValueWalk, which is a Russian supported, anti-West propaganda machine that continues to post her numerous articles in an attempt to indoctrinate the multitudes of people that are not already being brainwashed by Putin’s new world KGB. She is nothing more than a glorified Russian spy with a mission to infiltrate and create chaos through use of media outlets. Sadly, as with most “pretend reporters” that can be found on both sides of the proverbial fence, she does not report the news in an unbiased manner, but in the manner that her Russian government leaders have told her to report the news. Her purpose is not to “inform” the reader of her propagandist posts, but to dubiously conceal the true facts and intentions from her followers, while instructing them on what and who they should believe, and how their “opinion” should be formed and accepted as the enlightened truth. For this reason, Polina Tikhonova will always be considered a well-educated, highly paid Russian troll, heavily influenced and controlled by Putin and the Russian government.

  244. Hey, Great idea ! We could cut a deal with Russia,in an article 5 response we wont destroy them and will allow them to wipe Turkey Off the Map… a trade however and the same day we Drop 2 on Iran and destroy them off of the Map…wow what a better place the world would be.

  245. Dear writer Polina, I guess you should know Vladimir Zhirinovsky well. Nobody takes him seriously, he is clown. So if you write serious political article don’t use information based on clowns words.

  246. the problem is that it would take so many nukes that the radioactive fallout would wipe out most of the rest of the world – except those that had shelters like most major world leaders.

  247. The Turkish people are not the problem, Erdogan and his Islamists are. Nuking an entire country and an innocent population for the actions of its leader would be worse than what the Islamists are doing.

  248. Since Putin and Russia want to flirt so easily with danger, why not Nuke Russia before Russia has a chance to nuke someone else. How do you like them apples “Just Serge?”

  249. He could never ever even come close to winning,he isn’t stupid, or is he? there is no such thing as a limited Nuclear war when 1 country goes down they all go down…make no mistake about it,, don’t be stipid

  250. Serge, think about this for a second. Putin invaded South Ossetia and Crimea under the guise of protecting ethnic Russians who happened to be citizens of their respective countries. Now Putin is bombing Turkmen, ethnic Turks who happen to be citizens of Syria. Do you honestly believe this is all about a 17 second incursion into Turkish airspace? It is my belief that Turkey downed the Russian bomber for the same reason Putin invaded South Ossetia and Crimea.

    While I do not believe Turkey should have shot down the Russian bomber and Erdogan is a realistic threat, Putin is acting as a hypocrite and is governing by a double standard. And attacking Turkey risks drawing in NATO which would be the beginning of WWIII. Are you ready for a nuke to fall on you and your loved ones? As for me, I say stop with all the war rhetoric and let cooler heads prevail as I have no desire to live in a post nuclear apocalyptic world.

  251. You are really paranoid, my name is not Bruce and I only have a single identity. I am also not a troll. As far as depression, the U.S. is no.1 I just checked. Move along pal, don’t bother replying.

  252. Russia Economy is smaller then the State of California by far smaller then 3 of the larger South American Country’s smaller then France England or even Spain and many others do you really think their a power to be recognized?.

  253. YES! Innovation and new inventions always create extreme prosperity for those involved. DUH! Please do not state, “where are WE NOW?” LMFAO You are not part of the “WE!” You know it! Communist TROLL! Being the “king” of replication is funny and true for China! Cheap replicas of fashion (rip apart!) , military equipment and all products always has this one tiny problem! LMFAO They look good, but do not perform as well at all. All “Made in China” products are craep! (SP purposely) And to state Mr. Russia that Miserable weather makes one live a happy life is disputed by all with a brain as well! Russia has the highest depression rate in the world! Drunks, sad people, and misery are so common I suggest you read up on that tidbit of common knowledge, maggot soviet wannabe troll! Your entire reply is a joke and all reading it laugh at you! What a funny man you are? LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO HAHAHAHAHAA

  254. You need to pay attention to the Author.. P0lina is just a very angry at Russia Ukrainian woman that works for value walk. Anyone that knows ANYTHING about Vladimir Zhirinovsky knows that this is total BS.. Vladimir Zhirinovsky is like Donald Trump multiplied by 1000. No one listens Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

  255. Mickael, how is this propaganda? North Korea is always threatening to nuke South Korea and America and if this article is true then Putin is no different. And what does censored news have to do with this? Stay on track and do not change the subject.

    BTW, regardless what anyone believes, Western news outlets are not censored and their governments cannot stop them from reporting the truth, while in Putin’s Russia it is the opposite. What I do object to regarding Western news is many do not verify their facts before rushing to publication in order to scoop the other guy. Many report the same story almost verbatim! However, this is not evidence of censorship, it is evidence for laziness. If you believe differently then how would you explain news reporting on government corruption and all the anti-government websites? In America freedom of expression is guaranteed in the constitution and we take it very seriously. If the American government ever tried to restrict it or take it away, you would probably witness a new American revolution. That’s how serious we believe in it.

  256. JR, MJ said he voted for the other guy, twice, instead of Pres. Obama. Are you saying that candidates Sen. McCain (2008) and Gov. Romney (2012) somehow invaded Iraq to cover up Pres. Bush’s 9/11 fiasco and Pres. Clinton ignoring and dismembering the intelligence community? I hope you are not planning to write a history book.

  257. Threat of Nuclear war? Is big bad Putin taking PR lessons from North Korea? Murdering 100,000’s people over a fighter jet that everyone knows deliberately ignored the warnings? Seriously?

  258. wrong again , Russia can fak up turka , just for one Russian boy , I can’t understand what a fak he waiting for !!! We need some one new in Kremlin with bigger balls

  259. Did you hear USA debates? every days one of those idiots say how they would kill, push and threat Russians.. or anyone else for that matter.

  260. Sure, a nuclear bomb will destroy Istanbul and kill millions of people and block out waterway access for everyone, especially Russians. A bomb drop in the middle of Moscow will kill millions of Russians as well.You have another tyrant as a leader, who could be worse than Stalin.

  261. Chuck, I’m not sure what MJ’s comment has to do with the article but Putin (Russia) does have considerable amounts of money, Putin does have launch authority over nuclear weapons, and he has influence over many of his neighbors by payoffs or by arm twisting.

  262. Mickael, now this is a more thought out comment, and you’re absolutely correct regarding the Soviets being an ally during WWII. But I would question that they were our “best.”

    Ironically my wife is Russian so I’m not one of those spewing hatred for the Russians. Actually, when I visited Russia I found them to be very likable! It’s Putin and his double standard policies that I don’t like. I told my wife in 2000 that I did not trust the man (nor did I trust G.W. Bush) and what he’s done to Russia since has proven my convictions about the man. He has curtailed freedom of the press, shut down independent news outlets under false pretenses and has ruined their economy by taking over legitimate businesses, again under false pretenses. And let’s not forget about the Russian journalists who have been assassinated for speaking the truth about the man. There’s so much more I could say but I believe I’ve gotten my point across.

    As for bombing ISIS, I am not one of those objecting to his campaign…..providing he stays focused. But since he supports Assad and is helping to prop him up he has diverted his attention and is attacking targets that he should not be. I honestly believe the West and Russia need to combine their forces and attack ISIS because they are the bigger threat to the entire world. I also believe we need to combine our forces to come up with a political solution for Syria. Because in my opinion, removing Assad is not the answer and risks plunging Syria into chaos no different than Iraq. Invading Iraq was a mistake America never should have made and we are now reaping the consequences. We do not need to do the same in Syria.

    BTW, in my opinion I do believe Erdogan is a problem who needs to go. I also believe it was rather petty to consider 17 seconds of overflights as a threat to Turkey. So the downing of the Russian jet never should have happened. But as I’ve already mentioned on this board, everyone is missing the bigger picture. The Syrian rebels Putin is attacking are Turkmen, ethnic Turks who just happen to be citizens of Syria. Putin invaded South Ossetia and Crimea under the guise of protecting ethnic Russians. So I’m actually quite surprised by Turkey’s restraint! If Putin wants to play with fire then he has to expect the same in return. It is nothing short of a double standard if he expects any less.

    You seem like a reasonable person so I apologize for accusing you of being a Kremlin propagandist. But you need to say what you mean and mean what you say with no vagueness otherwise you risk being misinterpreted. Peace!

  263. It is true Russia has a history of abuses when it comes to invasion of air space. This was the third recent event in Turkey. But honestly it did not justify shooting the plane down since it was just crossing the edge. It must be another reason. Turkey and Obama want to see Assad gone and Russia is keeping him. It is hard to believe Obama didnt know about the intention to shoot it down.

  264. Things to consider: Syria also flies SU-27M2s; it isn’t stated whether the Turks used Sidewinder (20 mile range) or Sparrow (30 mile range) missiles or canons to shoot down the SU-24; the Turks have shot down Syrian planes in the past; NATO isn’t going to share “friendly/foe” transponder codes with Russia; an experienced pilot should be able to identify another aircraft type but not from miles away.

  265. Anyone else remember the BS that Turkey played with the USA after 9-11-01?
    We had to Wait to get Turkey’s permission to fly our planes over their airspace…….

  266. U.S. state dept spokesman did not want to confirm or deny that the plane was in syrian airspace when shot. too sensitive a subject it looks like.
    Why would turkey shoot down the plane when France, US, and Russia were involved jointly and Turkey knew that. Would they have shot at US or French planes? Is it true that oil trucks are going to Turkey and they are providing arms in return

  267. Sure, lets just launch and drop the nukes, kill 98% of humanity, and get it over with. You think you are so safe in Russia. PUTIN and Obama will be safe in their bunkers (like Hitler before the end)… and the rest of you will burn like the rest of us. Fools.

  268. No one wins with MAD. They can play chess all they want but they can’t out outmaneuver an ICBM. While I personally do not believe the BS scare tactics of this article, if there is any truth to it then Putin has to understand that no amount of Grandmasters will save him or Russia if he’s foolish enough to play the nuclear card.

    You know, Nick, I have not read a single comment from you that supports America. Are you sure you’re not in Russia?

  269. You’d think that a country who desperately wants to be taken seriously, who desperately wants to be treated like a superpower, who is a permanent member of the security council, talks a big game about defeating ISIS would be a little more responsible than threatening the world with the nukes. Oh.. wait a minute… it’s Russia!

  270. Boy you got it all wrong, you are confusing the messenger with the one who is actually sending the message. The author is not the one who is threatening with the nukes, Putin and Lavrov are. Don’t shoot the messenger…

  271. Indeed! I made the same point too. 10 warnings? As the Russian fighter flew through a 2 mile wide neck of Turkish territory?
    If that happened to a US fighter I know I’d be expecting a major retaliatory strike. (Under normal conditions, of course. With 0 I’d expect an apology.)

  272. “You just chuck one nuclear bomb into the straits, and there’d be a huge flood. The water would rise by 10-15 meters and the whole city would disappear”… is that St. Petersburg to which he is referring?


  274. Wow, you really don’t know your history. Even Clinton knew of the WMD in Iraq, look it up. Bush did the right thing, the only thing based on the available intel and the fact that, oh by the way, we’d just been attacked by those ragheads. Where it went wrong was this President’s need for the world to “like” us and pulling our troops out of the region, which left a HUGE vacuum. And his incredibly, unbelievably naive comment to Putin about, “Hey, after the election, you know, I’ll have more room to maneuver.” If he didn’t already, Putin totally had Obama’s number, knew he had no backbone, no leadership, etc. And need I remind you of the red lines Obama drew, twice, and then retreated from. This president has no respect in the world and, unlike Reagan, unlike McCain would have been or Romney would have been, he is not feared by anyone, least of all a thug like Putin.

  275. All this as the President of Turkey’s Son owns OIL REFINERIES and SHIPPING and is BUYING ISIS OIL from SYRIA and refining it and SELLING IT TO JAPAN

  276. Russia has been provoking, and looking, trying to find an opportunity to stir up even more s…t.. Harassing, threatening, notoriously purposefully violating NATO airspace – and now threatening with nukes? Give me a break, this is not a normal country. Worse than North Korea on steroids. Permanent Member of the UN Security Council. What a stinking joke.

  277. im not on her writing, I just want to be on her haha ;) but I agree, her writing is fairly good compared to those others like you point out. now can I get her phone number haha

  278. Even if a Russian jet had entered the Turkish sky, the duration when the plane was within Turkey’s territory would not exceed 20 seconds, but Turkey said it had warned the Russian jets repeatedly in five minutes. Was Turkey in the position to warn the Russians when they were still in Syria’s territory?

  279. Peter, you have absolutely no f***ing idea what Honor, Respect, NATO, the Geneva Conventions (at least get the titles of your fantasy treaties correct) mean. You, Bozo, do not seem to realize that Tsar Vald the First is perfectly capable of unleashing some kind of nuclear war in that region. And, you witless clown that you are, do not seem to realize that the U.S. and all NATO nations are treaty-bound to come to their aid. Now think on that you sniveling twit and tremble in your boots.

  280. I’m not sure why people get on her about writing this stuff. It seems the same people read Salon, Vox and Huffington which often contains much more BS and lies.

  281. Wow, talk about clueless. Here’s a newsflash for you, here is a list of the countries with the most nuclear ICBM’s, in high to low order.

    1) United States 2400 active missiles with 7200 warheads, 4800 total missiles including inactive stockpiles.

    2) Russia 1600 active missiles with 7500 warheads, 4400 total missiles including inactive stockpiles

    3) France 290 active missiles with 300 warheads, 300 total missiles including inactive stockpiles.

    4) UK 160 active missiles with 215 warheads, 225 total missiles missiles including inactive stockpiles.

    5) China, estimated to have at least 100 active nuclear missiles with 260 warheads.

    The rest is India followed by Pakistan then North Korea and Israel bringing up the rear. Is any of this filtering through that bonnet of yours yet?

  282. Ridiculous! Dow up $100, Nasdaq up $25, S&P up $12. If there were any legit nuclear war signals being sent, all these indices would be down 50%. Clickbait.

  283. I am angry at myself for wasting 2 minutes of my life reading this garbage. What a load of BS by an amateur writer who is most likely a paid stooge of the Russian government. Most of her “articles” are about nuclear war, WW3, and impending doom. Give me a break.

  284. Like I sad…WEAK!! If all they can do is use nukes to fight someone that can fight back then they’re chicken $hit fighters. They don’t threaten nukes when the are bullying a country that cant really fight back. WEAK Russia!!!

