Finding Winning Investments, Deals and Life

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An interview with billionaire private equity titan and founder of Blackstone, Stephen Schwarzman. In this interview, Stephen discusses how to find winning investments and hire the best people. Stephen also talks about the best deal he has ever done and his life.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:45 Why did you come to Harvard Business School?
1:25 You knew from a early age you wanted to be in business?
1:49 Drive to form you own firm?
4:18 What is private equity and what do you do?
5:02 What kind of company do you want to buy?
6:06 What makes the best?
7:49 Finding winners?
8:31 Where did you learn to size people up?
10:22 What excites you to get up in the morning?
10:55 Where are the best opportunities?
12:22 What turns you on?
14:18 A meeting that changed your life?
19:26 Why did you want to make money?
20:25 Kennedy centre?
21:51 When you invest in a company how long do you keep them?
22:17 Everyone wants to get into private equity?
25:10 Does it make it more difficult for you?
25:47 The best deal you have ever made?
26:45 Do your deals lose money?
27:08 Was your dad proud?


Interview Date: 2005
Event: Harvard Business School
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