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Famed Car Design Critic Impressed With Tesla Model 3

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Robert Cumberford, a long-time car designer turned design critic, recently praised Tesla’s Model 3 in his column “By Design.” Cumberford, who wrote his critique in 23 design notes, was impressed by the front fascia, notes Electrek.

Model 3 design praised by design critic

Cumberford had an amazing career as a car designer, but now, he is a reputed and respected car design critic who writes for Automobile magazine. His passages such as, “[The] Jaguar E-type is extremely phallic, elegant and a great middle-aged man’s compensation.. the ultimate automotive expression of phalliform perfection,” are read widely in the industry, says Electrek.

As for the Model 3, Cumberford said that it has an “excellent design.” Cumberford did not like the “nosecone” but was quite impressed with the exterior design of the Model S sedan years ago. The exterior designs of both the Model 3 and Model S were led by the same designers, Bernard Lee and Franz von Holzhausen. Cumberford says the designers have done it again, the report notes.

“There is a lot of equally carefully considered and beautifully executed sculpting ahead of the front-wheel centerline. An unobtrusive little crease in the front fascia skin just below the headlamp openings gives some direction to the plain surface, with more thrust provided by the headlamp covers ending in a point inboard and forward,” Cumberford said.

Rising competition for Tesla

The praise from the critic will certainly help Tesla as the competition in the EV space is going to intensify in the coming years. The automaker already has rivals like Audi and Porsche, and now Daimler plans to release about six distinct EV models over the next few years under the Mercedes-Benz brand, notes Reuters.

According to Reuters, Daimler remains on track to unveil a new EV next month at the Paris Motor Show. In July, the Germany-based automaker said that it had accelerated the development of its premium EVs, a car space currently dominated by Tesla. Previous reports have indicated that the Mercedes EV, which will debut later this year, may be a bonafide threat to the Model S sedan. The Mercedes EV is said to give 300 miles on a single charge and may be priced around the same level as the Model S.

With rising competition in the EV space, it will be interesting to see how Tesla manages to match more experienced and deep-pocketed luxury automakers.

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