  285. This administration has, without any question destroyed ties with Russia and China alike, however, America would prevail because our military would act. Obama is a coward, pushy, offensive, and has made grave errors, but his little kitty will prevent him from acting like a big boy, and that may harm us if a serious conflict broke out. The French warning means more than anything this article could have said.

  286. If you were former military you would know how wrong you are! It is not North Korea we are concerned about, but instead a uniting of China with Russia that causing grave concerns. With the failing of this administration we have seen the cold war return, and with it brings new challenges that a real leader will be needed to correct. We have not been so close to a major war since the 1960’s.

  287. WWIII is actually a real and present danger as outlined by the French president. We have seen relations deteriorate with Russia and China alike under the Obama administration. Never since the cold war have we been this close to a major war, and it is likely to happen if we don’t have a change in policy.

  288. The Turks presidents brother is financially backing ISIS, so Russia is crossing a line with that regime. It is apparent the USA, Turkey and some others are actually backing ISIS even if indirectly by going against Russia. At least Russia is willing to fight ISIS, regardless of helping the Syrian president. The Middle East can handle him later, but in the mean time, if they are not supporting ISIS it would seem they would welcome Russia’s help/

  289. This is the type of Childish reporting you get …. This reporter has not a clue what she is discussing .. Bla bla bla … She also has no Idea of how a Nuclear War would certainly lower her readership…

  290. Tikhonova is an underfucked cretine, who has nothing better to do than to write idiotic science fiction (and of a very bad quality)

  291. Good Morning. To the Russian people my deepest respect and honor for your two pilots who are truly fighting the war on terrorism. Also the unprovoked attack on the rescue redcross MASH recovery helicopter crew. These are serious Geneva war crimes and Turkey as a member of NATO has the audacity to strait face lie. I do not think Mr Putin will make any nuclear attack. He will and is already showing Turkey that there will be retribution. Mr. Putin will not talk to Turkey, he will let higher NATO authorities rebuke this act of war crime. The NATO members shall take care to listen and honor the Geneva war Crimes listed acts of war when Mr. President Putin calls.

  292. World need Shaw solidarity and unity against terrorist country. Terrorist after 9/11 and Kashmir long time killing innocent peoples in world before they taking control those who supported Islamic terrorist also terrorist for world If need nuclear need to used this cancer without radiation need not going out Day by day their cancer growing Paris Bombay you name it Russia going in right direction let co operate solidarity remove terrorist Muslim Islamic country

  293. Do you really think that Russia or any other Nation would tell you their intent with something like this, give us a break. There are a thousand avenues that would be gone through and this is not one of them. Believe me, they are not that crazy and we are not either. It will take a lot more then this to start even a shooting war and that is a possibility if people don’t smarten up.

  294. 1. operation paperclip where he was experimenting them but never succeeded. plus hitler didn’t invent them, his scientist were working on it, but thought no to him.
    2. plutonium is not natural.
    3. that means NATO and the rest of the world joins in, and the worlds largest NAVY says China doesn’t get to the US shores, so that point is mute. Granted NUKES are not used if so world ends.
    4. World is over if nukes are used… I don’t get why you cant see that point.
    5. America is made up of many cultures, America hasn’t won a war without whites, Mexicans, Asians etc either! ur point??
    6. Karma is on everyone not just a country.
    7. People don’t support a global nuclear war either from any country.
    8. You don’t know common sense.

  295. you have? lol doesn’t seem like it.. sounds like operation paperclip to me. you are talking out your ass trying to promote yourself. so you did research as you claim, so you research me and my personal life as you brought up? interesting I didn’t know I was so important. hahahaha… Go back to watching movies for your info.

  296. Polina Tikhonova quotes her own articles to build her “nuclear war” hypothesis. Should be obvious now that a nuclear was is precisely what is not going to happen.

  297. 1.Hitler invented them and US stole it along with Hitlers mad scientist who didn’t face war crimes
    2. plutonium is Russia’s natural resource
    3. if america goes to war with Russia that means china is joining in
    4. if america goes to war with Russia Putin wont waste his time bombing minority ghettos. And once the white race numbers drop he will incite a civil war and supple the opposition with weapons and support
    5. America has never won a single war without blacks
    6. Karma is around the corner
    7. people dont support the american government
    8. ur in denial

  298. This moron is back again with another fear mongering fiction. She is on the roll. Take a look at all her articles guys. Most of them are all about nuclear war or WW3. I say she needs to take a chill pill. Why is this crap still show up on Yahoo? I wonder how much Putzzin pays Yahoo for this garbage to show up. I didn’t waste any time to read this gibberish I went straight for the comments. Comments are more fun than this so called article.

    For those that claim this author is hot I would suggest you get new prescription glasses. She is just another below average Russian woman out there. There is abundance of them. My wife is a lot hotter.

  299. Is V. Zhirinovsky the same, ahem, gentleman that proposed to destroy the United States by dropping nuclear bombs on Yellowstone? If dropping a nuke in the straights at Istanbul would raise the sea level there 10 to 15 meters it would raise sea level all around the Black Sea 10 to 15 meters. What a load of nonsense. Maybe a better name for his political party would be “National Socialist Workers Party”.
    On the other hand maybe Putin wants to stop tourism to India for fear of radiological fallout. India is down wind of Turkey and fallout does go down wind.

  300. You must be replying to the wrong post, but I’ll chime in anyway. So in your opinion innovation leads to a successful nation? The US is the king of innovation, and where are we now? China is the king of replication, they are well on their way to dwarf the US in economy and success. As far as the weather, most nordic countries don’t enjoy tropical or meditteranean weather and yet they live very happy lives.

  301. Russel, I didn´t say Soviet Union won the war. All I´m saying is that – ironically – the soviets were our best Allies (who would have thought that about them initiatlly?). Without them, we wouldn´t have make it. Same goes to them. Soviet Union would have probably be speaking german as well if it wasn´t for the West. But still, the West almost broke out at war with Soviet Union when german invaded Poland as we thought German and USSR were becoming allies at the begining of the war.

    What I´m saying is that there is a natural tendency of looking strange to Russia all the time and every time something like this happens. It´s like we´re trying to resurrect old ghosts. Time will show that the bombing on ISIS executed by Russia will stop the territorial progression of ISIS. It won´t be the end of it, but who knows it will be the beginning of the downfall of ISIS. I think we, at least in Europe, should be just a bit thankful for that, instead of using these unfortunate event from Turkey as a cynical opportunity to start shooting back at Russia and reminding them how bad they´ve been all these years and still are. Really, it´s like watching a bunch of small kids facing the older brother every time he stands and resolves things in his own way. True, Russia has a special way of dealing with things, quite direct, abusive at times, but most of the times, it works. And then secretly, we, in Europe, clap and are so relieved that we can go back to our lifes talking about economics, and tax raises unemployment and watching a few soap operas from the comfort of our couches.

  302. Putin seems to forget that Russia shot down a civilian airplane with over 200 people on board for crossing in their air space and that the civilian plane that was shot down near the border with Ukraine was a Russian vehicle and everyone believes it was manned by Russians.

  303. weak haha, maybe or maybe not. I wouldn’t want to be the country next door wanting to try out that thought.. Knowing they have nukes if they were in fact “weak”…. they might not have a billion sticks but they have the tree they can push over on your country that’s for sure…..

  304. Actually, it was George W Tard’ who helped put Nouri Al Maliki in power in Iraq, the very leader who decided to go on a Sunni purging binge that sowed the roots for ISIL’s existence in the first place. Maliki along with Al Qaeda were the ones who helped start a Sunni vs Shia civil war that the US, Russia and others are currently entrenched in. Had al Maliki been tossed out the very first time he started his anti-Sunni purging in the Iraqi government, ISIL would probably not be what it is today. And it was also George’s “economic assistance” of Sunni rebels that were fighting Al Qaeda that helped fund the start of ISIL.

    Obama’s failure to realize that the growing Sunni vs Shia war helped cement ISIL’s rise to power, but lets not incorrectly assume that he was the one that started it all, he’s just guilty of turning a blind eye and making the situation a lot worse!

  305. OK…you asked for it, buddy. Here are your ignorant quotes, followed by my educated replies.

    “(probably in turkish, nr 1 language in the world),”

    Actually, no, Mickael…English is the international language of aviation during intercepts…not Turkish. Like it or not, Russian pilots are well-versed in it as well.

    “but did not have the time to identify a jet which – by the way – is quite common in Russian air force, and – guess what – it´s definitely not operated by any nation that means harm to Turkey”

    You mean, other than the Syrian Air Force…which currently operates 20 Su-24s? Hmmm…where did this shootdown take place? I’m pretty sure it was near the Turkish/Syrian border.

    “Definitely, any experienced pilot would be able to identify an SU-24 in the skies at close-medium range before shooting it down, that excuse does not stick…”

    Wrong again, Mikael. An Su-24s radar looks like an Su-24s radar on the RWR, no matter what country it comes from. Unless of course you’re meaning to suggest a visual ID of markings on a fuselage was possible at those ranges.

    There…I hope that clears it up for you, Mikael. Run along now.

  306. Glad you gave us your other screen name Bruce! Russia is sooooo funny! It states that the sanctions and starving has made them stronger…not being able to sell gas has made them stronger…terrorism has made them stronger, and the west’s ignoring of Russia has made them stronger! I am glad you are so strong! LMFAO LMFAO Keep lifting those weights as the world laughs at your stupidity! Broke, drunk, nasty looking physiques, too cold a climate, no where in Russia that is like California, Florida, or Hawaii, two thirds of land that is uninhabitable, and invent nothing, gross leader! I would say your in great shape for the shape you are in! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Enjoy being subservient to the west and the USA! ALSO CHINA TOO! They do not trust you–just want to use you to achieve their objective! HAHAHAHAHHHAHHA

  307. Poopin’ is just like BroBamaGodManBro, a bag of hot air! He knows that if he launches against India, that India would destroy Moscow and several other Soviet cities, including Stalingrad! even without our help! I would hope that India is now retargeting their nuclear tipped missiles!

  308. I’m assuming you’re referring to G.W. Bush? While I have no great love for Obama, he inherited these wars from his predecessor and has been taking the blame ever since. Neither Obama or Bush have executed the “war on terror” in a satisfactory manner, but it was Bush who began it. He should have stayed focused on Afghanistan instead of trying to get revenge on Saddam for trying to take out his daddy.

  309. You may repeat that over and over like a broken record but we all know the truth, which you also know, that Turkey acted to protect its terrorist friends.

  310. Did you think of that all by yourself? Everything I say about weak @ss Russia is true. They cant fight a mans fight so they threaten nukes.

  311. Yet they can prove Russian jets overflew their territory……on multiple occasions. While it is rather petty of Erdogan to consider 17 seconds of overflights of their territory as a serious incursion, the fact remains it has been an ongoing issue and Erdogan said, “enough is enough.”

    Most people on this board seem to be missing the bigger picture here. Russia has been bombing Turkmen (Syrian citizens), ethnic Turks, because they are part of the rebels looking to oust Assad. Look at what Putin did in South Ossetia (Georgian territory) and Crimea (Ukrainian territory) under the guise of protecting ethnic Russians! Putin is living and governing by a double standard and hasn’t a legal leg to stand on. And now that he got caught violating the territorial integrity of Turkey with the loss of two of his men, he rattles his nuclear saber. He’s a psychotic megalomaniac who needs to go.

  312. you probably took 35 minutes to find the word “ignorant” in the dictionary and didn´t have the brains to type more than that.

  313. That must be the reason she is employed by a reputable publication like valuewalk; her sophomoric style of ‘journalism’ shows a total lack of objectivity characteristic of a Russophile.

  314. We do NOT stand a chance against ANYBODY running Russia, China, Korea, or Iran until Obama gets booted out of the White House. Iran will have a nuclear weapon months before Obama gets the axe. Korea already has nukes they can hit the west coast with, China has enough to destroy us, as well as the Soviets…. and with the recent Sino-Soviet pact, we are DEAD! Thank you American airheads for putting this TERRA doofus in office AGAIN! Yeah, Bozos… you get your freebies…. but what does it matter if looking up you see MIRV’s raining down on the U.S??????? You will be DEAD SOBs

  315. NATO is not forced to back up an attacker. Article 5 or whatever article is void when a NATO member is an attacker. and despite russia not being part of NATO, non-NATO countries have the right to invoke self-defense (the same way a NATO country has when it is attacked) and begin a war (thank God that has not happened, Russia is just doing rhetoric, nothing else). So Turkey is alone on this one and they know it.

    Unless NATO invent a really stupid rule to go against Russia right now (they wont). Especially when France wants to join forces with Russia against ISIS.

    The turkish politicians found a way to divert attention from the current geopolitical priorities (I would say deliberately, otherwise they are as dumb as asses to do this right now) and you have to wonder why. There is no way NATO would shoot themselves in the foot. I´m not worried about the current quarrel between Turkey and Russia. I´m worried of what will happen if and when ISIS goes down. The war on power over middle East will continue, no matter how many heads you cut down, everyone knows it. Turkey is just saying “I´m here, and I will be here whenever the new crooks after ISIS or Assad will rise again, and I might do some business with them”.

    It´s geopolitics. Funny game.

  316. Really? If it wasn’t for the allied troops advancing from the west Hitler would have had a helluva a lot more troops on his eastern front which would have brought the Soviet advance to a screeching halt. Your attempt to minimize the sacrifice of allied troops is sacrilegious. Like Nick, you’re just another paid Kremlin propangandist.

  317. Last time I checked the US has quite a few nuclear missiles of it’s own, and lots of them. Putin isn’t stupid enough to go down in history as the person who started WW III by attacking a NATO ally using nukes so I the US will call his bluff. Unless he is a complete retard and somehow forgot the lessons of Chernobyl, he is going to realize that nuclear fallout has this strange way of spreading throughout the entire planet almost as if it were carried by the winds, and his counties close proximity to Russia means all that nasty stuff is sure to waft his way.

    And that whole ,I voted for the other guy BS is why the US is so divided politically, no side want’s to take the blame and why should they, it’s easier to point fingers than get off your lazy ass and assume some responsibility for leadership failures that both sides are guilty of.

  318. I’m curious, Nick, how much is the Kremlin paying you to spread their BS propaganda? While I believe Erdogan is a problem that needs to go, Russia hasn’t been bombing ISIS, or at least not as often as they claim. Russia has been bombing Turkmen (Syrian citizens since Ottoman times) who are ethnic Turks. Look what Putin has done in South Ossetia and Ukraine under the guise of protecting ethnic Russians. He’s lucky Turkey hasn’t been shooting down Russian jets over Syrian territory.

