Facebook Poke Leads To Marriage Proposal

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been credited with bringing old friends back together and blamed for breaking up marriages, but this time, the story is different. A “poke” over the social network back in 2007 blossomed into love, leading Kawalit to propose to his girlfriend-turned-fiancee.

And the rest is history

According to Mashable, Kawalit told Joon that they had won a contest to tour Facebook’s headquarters. They visited the campus on June 23. The groom-to-be worked with Facebook to pull off the perfect proposal. The social network put the words “Nafis, will you marry me?” up on a big screen, which she saw after a photographer who was taking their picture told her to turn around. Kawalit then went down on one knee, and of course what girl could say no to that?

Of course Joon shared the news—where else?—on her Facebook wall by posting the video of the proposal.

Facebook’s place in the dating scene

In the beginning the two were apparently hesitant to tell their family and friends that they had met Facebook. However, Kawalit now believes their story is “becoming the norm.” Today, the stigma of meeting online is much less than it was back in those days, or so Mashable says. However, speaking from the point of view of someone who met her hubby online via Yahoo Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO)’s chat back in 2004, I really didn’t notice much of a stigma. Of course online dating was different before the days of Facebook.

Facebook has certainly cemented its place in the dating scene over the years. Earlier this year, a study revealed that the social network had become the top dating site in several emerging markets. Even MySpace and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) ranked toward the top of the list in several of those markets. The reason social networks are playing such a big role in dating, at least according to Jana’s survey, is because many people see websites that actually specialize in online dating as being untrustworthy.

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