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Facebook tops list of apps that drain phone resources [REPORT]

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Apps are ubiquitous nowadays, as you can find an app to help you do almost everything. We use apps multiple times in a day without realizing any potential for  ill-effects. To make you aware of what apps can do to your system, AVG Technologies, recently made public its app performance report, which lists the top Android apps that consume the majority of phone battery, storage and data allowances.

Casino games consume most of users’ time

The report considered data from about a million AVG Android app users, and focuses on the trend observed during the January-March 2015 period. According to the data obtained, the report concluded that casino games consumed most of the user’s time spent on each app. In addition, dating apps were found to be one of the top ten in the social space. While, similar to the last year, the chatting apps were rated as the ‘greediest’ Android applications.

Furthermore, in the first three months of 2015, the security company noted an increase in the popularity of dating and chatting applications, such as POF Free Dating, WeChat and ooVoo Video Call, which managed to find a place in the company’s top social installs, battery drainers and data consumption lists. Moreover, at least four weather applications, including Yahoo Weather and Weather Channel, were categorized among the top ten Android apps that consume the most data. In addition, the Weather and Clock Android widget were claimed to be some of the most battery draining apps.

Apps affecting battery, storage and data allowances

Besides, the report also pointed out the difference in the impact of various apps on the phone’s performance. For this, the company first categorized applications into two groups, auto-running apps and user-run apps, and then evaluated their effects on the considered parameters. It was found that Facebook, one of the auto-run apps, consumes the most of phone’s resources. However, the 8-Ball Pool, which does not usually appear as a startup app, was the most surprising candidate in the category of top ten auto-run apps. Meanwhile, Spotify Music occupied the top position in the list of top ten user run apps. These user-run apps, along with acquiring a lot of storage space, also exhaust data rapidly.

The quarterly report by AVG Technologies points out the significant impact of everyday apps on a phone’s performance, a fact that is usually overlooked by many consumers. Moreover, the report indicates numerous unexpected apps, such as auto-run apps, are heavily impacting the battery, storage and data allowances without the user being aware of it.

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