  319. Israel:

    Democratic nation
    Jewish state but has a 20% arab muslim, christian population with full civil rights
    Over 200,000 black african refugees treated humanely and with jobs
    Law of Return that Jews worldwide can settle in Israel
    Only source of jobs/electricity for palestineans(arab muslim occupiers from jordan)
    All citizens and residents receive due process, no capital punishment
    GNP 300 billion from diversified high tech economy

    Saudi arabia, kuwait, qatar, uae

    Arab muslim dictatorships with no civil rights for general population
    Muslim states that refuse citizenship to Jews, blacks and even muslim minorities as well as poor arab muslim refugees
    Black refugees are either deported immediately or shot on site, not allowed to work
    Foreign arab muslims, refugees and palestineans are not allowed to settle, own property and gain citizenship
    Jews are not allowed, forced expulsion and theft of their property, Jews not allowed to visit
    GNP over 2 trillion mainly based on oil revenue via multinational oil cartel
    Finance muslim, wahhabi terrorism worldwide against the usa eg 911, boston bombing, europe eg paris attack, airplane shoot downs and hijackings.

  320. I always thought it would have been between other odd power couples like China Japan or India Pakistan. When you look at a map of the area, it feels as though Turkey has been stringing Russia all along. All they have to do is shut down the channel. Very insidious.
    Has anyone been reading prophecies lately? Many different faiths repeat a similar theme of when ‘soldiers march in italy’, it’s time to return to the motherland. I don’t totally buy it but it is interesting.
    I do think it was a surprise to Putin. If all he does is place economic sanctions on Turkey, it can’t be that effective as hurts the little people on both sides. The real fear is Turkey giving border rebels weapons to shoot the planes down. Libya too, might become the next stronghold of isis and it’s unlikely Russia will go so far. Who will continue the job?
    Anyway the whole situation has become very precarious and more so now after nuclear powers has allowed ‘pre emptive’ strikes on would be threats. I guess it’s down to the Kurds at the moment, if Assad can give autonomy and support their fight against isis and Turkey. Hopefully it will make Turkey’s position more transparent and harder for Europe and Nato to accept their behaviour. As per the article, no one has made any threats yet, that would be a disaster. Unless Russia has already moved them there quietly as a ‘last resort’ option if overrun.

  321. Exactly. But we do have dumb people thinking otherwise. You know, it´s the “Communism Monster” coming back again, let´s go after him, just… because!

    Let´s face it, if it wasn´t for Soviet Union (yes, I had to bring it), we would all be speaking german in Europe right now…

  322. ur defense…. try and attack the person not the argument… your facts are so bogus… do you really believe that crap you are saying??

  323. Nuks, AWAL? You must mean nukes and AWOL(Absent With-Out Leave). That is, of course, unless AWAL refers to a civilian whom is absent his duties without prior authorization because that acronym means nil to any person who served in the armed services which is where the original (and correct) term AWOL was derived….

  324. propaganda, propaganda, propaganda… one day, we´ll all know that our news are as censored and as biased as the news that North Koreans watch in their own land. All in the name of keeping the people happy and distracted from what really matters. Don´t trust everything you read…

  325. A little bit of explanation there: What Nick means is that Article 5 states NATO will only back up NATO countries that were attacked. Turkey was the attacker, which means the NATO countries may not chose to defend Turkey in the very unlikely chance that war breaks between those two.
    And no worries, Russia has learnt that economic sanctions are far more powerful and effective than war (they experienced that poison themselves and know how to use it as well). Mr. Erdogan may be seen internally as a hero, but he won´t last long if Turkey does not deliver economically on the longer term.

  326. What a biased piece of propaganda..This amateur author makes no mention of Turkey’s duplicity, in being part of NATO, but at the same time, buying oil from ISIS, & funding their endeavors with $$ and weapons, in their fight against NATO allies.
    Also ignored, by this wanna-be-journalist is the whole irony in the situation, considering, Russia & Turkey-as part of NATO- are both supposed to be fighting ISIS, when in fact, Russia’s the only one taking such action.

  327. Turkey won’t accept uninvited guests, but Assad and Syria must?
    What a bunch of stinking hypocrites……..
    Wake up folks….your leaders created and resourced ISIS, Al Qaeda and the others, and are leading you over the cliff…….!!!!
    By the way the bought and paid for mainstream news media channels like Fox and CNN will never tell you that….I wonder why????

  328. In 1944, after Syria gained independence from France, the new government prohibited Jewish immigration to Palestine, and severely restricted the teaching of Hebrew in Jewish schools. Attacks against Jews escalated, and boycotts were called against their businesses.

    When partition was declared in 1947, Arab mobs in Aleppo devastated the 2,500-year-old Jewish community. Scores of Jews were killed and more than 200 homes, shops and synagogues were destroyed. Thousands of Jews illegally fled Syria to go to Israel.1

    Shortly after, the Syrian government intensified its persecution of the Jewish population. Freedom of movement was severely restricted. Jews who attempted to flee faced either the death penalty or imprisonment at hard labor. Jews were not allowed to work for the government or banks, could not acquire telephones or driver’s licenses, and were barred from buying property. Jewish bank accounts were frozen. An airport road was paved over the Jewish cemetery in Damascus; Jewish schools were closed and handed over to Muslims.

    Syria’s attitude toward Jews was reflected in its sheltering of Alois Brunner, one of the most notorious Nazi war criminals. Brunner, a chief aide to Adolf Eichmann, served as an adviser to the Assad regime.2″ …The last Jews living in Syria were rescued November 8, 2015 (Jewish Virtual Library)
    Doesn’t sound like Syria was “protecting “Jews.

  329. lol you are funny! half your proof is just trying to discredit me as a person. hahaha go back to preschool. All your points are seriously invalid, USA has all those and do not buy its Plutonium from Russia… why on earth do you think the nuclear arms race happened?? USA showed off a Minute man 3 missile last year if you forgot. and a hypersonic ICBM, China doesn’t sell that to the USA either… Russia cities are not even worth an argument if you drop a a nuke or two at each city, Karma hahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahaha
    USA has plenty War experience too, but since this is a nuke war I think this point is useless as what troop is dancing around with a nuke set off 100 feet from him??
    America don’t need minorities to fight a nuke war for reason above
    Russia’s army isn’t filled with women and homos huh? really… could have sworn when I was in I served with some Russian women in Afghanistan and Iraq.. and homos they are everywhere… don’t mean they cant fight. Heck WW2 they did pretty well for both sides.. its just random talk from you trying to sound educated… Russia and China sells military weapons to the US… who the f you think invented them??? its 1940’s technology you don’t think we have evolved since then???? get a grip!!!

  330. I think shooting down Russian jet by Turkey was an immature act, knowing well the Russian ac was on move against ISIS and it was well inside Syrian border. Russian stance is believed to be logical.

  331. funny thing is tho russia was in turkeys airspace… like i dont understand why this is even a discussion. if it was a passenger plane than okay but it was a military jet in another countries airspace…

  332. “Erdogan has previously said that the Turkish jets which were ordered to bring down the Russian Su-24 last Tuesday did not realize the jet was a Russian jet and would have acted differently had they known.”

    Hmm… So in that case why did they not attempt to identify the jet before bringing it down? Or is the turkish policy “shoot down first, identify later”? That´s a risky policy then, especially knowing that there were russian jets striking ISIS close to Turkish borders… Might wanna revise that one, mr. Erdogan.

    According to Turkey, the pilots had time to warn the russian pilots 10 times (probably in turkish, nr 1 language in the world), but did not have the time to identify a jet which – by the way – is quite common in Russian air force, and – guess what – it´s definitely not operated by any nation that means harm to Turkey – including Syria (and no, ISIS does not have jets, not even pilots, just fanatics).
    Definitely, any experienced pilot would be able to identify an SU-24 in the skies at close-medium range before shooting it down, that excuse does not stick…

    So really, turkish rhetoric is really crappy and not coherent at the moment… they realized they messed it up, so why not just apologize, attempt to prove ISIS oil is not transported by the mafia within Turkey and clean some face? Oh, he can´t do that…

  333. This is the most rank fearmongering. There is not going to be a nuclear conflict between Russia and Turkey. Neither NATO nor Russia are suicidal, nor do they (I would hope at least) wish to be the progenitors of our species’ extinction.

    What I WILL say is, the Syrian scenario has caused everyone – on all sides – to lose their minds. Chaos. It’s horrible.

  334. you do understand without turkey the cold war mightve ended differently right? turkey let america keep nukes in its country which is basically russias neighbor.. people need to learn history, turkey is one of americas closest allies. and MAYBE those “white europeans” are backing turkey up because turkey didnt threaten europe with nukes like russia did… ugh uneducated world.

  335. On a brightness scale of 1 – 10, your comment rates a negative 10.
    Pay attention! You surely must be smarter than your comment suggests.

  336. 1. america buys its plutonium from Russia.
    2. Russia recently show cased a missile capable of travel 900 mile to hit a direct target
    3. Russia has better ties with china who also has more plutonium (also sells to US)
    4. Russia is larger and has less dense cities
    5. America has karma for all the evil it has committed
    6. Russia has had plenty war experience recently (Crimea, Georgia, etc)
    7.America would have a hard time getting minorities to fight in a war
    8. Russia’s army aren’t filled with women and homosexuals like yourself

  337. Putin has one more year to attack NATO and win, for the leader of the free world is AWAL!
    Obama might launch ours nuks three days later, IF AT ALL!

  338. The idiot is you & the idiot you voted for twice–who incidentally initiated the rise in terrorism by invading Iraq merely to cover Bush’s incompetence in the 9/11 incident & ignoring warnings.

  339. Russia has enough great super!! Can they deliver all of them? USA has quite a bit too can they deliver all of them? I thnk the amount that would land would be nearly equal witch is enough to destroy the other no problem…. sooooooo your point is what???? I have 10 rocks weighing 1 pound to your 9 that weighs 20 pounds soooo that means I can hit you more!!! Right???

  340. go hang yourself….. NATO was made to battle Russia/USSR and the Warsaw pact.. Never once has Russia been part of NATO UGH!!!!! Turkey is a country that should never been allowed into NATO however… The are retards with guns!

  341. OMG!!!! Bang your head against a corner of a table please…. Completely different things, you are talking about 2 very very small bombs. We set of two much larger bombs just to test at the Bikini Atol… Im sure you know all about that!! World is still here too.. . But we are talking about hundred if not a thousand nuke’s going off within hours of each other and like 100 or more times stronger than those used on Japan….. So yes a nuclear war did happen once I suppose… the level of which that war vs this one is just completely different…. its like fighting the greeks of the ages with tanks and machine guns……

  342. You IDIOT! How could that be a nuclear war when we were the ONLY NATION WITH A BOMB! And the planet is still here because those two blasts TERRIFIED the world!
    How does anyone get as ignorant as YOU! You must be a butt kisser of TRUMPTY DUMPTY.

  343. This writer Polina always with the nuclear war. But I like the way the line goes down the back of her stockings as she walks away.

  344. Hey Mr. President, you idiot. The 80s are calling. Its foreign policy and threats are suggesting your attention. Last I checked, Putin has A) WAY more money than ISIS or Al-Qaeda, B) um, NUCLEAR weapons, and lots of them, C) Major influence on its neighbors, D) etc, etc, etc. Once again, everyone around you BUT you are correct. Don’t blame me, I voted for the other guy, twice!

  345. Turkey doesn’t have nuclear weapons. The US has stationed some tactical nukes at the air force base there and they are fully under US control. Of course nuking Turkey will invoke Article 5 and bring the end of the world as humanity knows it.

    As far as Russia knowing how far to go in regards to pushing the button, I don’t know. They recently added the use of first strike to their military doctrine. Even the USSR never did that and had them strictly as a response.

  346. Putin is loosing it…. the mere suggestion of nuclear war is from another crazy… Is Putin a long lost relative of Hitler or Stalin?

  347. Syria is 2 countries away from Russia with only Turkey in the middle. Just how many countries away from USA is Iraq or Afghanistan. We have no trouble going all the way across the world and bombing countries and then object to countries trying to impose order int heir backyard?

  348. Start swimming yellowstreak, you don’t like the US? Your shotgun seat on the blindman bandwagon is your throne of superior ignorance. That blame it on the Jews rhetoric sounds like somebody who is under the real hereditary curse: racism. I bet you even vote like your parents and have never had an original opinion of your own. Worst of all, if you keep it up….you will be the guy in the street talking to the light pole. Why waste your potential with such a weak and predictible line of reasoning–you can come up with something better if stopped paying attention to that garbage.

  349. Putin be careful what you wish for
    ( Russia can easily destroy Turkey with nuclear bomb )
    come back and byte you in the ass…you will be nuked as well…Poof! no more Russia. Calm down

  350. Just media spin taking things out of context. And fulling peoples heads with fear, same old daily verbal diarrhea from western media outlets.

  351. Christians and Jews yes but not the Kurds. They are harassed and persecuted in Syria just like they are in the other countries where they reside.

  352. putin now has a route to the med – iran, kurdistan,alawitistan. He no longer needs to play nice with the Turks to keep access to the Bosphorus. He can cause all kinds of trouble. Say a nuclear test in international waters in the northern med which would ruin Turkeys fishing industry due to radiation in fish.

  353. Polina Tikhonova is a known propagandist. She attempts to mask it with valid sounding pontifications about the incredible might of Russia.

    Now that having been said, the greatest weakness in the USA is the Federal Reserve Bank Inc. It leeches money from the US economy, and has done so for the last 102 years. Putin saw the evil of the privately owned central banking system, and closed the privately owned Russian central bank, and reopened one that is fully owned and operated by the Russian government. The new Russian central bank now issues Ruble notes, as opposed to Ruble bonds. Their money is now created debt free. As a result, Russia can now spend as much as they want, to rebuild their military and do so debt free. By contrast, the USA must continue to borrow the use of their own money, and end up further and further in debt to fund even the most basic of military programs.

    So the people (and by extension the government) of the USA, must come to terms over this lopsided system. Either close the Fed, and reopen a central bank owned and operated by the government (and by extension “We the People”), and start funding everything debt free, or start learning Russian.

    It’s your choice America…………

  354. If TPTB think a nuclear confrontation or cold war will drag the world out of its current depression, they are wrong.
    They screwed up the balance of trade back in 1995 with the GATT treaty, and things have been downhill ever since.
    You cannot have a vibrant world economy when all of the wealth is in the hands of less than 10% of the population. And the results of such greed are inevitably death and anarchy, and the exclusion of fiat money from people’s lives…it becomes worthless.

