Facebook Inc (FB)’s Oculus Debacle Poked Fun Of On Kickstarter

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When Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) revealed it plans to acquire Oculus VR, Oculus’ Kickstarter funders were furious, for obvious reasons. Now another company which is trying to raise money through the crowd-funding site promises to give back any funds they raise of the social network buys their company for $2 billion.

Facebook Inc (FB)'s Oculus Debacle Poked Fun Of On Kickstarter

Terribands: “a terrible game with a terrible name”

In his Kickstarter page, the maker of Terribands perhaps aptly describes his game as “a terrible game with a terrible name.” The idea behind the game is that people wear headbands which have something on them on their heads. Others have to act out the words, and the person wearing the headband has to guess what it says. (Sounds an awful lot like a rip-off of the children’s game Hedbanz with a little charades thrown in).

Eric Calisto is attempting to raise $10,000. As of this writing, he has raised a little over $700 with 25 days left to go. In his listing, he did detail the rules. Players can go through and guess as many cards as they can within a set amount of time when it’s their turn. They can also ask questions about what’s on their head in addition to watching what the other players act out. The person who is the first to collect five word cards by guessing the correctly wins the game

Calisto said he is willing to discuss any ideas funders may have regarding the rules.

No word yet on Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus

Seems like Calisto is probably playing off all the attention Oculus VR got when it infuriated Kickstarter funders, and it’s working, as his listing has been picked up by several other sites as well. The big question most people care about is whether Oculus VR will give its Kickstarter funders a refund because the company is being bought by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) for $2 billion. Many have decided to pull back on orders because of the acquisition, which comes even before Oculus has a consumer product on the market.

At this point though, there don’t seem to be any plans to refund people’s money—despite the fact that some of Oculus VR’s employees have apparently received death threats.

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