Expensive Apple Watch To Retail For NT $500,000

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Apple’s most expensive smartwatch is expected to launch in Taiwan on Friday and is set to cost NT $500,000 or $16,163 in U.S. dollars. The premium Apple Watch Edition was made from custom yellow 18-karat gold or custom rose.

Apple’s special watch with limited availabiIity

The official price of the device has yet to be unveiled. The new watch will be exclusively available at Studio A branch at Taipei 101 Mall. The same store will show all 54 versions of the watch. This includes all three classes, including the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition.

On Friday, Taiwanese customers can also try on or purchase the special edition Apple Watch at ten select Apple authorized re-sellers throughout the vicinity. Notable locations include three branches of Studio A, certain Data Express locations, and others.

Growing interest in the iPhone

Overall interest in the iPhone is growing at a significant rate. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty shared details on the growing demand. It is estimated that the tech giant will sell 53 million units during the June quarter, and much of that growth in sales can be attributed to China. Supplier estimates from China report they could build roughly 54 million iPhones this quarter. Huberty adds that the company could add channel inventory with excess units from its low-end exit from the March quarter. Sales for the Apple Watch are also stabilizing.  Huberty explained:

“Watch interest in the week of launch was about half that for the first iPhone, but the Watch has seen a much smaller deceleration since the initial spike. Both products had limited distribution at the beginning — iPhone at AT&T and Watch on the Apple online store — but the Watch has seen more supply constraints due to some component issues and we believe likely conservative demand forecasts by Apple.”

Apple’s iPhone remains one of the most popular smartphones, and there is a strong possibility the Apple Watch could be the next successful product from Apple.

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