    People will find a way to get what they need, and sooner or later the cops you send to try and stop them will be sent back in a bag. You cannot force people to starve or die from disease when food and cures are only an armed confrontation away.

    War is coming, but it is not a war between nations, whose governments have already turned traitor to their own citizens.
    This war will be against oligarchs and their lackeys.

  355. Some things just don’t go away, like the apocalyptic meanderings of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. VZ makes Donald Trump seem like a Mensa member.

  356. They are fighting evil for the whole world and we have to sit here & watch the UN & US PESTER & POKE Mr.Putin & Country. Sometimes I wish the SHEEP would go back to sleep or just get over the cliff their headed for. Our Fearless Leaders are giving us two horrible options. 1) Keep following one another over that cliff until there are no more sheep. 2) The Puppet Master & Cronies keep poking THE BEAR until he must eat all the sheep. Sure is heartbreaking watching our Leaders taking us down this path of no return and doing nothing but sitting around and criticizing leaders from other countries that are at least taking ownership and fighting evil. While all we do is sit around in fantasy land and pretend that we are still United & A Brave Great Country that we used to be. Let’s be Brave again! Brave is talking about the major problems we have like being vulnerable in so many areas. Let’s get some people in Washington that put fires out not fuel them. How can we be suck a Great Free Country when so many people are locked up and people that are not locked up go around and shoot one another in schools & playgrounds. If we don’t realize that we are not a great country anymore we should nuke ourselves.

  357. One dead pilot equals a nuclear war? The radiation could blow north into Russia and Putin knows that. He is just throwing his weight around.

  358. It’s a sign of how weak Russia really is in their conventional military and economy.

    Makes you wonder why no one wants to be their friend doesn’t it? /sarcasm

  359. Why would any white European country back these Muslim pigs in Turkey, let Russian nuke Turkey, they’d do the world a favor.

  360. Eza look at every article by this so called writer. They are all desighned to grab your attention and scare you. It is always total BS and Yahoo should be ashamed to allow this baloney on my Yahoo page.

  361. I agree 100%. I think he is unbalanced playing the dangerouse games he has been playing around the world i.e. probing each western countries defenses. In the nuclear age this is very stupid

  362. What is with all this nuclear talk lately? It has been going on now for about 5 months or so….Is there some kind of idiotic attempt to scare everyone? What a laugh! Whoever pushes the button also pulls the trigger of the gun pointed to their own head, so as long as we do not have a religious nut job as president, then we are OK….oh….wait….oh no!

  363. That’s how journalists get paid these days. After all, if they were intelligent, they’d be starving in the streets because Murdoch doesn’t hire actual talent. Right?

  364. And the idiot coke addict that was our previous President thought Putin was a good man.

    Personally, the entire human race has lost its marbles… and I ain’t too sure about me, either.

  365. Go ahead and nuke Turkey Putin and nuke Azerbaijan otherwise known as”Little Turkey” while your at it. do the world two favors at once.

  366. We’ve had a nuclear war before, back in August 1945.

    So far, planet’s still here unless Heaven has some badass wi-fi.

  367. wasps own the mass media and big oil…not jews. most jews and gentiles are just regular working folks and you aretrying to blame a whole group of people for crimes by the plutocracy which consists of less than 10,000 people on the planet.

  368. Last week, Putin said at a speech, in reference to Turkey’s attack on their fighter jet, “Playtime is over. Put away your toys, children. Russia does not want to be dragged into your war. But should you do so anyway… you will learn the true definition of pain.”

    Enjoy your game of checkers, because even Obama can’t play chess against a nation historically-known for Grandmasters.

  369. Low brow journalism–passing off Joe Blow opinion in this “matter of fact” monotone is both cage rattling and intentionally misleading. You want the inside scoop? I have a source on the inside who is a real parrot with years of overhearing foriegn military planning. He says they shelved the nuke plans due to dilligent media coverage; instead, the Russians will attack from the North at 3:15 PM armed with blame-throwers, generations of propaganda propellent, vodka, and the wisdom to know the difference.

  370. Why do they always have to bring up Nuclear crap. I would be completely fine with Russia putting Turkey in their place, but why the Nuclear talk. THey always have to bring up that crap.Seems cowardly to me.

  371. Why not? We’ve been a rather fine example of that for at least 15 years. Probably several decades beyond that, if you expand exactly what actions would qualify.

  372. Because if the Russians tell you to knock it off… if you’re smart, you cooperate. We’ve been “trying to contain” ISIS for what, at least a year and a half now, and they’ve been spreading all over the Middle East (with exception of a few countries).

    Russia decides to step in, and within 3 weeks obliterates ISIS’ logistical capabilities by bombing that oil convoy. That wasn’t us, CNN was doing the play-by-play on the bomber jet’s video, specifically mentioning it was Russia — right down to that little headline bar at the bottom of the screen — and then within 48 hours later, the story changed to us having done it.

    So yeah, if the Russians give you assistance, and they tell you not to turn that assistance against them… you don’t turn those guns back at Russia.

  373. Pretty stupid article. The muslim theocracy formerly known as the ottoman empire isn’t worth a nuke. Turks are useless deadbeats and would have destroyed themselves 200 years ago if wasn’t for European powers needing a patsy in the middle east. Right now their only exports to NATO are fanatic muhammeds that blow themselves up. I’m sure the EU leaders are secretly begging Putin to destroy Turkey to save their countries but he is probably just going to sit back and play the sides against each other.

  374. Bomb the hell out of them Putin we Americans will support you, in fact we will use the opportunity to overthrow our government and make you our president anything is better than thei piece of garbage that we have.

  375. Yes, Turkey is “backed” by Article 5. However, so is Russia… who was attacked first by Turkey. Normally it would just be seen as a mistake, but Turkey knew that plane was going to be crossing its airspace because we relayed it to them at Russia’s request. In addition, Turkey shot down the Russian S&R heli that went looking for survivors, no explanation given.

    Turkey was aware of the Russian jet’s path and timing ahead of time, just as our military knew exactly where that mobile MSF hospital was before we blew it up anyway.

    So if anyone is “backed” by Article 5, it’s the first NATO member that was attacked… and that’s not Turkey.

  376. Russia is beginning to sound as ridiculous as North Korea with its continuous reminders and threats of Nuclear War, which I doubt they would incur over a fighter jet. If we lose, so surely will they!

  377. Putin doesn’t have to bomb Turkey. All he has to do is start supplying heavy weapons to the Kurds — of course, under the pretext of fighting ISIS, which would make it awkward for the US and NATO to object. The Kurds have made trouble for Turkey in the past. Heavy weapons (tanks, artillery, surface to air missiles) would make them independent.

  378. Russian ballistic missile tech is better than ours. they could quite simply double up on every major population center in the us and europe, and still have some to hit every major military base in the us and europe.

  379. The Cold War has returned, not to mention the ever-growing terrorist threats, brought to us by the imbecile in the White House.

  380. Jack, I remember right, the Russians have way more Nuclear Weapons, and much more land than we do……no one may survive, but they are more likely to do so. I think you overestimate the power of the western countries.

  381. NATO would be crazy stupid to back up Turkey and risk a nuclear war with Russia. Turkey deliberately shot down the Russian jet and is lying about its incursion into Turkey’s airspace.

  382. this whole power struggle .. all this hate… what the hell is happening to mankind.. what are our leaders doing to this world.. this is totally unacceptable! You know it does apply.. TOGETHER WE STAND.. DIVIDED WE FALL!

  383. Russia is getting to be like China these days, they think they can do whatever they want to their neighbors and suffer no consequences.

  384. More hysteria written by Chicken Little. It’s a good thing the interwebs exist, otherwise this crazy “journalist” would be starving in the streets. Just who/what is she trying to convince, and to what end?

  385. US cannot us any nukes because she is a civilized nation and non-aggressive. But for Russia, I have my reservations. If they use their nukes means that Russia wants to be wiped from the face of the world. No civilized country will try such in this 21st century. If they try one, all nukes be pointed at the Russian territory. God forbid. Let Putin swallow his pride.

  386. We are the Biggest Bully of all! He hopes they fight back, so he doesn’t feel so bad when he erases them from the map in the real near future. Your wrong, they are used to fighting long wars like us. He’s going to deal with it, right before he comes and takes the title from us. Battle Of The Bullies.

  387. More Valuewalk trash “written” BY trash. I’d be more likely to believe this article if it were in the National Inquirer, (put it between “Big-Foot Taught Me How to Disco Dance” and “Your Cat: Alien Invader?”)

  388. I agree. Throwing a nuclear weapon or two at Turkey would not help Putin gain international respect or improve Russia’s, so called “super power” (not that they are one but is a goal of Putin) status. Throwing a nuclear weapon would be a huge and ill informed brain fart of Putin.

  389. Thought you could hide by deleting your post below? You are the typical internet basement dwelling pissant wimp who insults only because he is assured he won’t get his a-s kicked. You’d never say any of your posts to anyone’s face. Pussy.


    You took naval engineering course??? stick to flipping burgers moron…

    6:22 p.m., Monday Nov. 30


    Other comments by Nostradamus

  390. Justus- Nairobi
    thank you Warren. The whole planet is at risk. But a point of correction, the problem is not the journalist. Just refresh on what caused the first and second world wars. Same people on trivialities and greed.

  391. Absolutely no news of India being a travel advisory country for Russians in the Russian news anywhere. Somebody must be pulling your leg there….

  392. World War 1 started over Franz Ferdinand being assassinated. Yeah circumstances are a bit different but it wouldn’t take a whole lot for nukes to start flying.

  393. Sorry, not even close. The U.S. plane was clearly in USSR airspace. However, if not clearly in USSR airspace, the ramifications would have been much different.

  394. Russia is a nuclear superpower in recent time it has been engaging in belligerent rhetoric using its nuclear weapon arsenal threat. In the event of a war which involves nuclear weapons Russia is not going to survive intact. The West is not afraid of Russia’s nuclear weapon because they are equally well-armed with them. Is Russia more willing than the West to annihilate the world and that is the worry that seem to escape Russia’s attention.

  395. justus- Nairobi
    America is seated and prodding Turkey to provoke Russia so that Nato can get a chance to hit Russia. Of course then whole world knows who the aggressor is. Russia moved to Syria to lessen the suffering of the Syrian people after the so called Arab springs were unleashed to them. The world is not lost on the suffering the refugees had to go through to get to safety. America would want the world to believe that there are liberal rebels which they are arming and ISIS. Of course all boils into their interests as we saw in Iran during Shah Reza Palavi, Afghanistan, Iraq before and after the weapons of mass destruction, and most recently, the Arab springs.

    Russia has been very sober in global and I have been watching Putin closely and he means well. But if he is pushed to the wall the way it is happening now, the world is to blame. BUT IT MIGHT BE TOO LAAAAATE.

  396. Again this discussion about actually using nukes is a criminal act…Russia is talking about this in terms of revenge is just not civilized.

  397. Why is it that insane writers find their way into the media! There is no such thing as a limited nuclear war. If it happens, the planet will be destroyed and not just one or 2 nations.

  398. This lady (and I use that term VERY loosely) LOVES to talk about nuclear war. Like it’s some video game. She apparently has the brains of a fly. No one is EVER going to turn to nuclear war over ONE plane being shot down. EVER.

  399. We pay attention to the real world, that’s what grown ups do. The US with less money than Russia is going to punish them economically ten fold? We could finish him quick if we wanted to? Are you thinking we should send Batman? You stumped me on sanctions! Did you forget we are talking about Russia and not Cuba. Maybe we could start exporting Ignorant people from chat rooms to Russia and the stupidity will rub off on them!


  401. Polina the Russian Troll, once again expounding her native Russia’s virtues and desires to engage in nuclear war. As if.

  402. Yeshua if you had any brains you would know that the only human that is holding back the criminal minded mafia that is pushing humanity towards a new world order is PRESIDENT PUTIN.
    and the Iranian Government, but to try to explain to you all the details of who is doing it and why, it would take a writing of book.
    ignorant people like you have not even become aware of what the real enemy of humanity is, and that is because you are to lazy to learn to search for the real truth, but then again you are not the only one that is why we have gotten so close to a totalitarian fascist world government.
    I am sure that you don’t even know why the so called PATRIOT ACT was passed by our fascist American government, suffice you to know that the real ENEMY OF HUMANITY IS NOT OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES BUT IS INSIDE, what a better place for the enemies of the American people to hid in not under the very large noses of the American people and is nothing new they been doing it for more than 100 years but it just happens that is not until the INTERNET BECAME AVAILABLE TO THE AVERAGE JOE THAT WE BEGAN TO WAKE UP TO THE REALITY OF OUR POSITION OF BEEN SLAVES TO THESE CRIMINALS THAT HAVE MANIPULATED HUMANITY TO THE CHAOS THAT NOW MORE CLEARLY CAN BE SEEN AND ,OST OF ALL UNDERSTUD.

  403. You’re ugly idestam on the couch and talking bullshit so your pravitelstvo with the USA are sponsoring the terrorists will know not only what brainwashing you have all been stupefied all of you in Europe and USA you’ve sparked a war and Russia again for you work to do as during the second world war briefs

  404. Well, Russia may want to commit Harakiri by threatening countries with nuclear war. Russia will get it back if it survive. You simply cannot fight a nuclear war and win. It will end up in complete destruction of the entire planet.;Putin is a maniac.

  405. These Value walk articles just get stupider every week. They pay this kid a couple of bucks an hour to pretend he’s a girl and write these attention grabbing headlines to get us to click on the ads

  406. Ads are taking over Yahoo anyway. I need a source of actual News – not Kardashian Klan Blather (worthless articles) and endless ads. I am ready to switch in a heartbeat to better source.

  407. The Russian thug keeps stirring up the planet. Little Barackie is sitting in the corner wearing his dress thinking about golf.

  408. “Even during the Cold War, the US and the Soviets (Russians) never came that close over something so small.” – copy and pasted from above

    Oh yes we did! Almost over one single downed spy plane.

  409. Reports that a nuclear war between Russia and Turkey is likely? Whose reports? Name your sources. This is the biggest bunch of BS, and the author knows it. She’s nothing more than a Russian propoganda shrill. People who read this “National Inquirer” crap need to get their heads examined. I can’t believe Yahoo allows this garbage on their web site.

  410. Really I don’t think it would be of benefit of the Turkish people to allow Putin any further credibility. All Russia has done for going on 3 years is threaten countries, all around the world with nuclear war. Putin really does not I guess realize somebody sooner than later will press the button with all their nukes headed for cities in Russia. Some Muslim countries have less patience than others. Turkey has nuclear weapons, and a very good Army, Air Force and small navy. They don’t need a large on because they are an Ally of NATO. I would remind Putin that very few people are impressed with his delusional garbage. I never had any problem with Putin until he invaded Ukraine, and it continues to drop. I do not think the Russian people know the ramifications of Nuclear War. I know I would not trust Putin’s judgement after observing his actions.

  411. Seriously your going to print this &&^^%. Get an Education on Economics. They don’t Nuke they after your Trading Far Worse losing Millions.

  412. Nais turkey are nor right. They support terrorism and steal sirian oil. We Americans support Russia on this. . We need to get muslin terrorist out of nato.

  413. The truth is never ludicrous but blindly citing the American/?urkish version of it is:

    1) You don’t shoot down your ally’s /partner’s plane over a NEGLIGIBLE incident like that, let alone, in a time of
    war and knowing more than full well that it has no hostile intentions against you – that is if we’re on the same side in this war, of course, which is increasingly more doubtful

    2) Under erdogan, turkey has violated the air space of Greece, Cyprus, and Syria literally THOUSANDS of times and yet dares to preach that such incidents are unacceptable when it comes to herself – if that’s not a clear cut example of absolutely blatant double standards, then what is?

    3) It was not until Russia began specifically targeting the flow of oil delivery from isil to erdogan that our plane was brought down returning from exactly such a mission

    4) If you carefully read erdogan’s multiple ‘explanations’ of the accident you would be hard pressed not to notice that he’s either lying through his teeth or a downright schizophrenic because each successive account of the event – as per the crazy turk – ABOUNDS in mutually exclusive and self-contradictory statements, information and claims.

    On top of that, he was caught red handed in equally unabashed lies about not trading in isil oil, despite all the evidence to the contrary which was purposefully kept under the rug – not to publicly embarrass turkey and not to harm the common cause of fighting terror.

    So whose version would a sane, reasonable person believe: that of the turks who are now known for a fact to have been lying about isis oil, about fighting terror (in fact they support and encourage it in every way then can) and about the downing of the plane or that of the Russians who have hard, ironclad evidence to show for their assertions?

    5) And, last but not least, unless you’re a complete and totally irresponsible lunatic driven solely by impulses and altogether devoid of strategic thinking you would understand what far-reaching and extremely dangerous consequences such a brazen act of treachery and stupidity will entail – for your country, for the region, – and quite likely – for the world. Luckily, in Putin we have a statesman who understands what’s at stake and that sometimes you have to swallow your pride for the sake of avoiding a potential catastrophe, such as a war between nato
    and Russia, particularly against the backdrop of the constantly growing islamist threat.

    Having said that, should the turks be dumb enough to ever try something like that again – the response will be drastically different with all consequences to be placed squarely on them and their nato ‘allies’: the “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” principle is still very much in effect.

  414. Actually this isn’t the first time a Russian politician has mentioned nuclear weapons, Putin himself mentioned them in the last year!

  415. Once again, Putin bullies the world. The man is a sociopath. He has the right to invade countries and governs his own nation by the means of fear! Who will stand up to this tyrant. While the world has their eyes on ISIS, Putin is cramming his dick up our asses.

  416. Nuclear war over a jet being shot down? Even during the Cold War, the US and the Soviets (Russians) never came that close over something so small. The Russians shot down a U2 spy plane that was clearly violating Russian airspace and neither side was willing to go to war over it. Why would you kill 100,000 Turks for the sake of Assad or whatever the end goal is. I just don’t get it. Putin is an idiot. Moreover, the Russians or their jihadists in the Ukraine shot down and killed over 200 people on Malaysian Airlines.

  417. criminally uneducated?
    Why the english name if you’re a RT troll?
    Talk about nuclear weapons is ignorance!
    That’s the ignorance you evidently don’t understand!

  418. The talk about nuclear reaction is really nothing but childish talk. Russia should stop bullying Turkey with irrational and irresponsible empty threat, they knew very well that NATO is behind Turkey in this case and any nuclear attack will not save either side but specially the Russians.

  419. Russia start a nuclear war…yeah right. Putin isn’t even going to undertake a
    military response. Russians need to do a better job with their propaganda, at
    least make it interesting.

  420. nukes will never be launched all this is orchestrated by higher ups for the greater good. we will see a major ground war never before seen in history. millions will die in each battle for the greater good. the whole goal is depopulation my friends. where just about on the point of no return on global warming and world war is the only way to combat it.

  421. Who are we to talk? Two weeks ago the US tried to Run Over China’s New Island IN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA. We even told them we would keep trying. The conversation will be interesting after China sinks a US Battleship after they clearly warned us about the NO-WAKE ZONE.

  422. I was just trying to reach an appointment but no way because of damn traffic! Could not go 1 meter. Willies! I started to checked the news on my mobile and saw this information. Well, I can discuss the matter as a solution of the traffic jam in Istanbul. What else do you expect ? We’re still checking the gas leakage with the lighters. So, out please, those who do not know playing with the fire. :)

  423. Everybody is so on edge these days and If this happens everything that you know will be forever changed and a new way of life will take place once the rubble has settled.

  424. I am not denying that Russia hasn’t violated your space but knowing that their mission there was to fight ISIS why shot it down? If there is anyone to complain about violation of airspace it shouldn’t be the Turks, am sure you know how many Turkish jet has violated Greece airspace? ohh that does count because Greece is too poor to worry about the violation of its airspace. You people should once be objective.

  425. Putin is Czarist, and orthodox, the exact opposite of communist,… while you complain about Putin being in power for so long, you fail to notice the dynastic political families running your oligarchy. At best you are biased, at worst you are criminally uneducated.

  426. You hate Russia so much because they threatened to use nuke. what about the USA that actually used it twice? stop being an hypocrite!

  427. US threatened the world with nuclear war if they were attacked again after 9.11. So Americans are cowards too by your reasoning and logic.

  428. The larger question is who are you and the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization dimwits trying to fool? If Turkey and it duplicitous partners in crime were in Syria to truly roll back ISIS (as Russia clearly is) they wouldn’t be threatened by brief territorial incursions by those fighting their alleged common enemy. Only brainwashed fools believe the bs propaganda emanating from western media. Russia needs to level Turkey with nukes and send a unmistakably clear message to America and its criminal terrorist organization that its next!

  429. Hold your horses! I don’t know anything about nuclear weapons fired, yet! And, Russian are not the only ones posessing nuclear arsenal! Remember?! And if they do so, if they launch any of those nuclear weapons, it will be only to defend themselves from savage western bloodhounds along with their puppet allies, who created ISIS in the first place.

  430. The people of Turkey should leave their country before is too late.Go to USA american people will welcome you with open arms.

  431. Why Russian authorities are very eager to plan some nightmarelike scenarios show to the world that they are still in the influence of dark autoritarian communist regime. Does Putin consider himself dictator Stalin?

  432. My favorite kind of satire from my favorite writer in my favorite of my favorite tabloid. In the 80s, you would have purchased your copy of Valuewalk at the cash register next to similar papers proclaiming stories of people seeing aliens or insisting Elvis lives in their closet.

  433. Since the Russians have arrived in Syria and her air power started bombing innocent Syrians,they have violated Turkish air space repeatedly and Russia has been clearly and solicitly been notified that,we have rights to defend our air space.
    After,so much fuss,two Russian planes,SU24 Antique violated air space,they have warned 10 times before rocket fire,and one of them returned back to Syria and other one,has seen the ground,some parts arrived in Turkey.
    If there is a law,whoever is powerfull,he is right,as Russian absurd logic,many nations should start crying,unfortunately,Russian is acting in a haphazard manner,and taking some measures like new established african tribe country.
    I am sure that,this crise is to end,but Turkish state should get a lesson out this Russian manuevers and tricks,and start his ICBM and A-Bomb as soon as possible,just to defend his homeland,in case Russian Bears goes further to escalate the issue in which Turkey is 100% right.

  434. countries afraid to fight like men these days? instead everyone just holds their fingers over the nuke button what a bunch of morons they really want to see this world burn because that is all that pressing that button will do.

  435. I saw an article just recently about how the tires on the humvees our military use for battle have little to no thread and are even falling off the vehicles, so maybe we should re-consider picking a war with any country, especially a 3rd rate country that might just throttle us. Maybe Mr. Putin is bluffing a little, but after seeing his new WAR ROOM one might think we are a 3rd rate country It seems Russia & China our teaming up. I’m not even sure how you fight a war when your broke & don’t make anything. China could probably spank us with out even firing a shot if they decided to cut us off. At least we make guns & bullets here in the states, we’re probably going to need them in the near future to defend ourselves from the rest of the world. So, for all the Crazy Spineless Americans that keep going around and shooting up the coffee shops & schools save your bullets for someone that’s going to be gunning for you. Just remember we have plenty of our own idiots in Washington & Lunatics shooting up schools & churches covering the rest of the US. Let’s not forget Russia is home to THE MAN THAT SAVED THE WORLD!!!!

  436. If the Russains are ready to go toe to toe against NATO over this. This means Putin lost it, he psyco , there be no stopping what going to happen. It would just a . Matter of time until they find a reason to start this war. There will be no winner. Who ever shoots first will still lose. No one will walk away alive. If the bomb Don`t kill`us the fall out will. Putin you suck.

  437. All sorts of info being thrown around from both countries. Hmmm…. Maybe the Turks shooting down that Russian plane is opening Pandora’s Box. We shall see.

  438. Putin, DUMA speaker Zhirinovsky and Dimitri Kiselov, the head of Putins state controlled media are all lunatics. What’s scary is the fact that these lunatics have their fingers on a nuclear trigger.

  439. this is a propaganda website. the Russian politician is known for his outlandish statements, the equivalent in the US would be John McCain. This website’s purpose is to scare and fear monger the uneducated public. The fact is the United States has been out-maneuvered by a 3D chess playing Putin, while Obama and Kerry are playing pick up stix

  440. Russia has been violating our borders for a long time. There were meeting between the high leveel officials lastly from both sides. What if similar attacks happened to your country. we are neither crazy nor rabids, but if you think that racist and aggressive manner, you are an enemy and you are the rabid dog.

  441. When Putin came to power, he destroyed the Chechen separatists and strengthened the country. Now he can say and do not look back on the United States.
    USA is to create an Islamic state…

  442. Agreed Emmanuel. What an iditotic statement that “one nuclear bomb finish off ?stanbul.” Yes of course it can. But afterwards? Russia will happily ever after with the rest of the world? Lunatic remarks indeed.

  443. Americans still believe they are above truth and the God. And your opinion shows you are just the same. I wonder what would you do, if two of US planes would be downed in a situation like that. Right – your forces would destroy the attacker – even if it is in Turkey. Germans thought the same a bit ago, but Russia has destroyed several super powers already. Do not play with Russia the same games you have played all around the world. This country was fighting wars for 1000 years. But, I am sure, you didn’t understand my message. This is due to lack of education in your country. I know it – was studying for 8 years there. Just know it – Russia will fight you, much more furiously than you think. They get used to fights, you not. It is much better to chance US rhetorics for piece.

  444. How can we believe anything that is printed? Few if any just report the facts, or admit they lack all the details.

    So the result is that too many people let their emotions run, without really knowing the situation to be able to make an intelligent evaluation about what should be done, who is right or wrong, who is at fault, and so on.

  445. What’s so ludicrous about the truth? Putin even admits to a face to face warning from Erdogan about violating Turkey’s air space but chose to ignore it. Russian war planes have even locked their fire control radar onto Turkish war planes—a blatant act of hostility. I have absolutely no love for Turkey. They wouldn’t even allow us, (US) a NATO ally, to use their airspace and we abode by their terms. But in this incident they were right to teach Putin a lesson that Turkey is not Ukraine, or Georgia.

  446. Why does everybody from Russia talk as if the are immune from nuclear weapons? Irresponsible talk like this is plain stupid.

  447. We have to thin out the herd somehow! Russia is volunteering rather vigorously to be the first or second nation to make the sacrifice.

  448. stop parroting this ludicrous “repeatedly warn” routine – it insults any thinking person’s intellect and makes you look like a cheap, narrow-minded simpleton with no brain of your own …

  449. The USA REPEATEDLY thinks it can do what it wants around the world for MANY years now. Russia rears its head above the horizon and it;s “oh no, the evil empire !” Double standards. Hypocracy.

  450. Wow, Russia uses the threat of nuclear war to solve an issue? No way! Never saw that coming. But seriously, why are Russia’s propagandic threats of nuking their way out of problems on yahoo? We already know Russia’s only response to issues in life is violence.

  451. Right, threatening nuclear war is a very responsible act. Russia has been warned REPEATEDLY about violations into NATO airspace and about their pilots’ reckless maneuvers. Not only by Turkey but many other NATO nations as well. Putin thinks he can do as he pleases w/o consequence. Well, he just found out the hard way that he can’t. You had better hope Putin has learned a lesson to stop his provocations or more of his planes will be shot down.

  452. Turkey is not fit to be part of NATO.

    If the US and NATO supports Turkey in any way, then we would need a revolution or military coup.

    Turkey can burn to Hell. Turks are not worth starting WWIII.

  453. Putin has been used to bullying all these countries since 2008 invasion of Georgia..
    He finally crossed a nation that took action.

    Turkey is not the aggressor here, Putin is for CONSTANTLY violating their airspace AGAINST OBJECTION.. Furthermore, Russia was doing so to bomb their ethnic Turkman relatives.. NOT ISIS.. (same ethnic justification Putin gave for seizing Crimea, by the way)

    Putin’s Russia is also the only nation recognizing and supporting the criminal Assad..

  454. Ban Ki Moon and the UN that are supposed to mediate are quiet with the UN yesterday focused on Israel passing five new resolutions in favor of Palestine.

  455. Who you trying to kid??

    Russia would blow any foreign military plane out of its airspace, and not even wait for repeated violations or give multiple warnings.. What Western nation violates Russia airspace with armed military war planes? ZERO…

    Russia does NOT get to reasonably expect to continually thumb its nose at other nations and violate THEIR borders with impunity.. They finally crossed one that would take action..

    Your suggestion of going to volunteer makes no sense.. Go volunteer WHERE?? LOL

  456. you are a confirmed deranged lunatic on the loose
    stop yelling at people, psychotic f.kwit, stop embarrassing yourself even more…

  457. yeah! like everyone on this message thread, is not doing the exact same thing. i believe they, have a special word for that.

  458. Unlike the rabid turkish dog, Putin is aware of what’s at stake in
    this crisis not only for his country or the region but for the entire
    world and he acts RESPONSIBLY as all great statesmen do, putting anger,
    urges and impulses aside and focusing on the main problem at hand, which
    is fight against terror, in case you missed it, dimwit.

    Now imagine if he had retaliated militarily by bombing a turkish military base or
    shooting down a couple of turkish planes – what would’ve happened next?
    And who would’ve benefited from this? Clearly, neither Russia or Europe
    or uncle sam, nor the common cause. There would’ve been only one
    beneficiary from a drastic escalation of the conflict between Russian
    and Nato, namely – the very target of the anti-terror campaign, the
    terrorists themselves and it’s the last thing on Earth Putin wants.
    That’s why such a seemingly underwhelming reaction.

    Having said that should the crazy turk try to pull something ike that again (God
    forbid) the response would inevitably be by military means and the
    consequences would be long-lasting and dire for all. Let’s hope ankara
    has been talked sense into by its nato ‘friends’ and will think a
    thousand times before opening the pandora box for good.

  459. BOYCOTT ALL ARAB PETRO STATES OIL UNTIL THEY ACCEPT ARAB REFUGEES and arab/muslim occupiers of Judea. The german/turkish fascist oligarchs are attempting to destabilize the 1st world and impoverish the middle classes forcing them to pay for the 3rd world invaders and terrorists. Turkey must pay back armenians for the genocide and germany/holland must pay back all Jews and Americans for damages from ww II

  460. That’s laughable John.. We are virtually all “detached” who comment here..

    First of all… The Russians aren’t Syrians… Syria isn’t Russia..

    2nd of all… Only Russia recognizes Assad and the Assad government..
    3rd of all… Russian would blow any plane out of the sky who violated THEIR airspace repeatedly and ignored their objections or warnings… So who you trying to kid??

    I suggest you go yourself since you have your head up your ass…

  461. The head of the snake is the ultra rich white anglo saxon luciferians(otherwise known as Huns/Vandals originating in northern germany that now rule the uk as well) based in london, munich and the vatican. They want other nations destroying each other so a new roman empire(holy roman empire or WHOLE LIE)can rule the planet and control the worlds oil supply.

  462. And what would they gain by doing such a thing? Russia has been warned REPEATEDLY about violations into NATO airspace and about their pilots’ reckless maneuvers. Not only by Turkey but many other NATO nations as well. Putin thinks he can do as he pleases w/o consequence. Well, he just found out the hard way that he can’t and now he wants to whine and cry.

  463. This is about germany and turkey trying trying to impose a world fascist new order aka 4th reich, they are doing a ww I do over.

  464. The planet is run by multinational corporate cartels(mainly oil companies), they pit nations against each other….wakeup sheeple.

  465. The Russian need to shoot down any Turkish airplane that violates Syrian airspace since they are their at the request of the Syrian government. The Russian plane barely crossed Turkish space and were there for 7-9 seconds.

    I suggest you go volunteer since you are so eager to support Turkey. The majority of Americans could care less if the Russians bomb them.

  466. most comments promote, support killings and destructions of human lives, do we ever regret what happen in the WWII with the formation of UNO, powerful nations only do whatever pleased them so they form allies of evil and remain dictators the primary objective of the league of nations and latter UNO only unite allies sometime falsely for evil and full of hypocrisy, no real unity nor agreement, nations only meet to make individual stand and leave to go it alone or find an ally. for instance if there is a dispute between Russia and Turkey , what should happen, we only see treat and retaliation, attempt to drop nuclear bomb and decimate others, each trying to proof something and hold to it, so will peace been relative will continue to evade the world

  467. Makes perfect sense.. it can be the only reason.. I am a Republican.. nobody can make perfect sense for this POS worthless president..

  468. If Vladimir Zhirinovsky said this (“You just chuck one nuclear bomb into the straits…”), he is as big a fool as Erdogan.

    The world has real problems dealing with the oncoming disasters of Climate Change. About time for anyone who wants to be a world leader to start talking about that, and quit the war game childish nonsense.

  469. Where is Banki-moon? He is suppose to be the referee of the world for truth.He is silent over a serious global problem.Is it because Obama approves of the downing of the Russian war plane?Otherwise the UN was formed to avoid the like of WWII.Let the world body awake from it`s slumber & find a solution to this tense situation between superpowers before it`s late.

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    | Al’s comment is in reply to davidthornton: |
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  472. Al.. you don’t know what you are talking about.. tired of wasting my time with your unintelligent babble.. go fuck yourself..

    We are not in ancient times with these archaic weapons you f g MORON..

  473. “Russia intends to terminate the Agreement of Kars and Moscow, with the result that Turkey may lose up to 30% of their territories.”
    Treaty of Moscow (1921) – the Russian-Turkish treaty of “friendship and brotherhood”, signed on March 16, 1921 in Moscow between the Government of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Government of the Russian Federation. According to the agreement the Armenian Kars and Ardahan became a part of Turkey. Mount Ararat also appeared on the territory of Turkey.
    Under the agreement, Russia to renew every 25 years, and now is just the term of the next signing of the Treaty, which Russia can not do legally. In this case, Turkey will have to return the vast territory.

  474. This Ben person is an OBVIOUS pseudonym for a RUSSIAN TROLL.. I read every post this jerkoff makes.. mostly non-contributory at all.. so I singled this RUSSIAN TROLL out on every post.. peruse Ben’s “contributions” and you’ll see what I’m talking about..

  475. I foresee NATO expelling Turkey for this bad behaviour. People, and indeed nations with enormous power are imbued with enormous wisdom. They have a great responsibility to act rationally and with restraint even at the most difficult circumstances. Turkey has shown a lack of these virtues.

  476. To protect Turkomen,Erdogan had them move behind this little spit of land, protruding into Turkey, painted the attacking aircraft, and set up an ambush, having merely seconds for the shootdown…, and even then only able to lock on one…Putin knowing his planes were painted, should have sent air cover or CAP COMBAT AIR PATROL, overhead but didn’t, his mistake…Turkey for pursuing it’s course for such a ”parallel intrusion”, needs to be removed from NATO, as it had far worse vertical intrusions into lraq, to bomb Kurds…Perpendicular excursions are of an aggressive nature, parallel are not…So Erdogan needs to receive a good ass kicking, for his ego based actions of entrapment of a non-aggressive air space violation, while his own were totally aggressive into lraq..

  477. How is that Eric? You wrote.. I replied..

    Regarding Turkey violating Syrian airspace, ASSAD is not recognized by anyone accept Russia.. And it would be a Syrian matter to deal with anyone invading THEIR space..

    The more relevant point is HOW would Russia respond to anyone repeatedly violating Russian airspace against objection? They’d do the SAME thing as Turkey.. for sure.. The fact is that NOBODY violates Russian airspace as they KNOW what would happen… So.. Russia expects to enjoy this sovereignty while violating the sovereignty of others.

  478. I’ll quickly tell you why Russian government prefers their nationals visit Vietnam and China instead of India. Because in Vietnam and China you are free to eat anything, include cow meat. Females can freely and SAFE walk in the street without being harassed by male mobs everywhere or walk around with the latent danger of being raped. Hygiene standards are far more superior when preparing food, there are not piles of trash everywhere in the street, there are not herds of cows s , crossing or sleeping in the avenues, cities don’t stink to urine and in general services are far much better. I can go further mentioning more differences, but I will never finish. Have you ever been outside of India? Sure not!

  479. What if 120 million people will die?
    During World War II, in the Soviet Union were killed about 40 million people.
    You do not realize that human life in Russia is not worth anything.
    France immediately surrendered in order to Paris did not fall bombs.
    The infrastructure of the European part of Russia has been destroyed by 75-80 percent.

  480. Putin is much better than your ISIS masters in turkey bilal ;) I bet you have a long dirty sunni beard ;) I can see how his atomic bombs scares ISIS and albaghdadi the first one get shot al Baghdadi would be in middle of a huge lake swimming with angels in heaven :)))))

  481. What you wrote makes no sense… You write BS as if it is fact for a place you have never even been.. I call you out on it.. and you reply with this comedy? LOL

  482. You do realize that you just wrote a bunch of conjecture and unfounded supposition.. How to reply??


    Turkey has EVERY RIGHT TO DENY ACCESS TO ITS AIRSPACE.. Russia was repeatedly warned…

    Russia has NO RIGHT to think it can be warned and then CONTINUE TO VIOLATE the airspace of another country with IMPUNITY…

  483. Ah, you call others troll but can’t take yourself being called a troll – just like Turkey. They violate others’ airspace but can’t stand others violating theirs.

  484. You do not understand that you apparently do NOT know anything of what you attempt to discuss.

    Russia has 140 million people.. 112 million will DIE in any nuclear attack.. leaving only 28 million uneducated and virtually unskilled living in the EAST…

    Any movement would have to occur BEFORE a nuclear strike.. and any retaliation would hit ALL major cities, military targets, and industry infrastructure THROUGHOUT RUSSIA..

    We are NOT living in Stalin times with Stalin era weapons.. GEEZ!!

  485. If violate so what? For 17 seconds you shot it down even after it has re-entered Syrian airspace? Meanwhile Turkey planes routinely violate Syrian and Greek airspace. What was Turkey hiding? Protecting their terrorist friends, eh? If we all recognize that ISIS is a treat and should be taken out, and if Turkey shares this object, then they shouldn’t down any jet on a mission against ISIS for briefly violating their airspace. Where is the maturity that nations are expected to exhibit under such circumstances? Turkey should learn from Israel.

  486. you dumb. Russia has the most # of atomic bombs in world. plus if he nuke turkey do you think usa would put himself in danger of annihilation because of another country??? no way they are scared of internal revolution if they enter this dangerous conflict they will complain and sanction Russia more but never dare to bomb Russia since Russian response would be very destructive for usa. does turkey worth it dumb ass???? tell me fagot

  487. Turkey is last 20 years key ally of USA (against whom if not Russia), so can be nondemocratic and causing local wars. Saudi Arabia is last 20 years also key ally of USA, so can be nondemocratic and causing local wars. There are also other many key allies of USA causing terror, horror, misery and suffering. Or USA can not more control such pile of key allies which terrorize their neighbours or own populations??? Probably USA only pretends to be a leader of this????


    You cannot separate the difference between a WAR PLANE and a COMMERCIAL AIRLINER??? what a DOLT!!

  489. One thing I have not heard discussed at all is what about the language differences? The Turkish air controller was speaking in Turkish…..the Russians didn’t necessarily speak Turkish, so how would they understand anything being said in their earpieces? Not once have I heard a news anchor speak of this topic.i

  490. You do not understand that Russia will remain territories are not contaminated by radiation. In the US, these areas will not.
    In this case, the number of population and the availability of the industry does not matter.
    In Russia, will remain areas where it is fashionable to live.
    P.S. During World War II, Stalin moved the entire industry of the Ural Mountains.

  491. You are a moron, jennifer, and morons are never expected to think for themselves – hence such a laughably silly and childish post immediately liked by a bunch of similarly clueless morons.

    Unlike the rabid turkish dog, Putin is aware of what’s at stake in this crisis not only for his country or the region but for the entire world and he acts RESPONSIBLY as all great statesmen do, putting anger, urges and impulses aside and focusing on the main problem at hand, which is fight against terror, in case you missed it, dimwit.

    Now imagine he retaliated militarily by bombing a turkish military base or shooting down a couple of turkish planes – what would’ve happened next? And who would’ve benefited from this? Clearly, neither Russia or Europe or uncle sam, nor the common cause. There would’ve been only one beneficiary from a drastic escalation of the conflict between Russian and Nato, namely – the very target of the anti-terror campaign, the terrorists themselves and it’s the last thing on Earth Putin wants. That’s why such a seemingly underwhelming reaction.

    Having said that should the crazy turk try to pull something ike that again (God forbid) the response would inevitably be by military means and the consequences would be long-lasting and dire for all. Let’s hope ankara has been talked sense into by its nato ‘friends’ and will think a thousand times before opening the pandora box for good.

  492. Putin is a KGB officer (don’t be fooled.. no such thing as “ex-KGB”) who still believes in and lives in SOVIET TIMES.. NATO was not created AGAINST the CURRENT Russian Federation.. NATO existed in part to dear with a SOVIET aggression.. The SOVIETS are no more..

    The first 2 terms of Putin’s presidency, and his first Prime Minister term, was awesome… he behaved as a trusted member of the global community.. However, this changed with his retaking of power AFTER forcing a change in the Russian Constitution regarding Presidential term limits.. Since then, he has been a consistent provocateur… seeding and generating purely manufactured animosity to keep power and to distract the Russian people from his poor leadership that is FINALLY coming to a head…

    Putin is actually manufacturing a cold war and Soviet mentality in order to keep power and to conduct imperialistic pursuits, like we’ve seen in Georgia and Ukraine. It is OBVIOUS to anyone… The ONLY thing that has changed since Putin’s first terms is Putin, and how he behaves to other sovereign nations.. This is the instigator of ALL current strife with Russia and the West…

  493. It is you and I can not explain anything. But if you are shot down the plane did not threaten you are obliged to explain.
    The Soviet Union at the time shot down a South Korean Boeing, which flew into its territory.

  494. makes perfect sense… Turkey was already sensitive to undesired Russian incursion by military craft.. So… Turkish military on alert to watch radar… warn.. and take action…. Russia did NOT seem to care that Turkey DENIED them use of THEIR airspace.. Russia PAID the price for RUSSIA’S insolence..

  495. DONT listen to this bimbo who writes articles of B.S. She lies all the time just to get you going! She is from Ukraine and will always lie about Russia. lol such a horsesh1t article

  496. And.. you keep missing my point.. YOU don’t have to agree or understand… Turkey is not obliged to have your consent or support…

  497. LOL… Have you ever been to Russia?? I have and lived there.. I know Moscow like the back of my hand.. You seem to be unable to separate REALITY from PROPAGANDA..

  498. When the next Russia is waging war, it is better to explain to her – why you killed her plane. In my opinion it is reasonable.

  499. This does not make sense, it is impossible to do so many things in 5 minutes. It was rather an ambush, the Turkey fighters were waiting for the Russian bomber and chased it to bring it down in Syria air space:

    …”The Russian warplane was given ten warnings in five minutes as it approached the NATO member state’s territory. After the Russian Su-24 attack aircraft ignored the warnings, the Turkish military sent two of its F-16s to bring down the Russian jet.”…

  500. Territory does NOT equal people or power.. people and technology equal power.. 4/5 of Russia is NOTHING… East of Ural mountains is sparsely populated and non-relevant for any significant contribution..

    You must understand that Russia is essentially only 1/5 its size in terms of relevance.. This territory west of the Ural mountains is much more easy to deal with in terms of what is strategically relevant.. So.. as such.. Russia is really not all that “Big” in terms of what’s relevant..

  501. @vincescopa:disqus ‘ll quickly tell you why Russian government prefers their nationals visit Vietnam and China instead of India. Because in Vietnam and China you are free to eat anything, include cow meat. Females can freely and SAFE walk in the street without being harassed by male mobs everywhere or walk around with the latent danger of being raped. Hygiene standards are far more superior when preparing food, there are not piles of trash everywhere in the street, there are not herds of cows s , crossing or sleeping in the avenues, cities don’t stink to urine and in general services are far much better. I can go further mentioning more differences, but I will never finish. Have you ever been outside of India? Sure not!

  502. If you knew that in Russia began to call to prepare for a holy war.

    Istanbul should be the Christian Constantinople.
    The Russian newspapers wrote that the need to prepare a supply of food and weapons to the country cottages and started to leave the big city.

  503. He HAS explained.. however, he is NOT required to explain it to YOUR satisfaction… This is what makes you delusional… You appear to want it explained to YOUR satisfaction while holding fast to a opposing view… so there would be no way it could ever be “explained” to you… that is what is meant that he has no need to explain it further.. and certainly not to you

  504. First I read the title and I froze. Then I read the article and I understood: not Russia, but Vladimir Zhirinovsky is sending nuclear threats to Turkey. Since when Zhirinovski is Russia. God damn journalism.

  505. Exactly.
    Putin, like Stalin did not reckon with human losses.
    The main thing – victory.
    And we must remember that a large territory of Russia. At several times larger than the United States.

  506. You are delusional… For living BY WHOM??

    All the people will be ashes and dust.. or die in extreme agony of radiation sickness..

    Do you KNOW what it requires for a civilization to grow and survive?? PEOPLE

  507. Putin, like any such leader will survive in a HOLE IN THE GROUND.. IT isn’t just about HIS survival… but the nation and people .. are you a MORON??

    What do you think he will survive to govern?? NOTHING..

  508. Turkey does NOT have to explain ANYTHING to ANYONE… you have your irrelevant opinion.. you have expressed it.. move on… Erdogan has not called me.. has he called YOU?? LOL

  509. Obama has his own MUSLIM Agenda… Why he cares about what’s going on in any Muslim nation MORE THAN USA?? Not bombing these trucks serves his Islamic agenda..

  510. Putin knows that he will survive. And a big part of the territory of Russia will be habitable, in contrast to the United States. Therefore, it is a victory in a nuclear war.

  511. Any Putin statement referencing Nuclear arms is a BLUFF.. flat out BS bluff as he KNOWS what will happen should he launch nukes.. Russia will cease to exist.. just by taking out Moscow and St Pete regions, Most of Russia is gone…

  512. You don’t think that Putin KNOWS that if he goes nuclear, the first targets in Russia will be Moscow and St Pete? Four Fifths (4/5) of the ENTIRE Russian population is in the Western Russian territory west of Ural Mountains.. mostly in Moscow and St Pete.. So, You do not think that Putin KNOWS how that will work out??

  513. Ms. Tikhonova as usual is roaring with propaganda and gently skips core issue which has emerged from the events: Is it true that the primary flow of oil financing ISIL was directed to Turkey? If that is true we have completely new game revealed here: Turkey, US and their other partners being completely blind to oil and money flow to ISIS? This is unlikely due to the intelligence they have. So they seemingly are playing double game of supporting ISIS against the Syrian regime? Fact that US started attacking ISIS oil convoys and trucks seem indicating for this, now they have to do this in order of not to loose the face.

  514. What third WW?? You see that Putin hasn’t done S … Putin WON’T do S either… Putin knows NATO will stomp him… and in a nuclear war, nobody wins.. Putin is crazy like a fox.. NOT INSANE..

  515. A third world war is just the price? Russian bombed fuel trucks son Erdogan. Erdogan gave instructions to destroy the plane.
    Turkey – a NATO member.
    That is formally Russia can start a nuclear war.
    You know what a casus belli?

  516. it is interesting how Russia is trying to isolate itself from the world. it is one thing if your policy is unwelcome by others, but this seems to be a deliberate plan to isolate Russia. Viet-Nam calls Russians; Americans without money. you know their perspective. Why anger India? India welcomed russians and made them feel at home. Russia wants to sell more guns and bullets to India? maybe China is pressuring Russia? who knows but russia is doing a good job of destabilizing the world right now. as for a nuc on turkey; that is just more yammer yammer from brain dead politicians in the Duma.

  517. You are WRONG… Any nation, including Turkey, gets to decide where they draw the line on tolerating foreign military incursion.. It is irrelevant what other nations tolerate…Russia was repeatedly warned and thumbed their collective noses at Erdogan and Turkey.. they PAID THE PRICE..

  518. So her name tells the whole story? This move by Russia is an excuse to stage another political stance, and beef up the military in the region, in a sense it was a blessing in disguise for Putin and Russia.

  519. LOL… AL YOU ARE WRONG… The REALITY is that ANY NATION gets to SELF DETERMINE its tolerance to FOREIGN INCURSION.. Russia was WARNED repeatedly and PAID THE PRICE… Russia doesn’t have ANY RIGHT to thumb their noses at a country telling it to stop.. THIS FACT is PROVEN with the downing of the Russian Bomber..

  520. You are wrong, according to the international standards do not need to
    shoot down the plane, which is not dangerous for the country.
    planes violate the border of Israel too. To them approached an Israeli
    fighter plane and show that you have violated the border. And nobody
    tried to shoot down the plane.

  521. let’s not blindly believe every propagandistic BS (such as this one)
    journalists write only to advantage their own personal views ….

  522. THIS IS IT!!! WWIII If Russia Bombs Turkey the U.S will Launch missiles at Moscow. Turkey is an UNITED STATES ALLY. Its been an an American policy since JFK. It was JFK who signed it into law. It says any nation who attacks an ally of the United Staes will get an deterrant response. That means AN NUCLEAR ATTACK!! So Mr Putin better do nothing or our ICBM missiles will fly towards Moscow

  523. There are satellite photos of a continuous chain of fuel trucks to the territory of the Islamic state in Turkey. In Turkey, the jailed editor of the popular opposition magazine, who photographed the supply of weapons from Turkey an Islamic state.
    Why Obama does not bomb these fuel trucks?
    You are wrong, according to the international standards do not need to
    shoot down the plane, which is not dangerous for the country.
    planes violate the border of Israel too. To them approached an Israeli
    fighter plane and show that you have violated the border. And nobody
    tried to shoot down the plane.

  524. Anything this writer writes is horse sheet. Please look at her name and remember it! Her articles are soooo far out in left field, I do not read them. Actually, Russia has to downplay this, because the trade with Turkey is way more important! Actually behind closed doors Putin respects this guy as the 1st person to act as he does! LMFAO REALLY TRUE!

  525. Erdogan is not consistent not my words but then again, his son has lost lots of money when Russians bombed ISIS oil convoy.

  526. The US Navy shot down the Iranian airliner but unlike you , I place no significance on which part of the US the captain of the Vincennes is from. The Americans are to blame and as you can see, I am not giving any excuses.

  527. Don’t buy into the US Empires military industrial komplex propaganda schpiel. Having been to Turkey, the US was trying to plant nukes there in the 60’s before the USSR tried to plant them in Cuba. The US history books never teach that part of the equation. Turkey sits on Russia’s doorstep. Turkey and the Mideast are proxy states

  528. so in that little pea brain of yours the cold war was all about russia wanting to use nukes and the us not “letting them”? even if that was true, the same could be said the about the us wanting to use nukes and russia not letting them.

  529. Russians Beginning To Laugh At Putin

    One Russian says he has watched “Planet of the Apes. The Revolution.” Another replies that he has listened to Putin’s latest speech.

    Putin decides that he will in no case fall behind the leaders of Western countries. When they introduce sanctions against Russia, Putin does the same, not only imposing sanctions but also imposing them against Russia.

    Putin acknowledges that the ruble of Russians has fallen but points out that Russians have risen from their knees.

    The Russian Federal Service for Narcotics Control comes out against the legalization of drugs in Russia. Their reason? “Putin and Moscow television are more than sufficient.”

    When Putin is flying away from Brisbane, his press secretary finds him in tears. Peskov says he shouldn’t be upset by what the G-20 leaders said. To which Putin replies, “But I cannot forget that koala and how he embraced me!”

  530. I agree. The idea of a nuclear war is stupid. Nobody will win in a nuclear war… What we need to do is find out what the facts are. If Russia was in violation of Turkey’s airspace, and they weren’t invited, then Putin will just have to accept the fact that he can’t go around violating other countries airspace. However, if Russia wasn’t in violation of Turkey’s airspace, then Turkey will have to make restitution to Russia, and they should be disciplined by NATO for this violation…… Also, there is the matter of the pilot being shot and killed while he was parachuting to the ground. My understanding is that’s in violation of the Geneva Convention. So regardless of whether Russia was in violation of Turkey’s airspace or not, this matter needs to be addressed separately…… Also, I’m curious about one other thing. We (the US) are in Syria. Are we there at the request of President Assad, like Russia is? If not, then what the hell are we doing there? If we are not there at the invitation of President Assad, then aren’t we doing far worse than what Turkey is accusing Russia of doing?

  531. Revenge and Fear – are not the only congenital instincts and very strong emotions that have been and are still being abused in so called civilised societies. Why have Russians worriors not wiped out the Usa (nato) air-base with those Falcons-16 yet – this is not the question to Usa nato or Turkey. By the way what are they – human species selecting laboratories or officially registered theatres names? Fundamental Law, Truth, Justice…….our practices and experiences of Life and Love. Yeah what is the Intire Cosmos we are all live and reflecting together? Certainly the Law is not the Wal and human beings are not just the biochemical breaks from clay and water. So what is hiden there behind the so called “wall of tears””.

  532. Apparently he already nuked Ukraine last year according to Ukrainian ex-minister of defence Gelati who got it right on his head, I’ve seen the photo where Gelati shows with his outstretched hands how big it was ))

  533. The Russians are the only major nuclear power with a practically non existent defense. We’ve been able to shoot ICBMs down since the 1960s.

  534. This is not consistent with your words on a short leash, and capabilities of the United States of the surveillance of communications systems.

  535. Not the only, but they do have the most, and most ferocious. Similar to an earlier post I wrote, wen the big powers get serious and the gloves come off, there is no such thing as a conventional war. A counttry with enough nukes really doesn’t need a standing army. If invaded, both countries become Kingsford charcoal briquettes. End of line.

  536. So, how many countries has pip squeak Putin with the 3rd rate country threatened to nuke — He threatened us several times, the Ukraine, now Turkey — I’m sure there are others. Putin is a bigger lunatic than al-Baghdadi or his Iranian mullah pals.

  537. You are wrong, according to the international standards do not need to shoot down the plane, which is not dangerous for the country.
    Russian planes violate the border of Israel too. To them approached an Israeli fighter plane and show that you have violated the border. And nobody tried to shoot down the plane.

  538. They aren’t Russian sympathizers.. they are PAID RUSSIAN TROLLS trolling blogs and forums on the payroll of the Kremlin… see it for what it is in REALITY.. another tool in the PUTIN PROPAGANDA MILL

  539. Turkey just Bitch slapped Russia… Putin’s weak-ass response… hilarious sanctions that hurt ONLY the Russian people… LOL

  540. I’ve seen plenty of Ukrainians washing toilets in EU because that is what they do for living and think that it is better then to die for Porko and Yats in ATO. But you know this already, don’t you?

  541. Ben the Russian TROLL.. It is Putin/Russia that is scared to attack Turkey as it is AFRAID of NATO and the US.. If Putin so offended and right? why he not bomb Turkey the same as Syrian women and children?? FEAR of NATO.. plain and simple…

  542. Any use of a nuclear weapon of any size by Russia on a member state of NATO will result in a nuclear war! The Russians need to realize and understand that they are not the only nuclear armed country in the world and in the insane event that they should resort to the first use of atomic weapons, they stand just as good a chance of being reduced to smoldering highly radioactive atoms as anybody else. Given the current scientific understanding of the effects of a nuclear exchange of even a limited scale; none of the seven billion plus people on planet earth have even the slightest chance of survival!!! Go ahead Russia, start a nuclear war; you will die too.!!!!

  543. No.. it’s “mad” for anyone to think that Putin is acting in the interest of anyone other than Russia and Assad… ISIS is OBVIOUSLY the last thing on Putin’s agenda..

  544. Did you know that it was Ukrainian pilot who did it?
    Ukrainians also shoot down the airliner full of Israelis and the Malaysiaan plane last year, they seems to have talent for shooting passenger air-planes, but, to be fair, the Iranian airliner wasn’t shot by them. Guess who did that?

  545. You are an OBVIOUS troll… some “short leash” Erdogan is on when he takes out a Russian bomber and states beyond a doubt, they will do it again should Russia violate THEIR space.. Putin/Russia would not agree or tolerate to another nations military flying into Russian airspace at will, to their objections.. The same end result would have occurred..

  546. And NATO has given this information to Turkey.
    But whether the sanction NATO’s destruction of the aircraft, if you say that NATO holds Turkey on a short leash.

  547. jerry, won’t happen, NATO will reign in Erdogan, they are not going to let this little pimple of a country, drag the whole world to destruction .

  548. Al… what “in fact” do you write about? You spout fantasy.. In fact, there is ZERO proof that Turkey is buying oil from ISIS… This is ONLY Putin’s unfounded claim…

    And 17 seconds is 17 seconds TOO LONG since they were repeatedly WARNED and continued to thumb their noses at Turkey. There is no way Putin/Russia would EVER tolerate a foreign military flying into Russian airspace at will. And, definitely, if they warned an invader off, and they continued to fly into and violate Russia’s airspace, the same results would happen to the offending aircraft. What crazy parallel world you living in??

    As far as using nuclear weapons for Turkey going into Syria, you are a NUT!

  549. anyway it is time to get to nuke hardened bunker well stocked with popcorn, champaign and dill smoked turkey, atomic mushrooms are beautiful this time of year ))

  550. jerry, This article is nothing but propaganda, designed to stir up old hate between Turks & Russians, which the comments below will illustrate. I have read this author before & its always the same old anti Russia, propaganda, written by this frustrated Ukrainian, who is angry because they had to allow, the citizens of the Donbas region to have some degree of autonomy. Get over it.

  551. Don’t you read? The only one stating it was over Syria is Putin/Russia…. The REALITY is that radar confirms the Russia WAR plane was violating Turkey’s airspace.. They were REPEATEDLY WARNED.. Putin/Russia wouldn’t tolerate this behavior of a foreign military over Russia…

  552. Even Russians admit that living aviator lied… His interview was spliced…
    So, now Russia little thug knows that crossing into another country no matter for how long can get you killed.

  553. What exaggeration? Turkey IS a “victim” of the same bullying and abuse of leverage that Putin tries on EVERYONE.. Turkey repeatedly warned Russia to NOT fly over THEIR territory. Russia, under Putin’s orders, thumbed their collective noses and continued to do it. Turkey is CLEARLY a victim of Putin/Russia’s HABITUAL abuse on national sovereignty and territorial borders. Furthermore, Russia continues to bomb ethnic Turkman, that Turkey claims affinity to, the same as Putin claiming affinity to Russians in Crimea.. So, Turkey is just supposed to tolerate this affront? Do you think Putin/Russia would allow anyone to CONTINUOUSLY fly over Russia “uninvited” per the whim of another nations leadership??

  554. I am sick of Vladimir “Shorty” Putin and his unceasing bravado. He must be a mental midget if he thinks a nuclear war will have a winner. It would be a lose, lose event. Bob Tanner.

  555. Putin has his aircraft violating sovereign airspace all over the world. Everywhere from Sweden to Japan. The Russians flew a bomber with 40 miles of the California coast this summer!

    Now just today, the Russians violate Israeli airspace! Afater all the #$%$ they’ve been up to, you’d think they would lay low. No. Instead they continue to agitate and push their luck all over the world.

    Russian people. If you want to ask questions. Ask this one. In the downing of the Russian Fencer, why did the wing man peel off and exit quickly after the warnings from the Turkish F16s — and the remaining Russian aircraft. then went on to violate Turkish airspace and was consequently shot down?

    Russian people also remember this. The Russian air force has violated Turkish airspace several times and were warned repeatedly do not do that.

    Remember that Russian fighters have been locking fire control on Turkish aircraft several times.

    Remember that a Russian made drone was shot down over Turkish airspace.

    There is NO conspiracy about any of this. Putin is the aggressor and the whole world can see it. It seems Putin is trying to start WW3 for some stupid reason.

  556. Soviet jet fighters intercept a Korean Airlines passenger flight in Russian airspace and shoot the plane down, killing 269 passengers and crewmembers. The incident dramatically increased tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States.

    On September 1, 1983, Korean Airlines (KAL) flight 007 was on the last leg of a flight from New York City to Seoul, with a stopover in Anchorage, Alaska. As it approached its final destination, the plane began to veer far off its normal course. In just a short time, the plane flew into Russian airspace and crossed over the Kamchatka Peninsula, where some top-secret Soviet military installations were known to be located. The Soviets sent two fighters to intercept the plane. According to tapes of the conversations between the fighter pilots and Soviet ground control, the fighters quickly located the KAL flight and tried to make contact with the passenger jet. Failing to receive a response, one of the fighters fired a heat-seeking missile. KAL 007 was hit and plummeted into the Sea of Japan. All 269 people on board were killed.

  557. The fact is that no one but Russia and North Korea keep threatening the world with nuclear attack…
    ????? ??
    ?????: ?? ????? ???????? ? ????????????? ???????
    ??????, ??????? ???? ….?? ???????, ??? ?????? ? ??? ?????? ?????
    ???????? ? ?????? ?????????? ? ??????? ????: “?? ?????? ???? ???
    ???????.” Face it, you Russians are worse than ISIS.

  558. l have read all what has been written by all of you. My conclussion is that we all have to reason like human beings and not lunatics. We all know that both Russia and Turkey have vested interests in Syria and each one of them controls a classified zone. Turkey and Russia need to cool their heads down without the intereference of other NATO members , put their pride aside and say sorry for shooting down your plane (Turkey) and sorry for entering your territory un-invited (Russia). Remember incase of a nuclear war, all of us will loss so badly. STOP BEATING THE WAR DRUM AND SEEK GOD FIRST.
    Mulamu- Kenya

  559. Yes, Turkey and Saudi are mentors of all sunit terrorists. Like US was mentor of all terrorists like Talibans and Al Kaida since 11.09. and mayby after that . That is not question, that is fact.

  560. ????? ??
    ?????: ?? ????? ???????? ? ????????????? ???????
    ??????, ??????? ???? ….?? ???????, ??? ?????? ? ??? ?????? ?????
    ???????? ? ?????? ?????????? ? ??????? ????: “?? ?????? ???? ???
    ???????.” Face it, you Russians are worse than ISIS.

  561. Russia is doing more to ISIS than our own president we should be thanking him for blasting those terrorists. A Russian jet was found Israel. Israel didn’t fire at they talked it out and the jet was simply misdirected.

  562. Please be enlightened.
    ????? ??
    ?????: ?? ????? ???????? ? ????????????? ???????
    ??????, ??????? ???? ….?? ???????, ??? ?????? ? ??? ?????? ?????
    ???????? ? ?????? ?????????? ? ??????? ????: “?? ?????? ???? ???
    ???????.” Face it, you Russians are worse than ISIS.

  563. There are reports that refute the “17 seconds” claim, referencing the speed and path of the plane prior to being shot down. The science says it broke the border for roughly 7 seconds. As well, the living aviator said they never showed themselves in a standard side by side (parallel) intercept. They literally, saw, warned, and engaged the plane. Not to say the Russian plane wasn’t in the wrong momentarily, just to say they shot rather quickly, for seemingly no reason.

  564. ????? ??

    ?????: ?? ????? ???????? ? ????????????? ??????? ??????, ??????? ???? ….?? ???????, ??? ?????? ? ??? ?????? ????? ???????? ? ?????? ?????????? ? ??????? ????: “?? ?????? ???? ??? ???????.” Face it, you Russians are worse than ISIS.

  565. No nukes! If that were to happen it could be the start to the end. You just can’t consider a nuclear attck these days. The result could be disastourous.

  566. I remember that Ukraine’s minister of defence who claimed that Putin hit him on the head with a nuke, Gelato or Gelati was his name ))

  567. Im sure there are many Turks that feel the same way about you. As for me, I have no use for any of them or the Russians. I dont like Russians, except the ones that just happen to be my family and my Doctors. as for the rest of them I’ve met, they are nothing short of crooks. Haven’t met any Turks that fit any of my categories. I was merely schooling the idiot that suggested that Turkey’s military was sub standard like Ukraine’s. He is dead wrong on that stupid comment since he also suggested that I was on dope. HE is certainly a dope. As for you, you need to do some research as well and see how Turkey ranks among the world’s militaries regardless of their scum tactics otherwise.

  568. The India thing isn’t so hard to see, first India has atomic weapons, and second it’s one of the hotbeds of insurgent activity up in the northern region, plus the increased violent attacks against foreign travellers.

  569. Well, calling Turkey a victim of Russia is an exaggeration. Until recently Turkey was Russia’s partner after Putin had gotten offended at the Western democracies.

    But it is true Putin acted like a little girl who can dish It out but she can’t take it.

  570. Hey,
    Putin admitted that during his Crimea operation, he was ready to use nuclear weapons… The Clown speaks for the Clown in Charge… Face reality.

  571. When you said “World”, what do you mean ? World is great my friend. Not only decadent West. You have to worry about your friends , terorists, who came to your door.

  572. A politician in Poland stated that Edrogan’s Turkish Empire is ascending while Putin’s rotten dictatorship is in decline and envy is the true reason why the Russian regime is so bitter towards Istanbul. This is the most accurate assessment I have read so far.

    Putin’s regime doesn’t like success stories unless it’s a Russian success story.

  573. Too many Russians and Russian symphasizers on this site . Weeks ago we should have started a proxy war against Putin and run him out of the ME . Seems like Putin wanted to try out some new weapons , now he has bitten off more than he can chew , short of slinging nukes . We could finish him quick if we wanted to . Better way may be damage Russia with a thousand cuts . Punish them economically ten fold from current sanctions.

  574. The Kremlin kills 8000+ in Ukraine
    The Kremlin kills 60 million in USSR.
    Yup, there is no comparison… Everyone know who the bully — the Kremlin is always run by thugs.

  575. Turks never have guts to punch in the face, google “Turkish revenge”, that’s what Americans think about Turks ))

  576. Then, of course, there is Afghanistan to prove you wrong.
    They sure got their Ar** whooped and lost their precious USSR in the bargain…

  577. Putin’s a bully, and bullies never expect their victim to fight back. He just got punched in the face and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

  578. Russia’s main concern for the safety of Russian tourists to India must be for health and pandemic threat more than terror threat.

  579. The US is playing with fire when we back Turkey in attacking Russian jets in Syrian airspace. i hope cooler heads prevail before we all regret it. impeach Obama!

  580. Unlike McCain, Zhirinovsky has often said that the secret is discussing the Russian government. It probes how to react to this Russian people.
    Under the guise of a clown hiding a very clever man.

  581. I would not be writing this, but Russian politicians are discussing the possibility to reset the bomb near the coast of Turkey to the tsunami washed away most of Turkey.

  582. Not at all, Ben. Simply pointing out I’ve read your other comments and it resembles the script used by many others saying exactly the same junk you spout.

  583. NATO? are you guys joking, just a bunch of dropkicks, rapists, drunkards,pedophiles,murderers on the run and rapists,that’s NATO

  584. Maybe YOU should start taking dope instead of being one. Turkey has a far superior military ALL around compared to Ukraine. I know this long before any “looking” it up. I’m going to help you get your head out of your asp by giving you a place you can actually do a factual comparison.
    The site is After you go there you can come back to me and tell me how surprised you are to know that my “dope” is far smarter than the DOPE YOU are. Also do a demographic search too, you’ll learn some more “dope”.

  585. Once again Russia never used a nuke because the US wouldn’t let them. They knew if they did then they signed their own death warrant. Remember we had many close calls in the cold war but unlike then Russia is now alone.

  586. Nuclear weapon does not stop after exlosion. It keeps destrying lives long after explosion. That’s the difference. You can find similar numbers in Anglo saxon countries, like what they did in Gana, India, Iraq etc.

  587. Failed! You don’t know why those terrorists have Russian weapons huh? Ask yourself why Russia hasn’t been struck by many terrorist groups. Russia has been fueling terrorism for decades.

  588. Are you talking about the homos in the
    gay parade NATO who could not go against at troop of boy scouts without getting their arce kicked.Don’t underestimate Russia, they don’t lose wars like the US.

  589. Your “analyses” comes directly from Russia paying you. Your repeating the same script used repeatedly by other russians.

  590. These missiles have the cruiser “Moscow”, which is near the coast of Syria.
    These missiles have on submarines and ships in the Black, Caspian and Mediterranean Seas.

  591. Russia is a terrorist state and the Kremlin killed more than 60 million of its own citizens. our Kremlin is nothing to crow about. They are all thugs.

  592. We’re not stressed. We’re just watching putin ranting and threatening because he can’t get his way. Kind of reminds me of the leader of North Korea. I wonder how long before he closes his borders entirely.

  593. ya, i looked it up. there’s nothing about putin ever threatening nuclear war. so again, if you have a direct quote, help me out. thanks.

  594. Little man must make big threats to get attention.
    He will fail. Everyone realizes that he threatens not from strength but from weakness.
    So, Putin’s blocked Turkish Trucks and Turkey is having fun with Putin’s ships… Most are not getting through the Bosporus Straits.

    Turkey, if Turkey feels threatened, will close the Straits to Russian ships… So much for Putin’s little game…LOL

  595. again, the fact of the matter is Russia has never used a nuke. the US has. that is the fact. i don’t see how lessons the US might have supposedly learnt are of any relevance here.

  596. Look it up, Dude. Get off your lazy butt and look it up. There are hundreds of sites showing off his quote and open threat of nuclear war.

  597. In fact, Russian aircraft was in Turkey only 17 seconds because bombed fuel trucks at the border with Turkey. Islamic State selling oil in Turkey.
    Does anyone think that 17 seconds is possible to alert the plane 10 times, according to Turkey?
    Does anyone think that 17 seconds can manage to fly a fighter and strike aircraft?
    It is obvious that the Turks were preparing the destruction of the aircraft,
    they lose profits from trade with the Islamic state.
    You’ve got to remember that Turkey is a NATO member.
    A NATO formally at war with the Islamic state.
    Turkey currently has about 1,000 tanks on the border with Syria.
    Russia deployed a missile defense system S-400 in Syria.
    The tanks can be in 3-hour drive from the Russian missile.
    And Russia will be forced to use tactical nuclear weapons if Turkish tanks break Syrian border.
    And it will be the beginning of World War III.

  598. Iki B Mehmet Yucesoy

    “The two bombings killed at some 129,000 people, while Kremlin killed 60 million of its own citizens. There is no comparison. The Kremlin Muscovites are the scum of the earth.

  599. True and they took time to learn the effects and chose not to use it again. After the first time using it they considered using it to clear all of Japan to allow a full on invasion force but was stopped by our president at the time. We didn’t just acquire a weapon and began to boast about its power. We used it and saw what it did then never used it again on any nation. Russia never had to use it so they never saw what happened to the people effected by it. They are a child with a gun and do not understand what their playing with. Push come to shove though… Russia will be nuked off the globe if they use one nuke.

  600. I doubt that the Russians would hire her. She is a native English speaker, born in England, and now living in Ukraine, who makes a living as a translator. I will agree that her article is more accurate then most that Valuewalk publishes, but the phony nuclear threat story is typical of American media.

  601. That’s why you were told not to worry and stress yourself already.
    Just few more blown to bits Turkish MIT and ISIS oil convoys and all will be well.

  602. Pay attention to current affair as why SU 24 was used. The downed SU 24 crashed 4 miles inside Syria. And for that mission, the SU 24 was more than enough..

  603. Neither does the Russians. Remember we have nuclear subs sitting and waiting with hundreds of nukes aimed for every square inch of Russia